Interview with multinational talents training teacher Philip, the brain will deceive, your heart will not! Explore the meaning of work to yourself and find your inner driving force.

At the end of 2017, Google released its annual hot search keyword, "how" ranked first.

This is the generation of everyone in the search for solutions, according to the latest Youth Depression Index survey of 1111 human Resources Bank, among members aged 21 to 30, it was found that up to 90% 5 of the youths surveyed were "dissatisfied" with the current workplace ecology. The survey also pointed out that youth for their own "depressed index" up to 6.9 points, the apparent "stuffy generation" coming.

From the weary generation, the collapse generation to the stuffy generation, the social backbone youth, in the face of the rapidly changing workplace, the first into the community of the new people stuffy and bitter, this second professional next second may be updated technology, resource overthrow, personal value how to build? The more flattened the company is, the more challenges the supervisor faces is no longer scrupulous work flow, but how to promote the enthusiasm of the staff, and through constant innovation value, based on the market?

Women fans interview with multinational enterprises talent training teacher Philip Chan, for the stuffy generation to find solutions! Philip rich experience in human resources and leadership coaching, take you step-by-step thinking of the workplace in the meaning of life, see this generation needs of soft power, step after the ideal, you must first know to support the dream become the internal driving force of reality! (Recommended reading:2018 women obsessed with the new curriculum "Sister said School": Break the ego, regain your internal driving force )

Q: What do you think of work? How would you encourage people to think about their relationship with their work?

I think we can divide the work into three levels: life, professionalism, summoning (calling).

Work can represent three possibilities for people, the first is a job and a salary, the second is to think from the perspective of career planning, to work as a long-term continuous career, how to continuously and long-term learning to have their own professional skills and transferable ability, and develop interpersonal relationships from work. Few people talk about a career is actually a call, and the integration of self-worth, in their own thought the most important things to play the best, certainly recognized the natural accompanying. These classifications may be very limited, and I encourage you to think more abstractly about your career, and try to imagine what career and work should be like? Is it a playground? A jungle? or is it a prison? What is the meaning behind you? (Recommended reading: More than once in life Gap year! Stefan Sagmeister: Life is more important than survival.

Maybe some people will find the workplace boring, but I never feel that the work is day after day, always have new challenges, when you start to feel less exciting, things start to repeat, to think, why the big environment is changing, and why do we feel repeat? Is it possible that we look at things the same way that we do not keep up with the changes in the environment?

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Q: What are the most needed workplace soft skills/soft power in this era? Why?

We are in a pluralistic generation full of possibilities, which are different from the time and space of our parents, and do not have the problem of seeking food and clothing, so we need to know our uniqueness. The most needed skill of this generation, I think is to know myself first, than eagerly stuffed himself into the lattice is important to understand their irreplaceable ability, because this generation of rules, industry to the lattice will always change, only to maintain their ability to constantly improve, will not be in the workplace environment feel dazed, adhere to their own way. (Recommended reading: Zhao Deiin x Zhang Tiezhi: Out of control times, but also to cultivate independent thinking )

And these irreplaceable abilities that we're talking about are not necessarily professional, and I want to give this generation the necessary ability to three suggested directions:

First, cultivate your ability to think and find problems independently.

By thinking and absorbing information, building up individual thinking ability, problem solving ability, and more importantly, having the ability to proactively identify problems and ask questions.

The second is to have the ability of interpersonal interaction.

How to be in a time when the team is getting flat leading the new generation, the traditional industry in the past most of the scientific management model, upload issued, but this generation needs more innovation, how to promote everyone in the team initiative, mobilize everyone's enthusiasm, how to let the team vision and partners in the same direction, is this generation is very important ability.

The last one is the sharpness of learning.

I think it's one of the ways you can look at your personal enthusiasm and enthusiasm for your work in a fast-changing market environment, in response to all kinds of changes, to actively contribute, to learn the necessary skills, and to have the value of output soon. It certainly takes time to learn new things and skills, but with willingness and interest, I think we will have a big growth in our learning speed.

