Are we afraid of the sun in the sun? Is it because of the sun of the flames, and is it getting more and more distant from the movement?As a matter of fact, beauty is not only an extrinsic light, but the energy brought about by the movement. It shows that the physical and the sun are in fact the best costume!

womany is afraid of tanning, preparing three small recipes for the sun and embracing the sun to become your own beautiful secret!

and the Sun as a friend

In order to preserve the white skin of the skin, there may be doubts: shouldn't the sun be sunned?

The advantage of the sun is that apart from being able to prevent the lack of vitamin D in the body, the positive forces of sunlight are more able to keep away from melancholy and maintain a good heart!In addition, the study says that the proper solar energy can increase the function of the body, and it is beneficial to whitening and whitening.

Faced with the sun and whitening, today's problems may face contradictory choices.But my dear, the fact is that the dilemma is not a second one. It can be both beautiful and healthy.In the morning and in the evening, the sun is a period of mild sunlight. At this time, it is the time for the sun to enjoy the beauty of the sun, and the best time for the skin to dry out.

Sunshine, Air, Water is a ternary element of life, so it is certainly important to have the sun in the sun!

passion for movement

doesn't feel like a sport?Couldn't find sustainable momentum?For the love of sport, we can let the people of the country emit a beautiful breath of sunlight!If only for the purpose of losing weight, when the goal is reached, the habits of the sport are kept away, and the worst situation is that even the target has not been reached, and the movement will directly follow the goal of this day, by the way of the game.Therefore, the enthusiasm and affection of the movement can continue to make the movement continue, and become a good health habit of the people.

Searching for the most favorite sports, searching for available indoor space resources, or enjoying the night at the sun's lower sun, and not just as healthy and as beautiful as you want.

A passion for sports can make it emit a charming sun!

Shining Black Beauty

In fact, under the black skin, white skin has beautiful skin.Jiang Yi, a black beauty representative, said, " I don't care if it's black skin and white skin. I think it's beautiful as long as it's even, it's healthy!"

Megan Fox (left) and Chiang Yi (right) are all black beauty representatives; besides beauty, they are even more attractive to the health of their health!

In addition to the health, the Black can highlight the unique fashion, sexy, wild and wild beauty, as long as the correct dress and makeup of skin color are used to make the most glittersweet, black beauty!

In fact, the movement does not equate with the Sun and returns to the embrace of the movement. Apart from beautifying the body, it also makes you unique and has a unique natural charm among girls!

Jacking more excuses for not moving
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: womany editorial/Audrey Yen
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