" Because you need me, I exist."

do you think of Riza?A foreigner?A model?A doll in the real world?She is sexy, cute, pure, and smart.She let only the director of the person who loved it, see it fresh, and she made herself comfortable in a different world.In her body, we have seen some kind of confidence, a kind of confidence that we like to have.

See you, Riza. We're a big surprise.The interview did not take place, and Riza had already sat in the position, with an iodine and a knee that had just fallen down and fell to the blood.A picture of a big star that bends over, and doesn't shout a scream, it's a shock to us.Did we ask her the pain?And she said, " Of course it hurts!How could it not hurt?"Simple, direct, undisguised, and injured, don't yell at the pain, and wipe them off!"In Riza, we see the difficulty of having a "no-to-one" straightforward.

is not

What do I look like in your eyes?(The commotion picture)

From the model to the big screen, it's like a dream for Riza.It turns out that people who have put up their star quality in front of their hands are actually accidentally stepping into the modeling circle because they want to correct the body of the camel's humpback.When I was a kid, I wanted to be a soldier and a doctor, and the university recite the economy, and never thought of going into the modeling community.At the age of 16, when a star scout approached me, and said that I didn't have to pay any of the fees, I was able to correct my humpback mentality.The result was less than a week before flying to South Korea for an ad.After the commercials were returned to Ukraine, they went to Italy's Fashion Week." Everything seems to be arranged in the dark.She speaks fluent Chinese, and she can't hide the smile on her face, and she is grateful for her simple, simple, simple act of liking.

The unexpected addition of a new silver screen from the model to Reicha's life was a beautiful surprise to the director Chen Yinggrong, who originally intended to use the model.The director of Chen Ying-jung laughed and laughed, " I like the use of a person, because the element is fresh.But on Riza, I saw something new, and I saw the model behind her, and she was different.Even after years of modeling, Riza does not have a high profile of the stars, and it is still fresh from the first time that she has entered the circle.Like a greedy little beast who accidentally stormed into the forest, he was not lost after years, and was still curious about the forest.

We all use the model, the model is bound to be gentle and beautiful, and it is inevitable. But Riza's straightforward and straightforward break has directly broken our established image.Her eyes were neat, and she was curious; her smile was so bold that she wanted to laugh and laugh loudly. She didn't need to cover it up, and she said, "It's just someone who knows it."

for Love, Life as

Because you need me, I exist.(Movie dramas)

" If you say that observing life is the nutrition of director Chen Yinggrong, then love is the driving force that Riza insists on."

the eyes of director Chen Yinggrong, the "commotion" is an amazing story. In Riza's eyes, it is a movie filled with lots of lots of love.Although the background of the commotion is the end of the world, the protagoni of the protagonian, Hao Ge, Ah-ji and Wu Anliang, have all struggled to cross race, language, and boundaries. They have to step into each other's world. It is never a problem to imitate the Buddha's end.They insist on reaching out, so the closer they get closer.

" I think it's really a beautiful story, and it's a lot of love happening.Riza said that, while he was saying she was a very beloved person, she needed someone who was "needed"."As long as I hear a defeat, I can only hear one word," I love, " and I can again be full of energy and continue to move forward.So for me, the end of the world, that is, nobody needs my world."

Reiza found that she was so important through the needs of others, and after feeling the love of others, she had the power to continue to be fearless forward.Love, that is, Riza insisted on the driving force.After listening to many of Riza's naked unreserved parsing shares, we suddenly realized that it was not the same as suddenly seeing Resa.

She's all covered in love, not stingy, and she says she wants to be loved.Perhaps it is precisely because Riza's sense of love is so strong that it can only be seen in the end of the world. It can be seen that the flowers bloods and the germination of love.

Right, right, right

The days of the model's show and the days of the actors' scripts are very different.In contrast, Riza said that she liked the work of the actors, and from the idol to the big screen, Risa determined that she liked to be an actress.There is no restriction on the actors compared to the models of the model, and the actors are free to form a statue, and can release their energy as much as they can.Riza believed that she could be the most charming place for an actor.

an actor's identity, Riza doesn't care about walking like this, doesn't make a sense of whether it's not on the other side, but just to worry about being an actor's own.For Riza, the actors' work was pure, intuitive, not something, and they were right.In the course of the interview, we have been deeply impressed by what Riza has done, and we always feel that there are many limitations to life, so we cannot move forward, but in fact we have lost the courage to do it right.Perhaps it is precisely because of this kind of boldness that the director has noticed that Riza's is different.

We also unexpectedly found that the unexpected surprise of the roles of the Chinese and the Chinese characters in the drama of Reza and the riot had to wear the director's sense of knowledge.From the model to the TV series to the movie, in the "tumult", Resa happily said that she had truly done herself.Riza smiled and said that when she was a child, she was actually completely relaxed, and all of the reactions were from real emotions.She was very grateful to the director for showing her true appearance.She said, " I speak in Russian all the time, just like I am the most comfortable in my life.In fact, the language is different. We have forgotten that we don't need a language. We can communicate." Yes, we are able to communicate with the shell of the language, we can still communicate!

you know Riza?

If you don't need words, you can have a tacit understanding of your mind.

During the interview, Riza often played the role of a listener, during which she pops out from time to time laughing, or laughing at the director's acquaintance. After filming for a long time, the tacit agreement between the director and Riza was self-evident.We invite Chen Ying-jung to talk about her eyes, Riza, and the director quickly said, " Intuitively!Riza was a very intuitive person.Her intuition made it easy to communicate, and maybe she didn't know how she did it, but she did it!Chen's instincts led her to find Riza, while Riza's intuition made her a good actor.

director said, " Don't look at Riza. She's a stubborn person. She's a stubborn person, because she's stubborn. She's so brave. She's stronger than many women stars I've seen.The director then shared a small episode about Riza's shooting, and at a time when Riza accidentally fell into an emergency room, everyone was nervous. He didn't expect Riza herself to be calm. She looked at the director saying that she was only worried about the progress of the party.When we hear this, we all have a smile, and before the start of the interview, before the interview starts, the pain will be wiped out by the pain of Resa.As a result of stubborn appearance, she is so stubborn and stubborn, so he is so stubborn.

Actors have made Riza the most realistic pattern of her own, and she believes that she is the most charming of the true pattern.When we asked Resa, what was the most frustrating setback for her this time, she unexpectedly said, " Maybe I am really too comfortable and too loose, so I always laughed at the scene!"How could you smile if you wanted to laugh?"Riza was lucky, and she met director Chen Yingerong, so she couldn't worry about herself, and she could show her the most genuine sexual nature.

Every woman, if it's so much better!I felt so happy and laughed, and I wiped the medicine. "Why can't I"??

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