Q: How to find their own unique strength? What is an intrinsic driving force? Why is it important for an intrinsic driving force to be a worker?

I think that the observation of their own unique strength can be from the personal work performance to feel, what is that you are good at it? Do not feel tired to do? The ability to continue to achieve a sense of accomplishment? That is your strength, in addition to the discovery, observation, you can also do some personality traits and expertise of the test, to help you understand yourself on the other side, and, please listen to other people give you feedback, through the observation of others, you will know the different faces of themselves.

And the process of discovering oneself, is the cycle of alternating, you want to find out, you have to consciously find their own possibilities, do not set limits to try new possibilities, you want to find out, you have to know how to play, through their own work performance and output, objective analysis and observation of their own. In the process, you get feedback from outside and your internal feedback, and when you find that you're trying a job and you're constantly having feedback from the outside, and you're constantly questioning yourself, stop and listen and find the direction you want to go again. (Recommended reading: Second Life!) Part-time entrepreneurship gives you not salary, but value.

At this time, the intrinsic driving force is very important to slow down, from the attention of the outside world to the inner, like looking in the mirror to observe the way you speak, when you talk about what you really want to do, then you will glow, to achieve an ideal process of course encounter obstacles, But sometimes your worries are just annoyances rather than real problems, and when you're obsessed with what resonates with you, really focusing on empathy, and focusing on your own values, you'll find that doubt is a demon's voice that stops you from fulfilling your true desire.

Give an example.

I used to tutor a college student, he invited me through the introduction, I don't even know him, he is a family environment, have a good internship experience, the future is all arranged and bright future of the kind of students, but when he talked to me about future career planning, I did not hear him resonate with him, what was the place where he was so excited and curious in those conversations?

So I asked him to think back to what was the happiest time of the past? In addition, imagine his own life, five years later very happy life and work status.

And when he began to think seriously, he cried, and he found that the life he had seen in his heart for five years was not the path that he had been striving to develop. What he really wants to do is to start a business, to take risks, even though he has heard the advice from his predecessors and the difficulties he may encounter, he is more determined to start his own business. (Recommended reading:"Workplace notes" slash youth, do you have a brighter life than a business card?) )

I was moved by this process, I think he actually knew that it is not the life he thought of, these conversations, but need someone to pull him.

If the life is likened to a river, the person who feels bewildered is countercurrent, he will feel that everything is not smooth. As long as you find the flow of your own heart and find the direction of your life downstream, the distance you are going to is not the point, the point is that you really feel the flow of the heart, you feel happy and experience the flow of the process.

Q: What kind of workers do you recommend for this class? What needs can this class meet?

If you are willing to learn, accept the new message, I recommend you to, if you like to learn but always feel that they are not enough people, I recommend you to come. Learning this road, only to find the direction, know what you want to become, want to achieve the goal, you will understand the extent of their efforts is not enough, whether to go in the right direction.

If you are confused about the future, do not know how to find a way to target, but are willing to take a step to explore the people, I recommend you to come. It is important to have a heart that is willing to explore, and if you just want to know a theory of success that can be set on everyone, this class may not be able to meet your needs.

Remember that the mind is deceptive, that worry and calculation are not the most important, and the most important thing is to have the passion to face the work, so please listen to your heart.

Q: Finally, please Phillip a proposal for a contemporary worker who is still looking for self-worth and career positioning, what would you say and why?

It's strange that we despise being with others, but we are afraid of being different.

Paul Coaillo

In addition to Paul Coaillo this sentence, I also think of "Forrest Gump", someone asked Forrest Gump said you want to be what? Forrest Gump replied: "Can't I Be myself?" 」

This is exactly what I want to give to contemporary workers: in the process of finding yourself, try to set aside the framework and life lists that society gives you, to create your own life course, to learn to listen to yourself, rather than cut yourself into what society wants.

To live a three-dimensional, not afraid of the world changeable, self-discipline learning can become you defying change of the emboldened, please take your imagination to come to "Sister said School" course , meet new self, new life May.