Do you know that good sex does not only improve relationships with the other half, but also consume calories?When the heat and heartbeat of a partner is accelerating, the body also burns large numbers of calories!

Womany helps consolidate the five sexual slimming methods recommended by a number of sex experts, such as kissing , undress, massage flirts , sex , even dancing, it's burning the heat to see how much calories they can consume!

Kiss: 68 card consumption per

Remember the passion kisses date with his first date?Try to get back the feeling at that time!

In addition to expressing his strong affection for him, hot kissing is also a good chance to help burn fat.Jaiya Kinzbach, a sex author from Los Angeles, says that if a kiss is enough, one can consume 90 calories of calories in an hour.In addition, she suggested trying different kisses, such as a wooden frame, or a good kissing method on his back, but she remembered to give him a kiss while he was on her way down.You can take 171 cartrails for every thirty minutes!

undress: consuming about card

It turns out that different ways of stripping can consume more calories!

An Italian researcher found that if men release women's underwear with their mouths, they can consume 80 calories of calories!However, it may take only a few seconds for old wives to take off their clothes. The study also found that taking off the clothes could consume between 8 and 10 calories. The point is that as long as more energy is devoted to stripping, it will be treated as part of the foreplay. Dr. Gilda Carle, psychology, and relations also suggest that “ find a silk scarf like this, try to lure him with a strip show!"”

Massage: 80 cards per

A loved one is a great joy in life!If it is a person who can help massage, it can also benefit from the benefits of burning fat!

When he loves his massage, the body of his body can reach the burning caloric pattern as the heartbeat accelerates.However, the desire to burn more fats is not to accelerate, but to slow down.Although this is counterintuitive, Kinzbach mentioned that the slower the slower, the deeper and deeper it does not mean increased vocal stimulation, but rather the effect of using different muscles to consume calories.“ I also suggest using a massage bed because massage can burn more calories.”

Sex: 144 Cards per

Perhaps the point is that sex is a sport, but how can it be known that half an hour of sex can consume the chocolate heat that was eaten after dinner?

Experts find that a lot of sexually recipes that use calories is a recipe for lasting and warm hospitality.Kinzbach mentioned that moaning in the course of sex would burn between 18 and 30 calories.The transformation posture is also a good way to enhance the intensity of the exercise, and if “ is an upper person , it can be twisted, as if it were a belly dancer, not only comfortably, but also a lot of calories.” She also says that you can try squatting on the man and bouncing up and down the body, which can move to the thighs and buttocks, and burn up to 20207 calories per hour!However, the most useful way to burn calories is to orgasm, and experts assess the number of women who have reached orgasm in the sex of sex, and the number of calories that have not reached orgasm is much higher.

Dual-dance: 103 cards per

Come on, pick up some hot dance with each other, you don't have to undress like clothes, you can use calories as sexy!

couples in dance class, or the couples who are accustomed to dancing at home, have found that the psychiatrists and sex therapists in New York found that women are more sensitive and less likely to be sexually active after the exercise.Marbling is also a good choice, but it's a good way to try to add a few surprises, like kissing and pecking your neck, and the Kinzbach proposal can speed up the pace of the dance to increase the volume of the exercise.

Have you seen so many special calorie techniques, and next time you have sex with the other half, you might as well try to look at it!

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Text: womany editorial/Jolin Yen

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