We all know that we love sex, and sex is not only fun, risky, but also able to bind us and partners more closely, and lead us to the wild wild, but what is most important is to enjoy the benefits of being a healthy person.

This Womany value is the 10 health benefits that you have been tidying up for you. Let's look at it!

Sex increase immunity

There are some friends around us who seem to have better bodies than others, and they never catch a cold.Next time you sneak up on their health tips, maybe you'll be surprised that their secret is -- sex!In fact, at least one or two more sex in a week helps to increase an antibody called "Immunoglobulin", which can help us to resist the cold and other diseases.From this it can be deduced that "one day sex, doctors stay away from me", … one apple a day, so you can be healthy and beautiful inside.

Sex helps decompress

Stress too big?You can try yoga, drink wine, make a big cry, or -- you can free yourself in a bed.Yes, sex is actually a perfect cure.Although in the course of sex, you may cause blood spills because you are so excited, it is a good way to help you reduce your blood pressure and relax your mind and mind in the long term.

erocious cardiac

Although the actors are often found to be in a horrifying scene in a cloud over a sudden heart attack, their chances are very slim.In fact, sex is a good health!And especially for men, sex with two or three times a week is effective in reducing the chances of heart disease -- hopefully this will give you a little bit of sex and love!

Sleep quality

What was the other half of the time you wondered why the other half fell asleep after you were so fury?The study shows that in the climax, the brain generates a chemical called oxytocin, which makes people drowsy.Although every time he turns into a sweet dream when you think about the war, it's a little annoying, but it also means that your sleep quality has improved, because oxytocin can promote healthier sleep periods.In addition, good sleep helps you maintain a healthy weight and blood pressure.

Sex is a natural pain killer


An analgesic hormone called" endorphins " is often associated with orgasm, in addition to oxytocin, which is particularly effective for the treatment of headaches.This means that the other half of you can no longer use headaches as an excuse to refuse the property!In addition, sex can improve cell regeneration and accelerate the healing of wounds. So, next time, let's put sex in your health care.

sex is a great weight reduction

Would you like to lose your love of snacks that you love?Sexual love may be another choice!Although there may not be an aerobic exercise that allows you to lose weight or exercise muscle, an hour of sex can effectively burn 170 calories of heat!In addition, moaning, changing gestures, reaching orgasm can help you consume more calories , next time you ask your partner to join in a sexy bed of slimming with a sexy bed!

Make you more

oxytocin and Harmon, this name is not a lid-it can help us build trust and promote links, which is why a happy couple with a happy sex will feel more sweet."At the same time, the increase in oxytocin can make people more generous -- so when you get another half of your sweet breakfast or gift, thank you oxytocin.

Sex makes you hotter

is that it helps you build up your confidence.When you have a healthy self-confidence and sexual life, your self-image will be greatly enhanced.By discovering and appreciating your own unique and beautiful, you have a charming grace that gives you a sense of self-confidence.

eroding cancer

The so-called "Love house and the house", we all know that you love him, this time, please be very much in love with his "it"!The study showed that men in the more than 20-year-old men who shot at least five times a week were able to reduce the risk of prostate cancer by a third, and older men would take at least 21 times a month to reach that effect.And for women, sex can reduce the risk of breast cancer.So, enjoy your sex time, love not cancer!

Sex makes you more

Numerous studies have pointed out that men with more frequent sex can produce more semen and improve the quality of sperm.The more energetic sperm can increase the probability of a fertilized egg, and help you succeed in your "life."If you're worried about being pregnant, you don't have sex, don't worry, and womany is going to have a series of Pregnancy sex series , so that you are not interrupted!

After seeing so many benefits, what are you waiting for, tonight and your good health?


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