The quadrennial Olympic Games are here!In four years, apart from cultivating a battle to face competition, the Olympic athletes' uniforms have also highlighted the key to national design strength.Regardless of the fashion taste of well-known designers of the century, or the historical characteristics of the integration of their own countries, the participating countries will not be out of their way to design their uniforms to prepare for this fashion competition!How can the fashion watchers of the London Olympics opening up to the Olympic Games and the womany readers of fashion changes miss?Let womany wear the most fashionable Olympic costume for you!

Battle: Italy Team, Italy, Giorgio Armani

First let's take a look at Italy with the most applause.The Italian team sent Giorgio Armani, famous for other countries, to design the robes for the Italian team, with a classic white and indigo blend of Italian flag elements, highlighting the beauty and comfort of the Italian team, and playing a low-key and extravagant style.

The lyrics of the Italian anthem ( Inno di Mameli ) are embroidered inside the coats, so that the athletes' hearts are attached to the country's pride

This handsome white POLO shirt with red green sleeves blended with the Italian flag.

indigo blue jacket with asymmetric zipper is also one of the main dots for this design

Hear how netizens

For Armani's performance this time, netizens can say that they have been praised.Comments on the Italian uniforms, other than fashion, fashion, fashion, or fashion.It seems that the name plates are good for the sports sector too!

Italian Olympic team

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a second battle: Come out!Stella McCartney-United Kingdom team fashion

The London Olympics, together with the anniversary of the Queen Elizabeth II's 60th anniversary, was celebrated in 2012 in Britain.The Olympic Games on the table face a high tide, and the British sports fashion war is certainly not behind the people.The British fashion representative, Stella McCartney, a British fashion representative who had long worked with adidas in the United Kingdom, believed that no one would be better suited to design a fashion robe for the British team than this British native of the Turkish soil.

McCartney design was inspired by the British national flag, one of the most beautiful national flags in the world, and thus incorporated in a classical British flag with a dynamic geometry and a combination of red, blue, and white to break the traditional framework and allow athletes to join the best of fashion at the same time as the fashion.

comfort, functionality and fashion, is the design focus of this English futurism suit

Stella McCartney (center of the screen) is designed to be simple, mature and mature, and refuses to use any animal product

Hear how netizens

The obvious British flag, which was designed by Stella McCartney, made the net friends feel so much like a superhero's uniform!Just looking at the team members of the station, they felt that they had to be rescued by heroes.Don't you feel it?So let's look at the pictures of the team's volleyball station!)

Look at this picture, do you miss the superhero movies all of a sudden?

British Olympic team

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of the Third World War: Movement or War?Raulph Lauren, Fashion Crisis with the US

This year, the US team chose Ralph Lauren to design the opening day, closing date, and all the clothes at the Olympics during the Games, and the veteran Ralph Lauren has designed the United States Olympic team in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.The United States was inspired by the 1948 London Olympics and blended with berets, double-lined suits, and the blue and white colours of the American flag, showing the fashion appearance of the United States team.

The standard of the U.S. team is double-lined suit, white trousers, and white leather shoes;

Women are single-pawn suits, with white suits.The left breast is also printed with a Marquin logo representing Ralph Lauren.

Hear how netizens

For Ralph Lauren, some American media seemed to have nothing new - "The berets and the suits are coming."More media attacks on the central print of the American flag, the Olympic emblem, and the United States-marked berets, "the most ugly top of the American team's uniforms," considered this year's beret "to make the Americans look like a group of guerrilla players".In addition to the criticism of the design, because the red and blue American Olympic uniform was made by China, it made the voices of Olympic uniforms made in the United States to be heard in the United States.

The little reminder of womany's love, whether you like the design of the American Olympic team or not, support China's manufacturing, don't let these disturbances affect the good mood of the Olympic Games!

American Olympic Services

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of the Fourth World War: Fashion-Big-Fashion

Have seen the above womany featured in a team suit, and then we're going to go into the sprint sprint.We have organized the national Olympic team graphics for you, so that you can quickly grasp the Olympic aorta of each country!


1, 2, 3, Ready, GO!

Men and women contrasting significantly in cotton jackets-German suit

as if the Japanese were being swallowed by the sun

Feel that Qantas can also have a set of Australia uniforms.

Simple New Jersey dress

is too much like an occasional drama.South Korean dress

Don't know why there is a cult atmosphere in Russia

is really a very popular Chinese team.

: For you: I don't know why the Spaniards of Fake Spaniards

Finally, we are proud of Xu Shujing and the Plum Plum-Taiwan uniform

Above, womany quickly organized for you to let you know that sports can also be fashionable (and certainly not so trendy), but every time the Olympics actually compete for the Olympics, it's not just the performance of the competition, even the clothes are even darker than their clothes!

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Text: womany editorial/Zou Chi Fallen Zou

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