The first time I saw Chen Min-ching's costumes were a round geometric design at the "The Design of the" Design of the Design of the "TRUE Designers". It was hard to ignore her unique and innovative design.

holiday, the sun shines outside the windows of the coffee shop. When Chen Min-ching is far away, the short hair and the warm smile of the coffee break out from the outside. It seems that the good weather today is because of her appearance.


The first impression of Chen Min-ching is 'brave'.Straddling across borders, it may be a hard road for many people. Although she was a sensitive student in the electronics industry, she saw the passion of design in her eyes, making it easy for us to feel that she was so brave that she ignored everything.

Inputs on this path seems to be something that life has already set for her.When I was young, I loved my beautiful minerjing, and I felt love for everything that was beautiful. I was interested in the design and the initial thinking. Although I entered the workplace for many years, I still couldn't forget the beauty of the beauty.Three years ago, she asked herself, " What is she willing to do with passion for her life?"It took the same time and effort, and she found that the clothes design was the future she aspied to."This idea changed her course of life, and decided to leave her for one year without pay, and bravely open up the road of design.

The road was designed to make up for the technical inadequatability at first, but she was optimistic that the electronics industry had helped her: "Design is often based on the design of the commodity, but often it has forgotten the need of the market."" Combines past learning, pitcher's own design philosophy, and better knowledge of what the Taiwan market wants, creating a balance between design and market for goods.

fashion design for limitless

A look at sensitive cyanine, dressed in their own brand, seems to be a far more unique touch and personality than a costume.When asked about the origin of the "clothing point" of the brand, Minchin extended the concept of "coats" as the origin of the "clothes" to the infinite concept, and the designers of Taiwan's architects in various fields have expanded their strength indefinitely, allowing the design and refinement of the idea of Taiwan to be presented to everyone.Because of the "dot" of the name, many simple lines and round elements are injected into the design, but by clothing material, shape design, clothing has individuality, and each person is wearing a unique self, so maybe this is why we can feel the unique characteristics of the sensitive nature of the sensitive nature of the minerjing.

" There are many South Korean clothes on the market, and even a lot of people want expensive South Korean manufacturing, making it harder for the design clothes in Taiwan to be seen.In addition to sticking to the design of Taiwan, he also insists on making clothes on the Taiwan side of the Taiwan island of Taiwan. He is also a veteran of Taiwan's Auntie and a senior official.Min Ching believes that Taiwan's design has its own unique and beautiful design, and its production has its refinement and quality. It has not yet been discovered by everyone.The creation of the clothing point is to challenge such habits, not to be blindly following up on expensive prices, but to buy the good design and clothing of the Taiwan Bay at affordable prices.

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The good design is on the network, so that friends can pass on their friends, but they find that they are not as simple as they can imagine.The most frustrating setback was that when the clothing point was first set up, it was impossible to do foreign marketing because of the constraints of resources and gold, and the difficulty of visibility affected the sales situation, and even though the effort was made, it could not get the reward.

" When you encounter difficulties, you have to understand what the consumer wants."We admire her for not being discouraged and able to face difficulties and find answers to questions."" When a piece of clothing is always on the shelf, you can know that this style is not bought.The answer to the question must be found in the customer's body. The creative market is the first step to contact with the customer. It is faster to know what the customer's most realistic needs are, and every opinion and observation that comes from it is a valuable impetus for making the clothing point more progressive.

Face-to-face contact, also the most sincere complimwords of the Min Ching-ching's customers."Be it a Taiwanese, a foreign customer, when they hear they say goods are special, they like it, they'll be happy."" Every single sentence encourages the feeling of red-hot, and the more assertive faith of Minnie, and continues to work toward the future and the ideal.

Minnines are difficult to learn from scratch, with her passionate hands, and the dream of burgerating from childhood.

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When talking about the road to the point of clothing, Minchin says that behind every important point, there seems to be a strange reason behind the scenes, so that the clothing points can go smoothly.

The four girls together in the four girls' coats, the original four girls, had arranged for each other to meet each other." The company's operations are not only designed to be designed, but there are many things that we don't understand, but we all have to do it ourselves, but we know that we all strive together for the design.Because of the convergence of ideas, they have a strong belief that they have a strong belief and that great difficulties can be easily solved, and they continue to work for the ideal.

When a product can be extended from a physical storefront to an extension platform, it is a great breakthrough and opportunity for the apparel brand." It's really lucky to see a show where free venues can be used, because it's a show."The Buddha imitating Buddha is the arrangement of the dark, and the fate of the machine helps to make everything more smooth."But preparations still have to be made by themselves.For nearly two months, besides the design of clothes, the design, modeling, make-up, and all kinds of big things have to be put on their hands.Despite the hard work, we felt the joy of being sweet and happy with the smile of the minerjing.I thank you for the fate of the next one. I also cherish the opportunity of once again and again, to make her feel more confident and confident that even if it is hard, everything is worth it.

Entrepreneurship is also a bit of a bit of

While accessing the air baffle, we asked the CEO (CEO) of the man next to Min's, who would be a good person to be a person? It is also the answer to Mrs. Li's husband's unthinking: "She is both enthusiastic and stubborn."Faced with the choice of Minjing to abandon its work and start a business, he did not oppose it because of practical considerations. Instead, he gave unlimited support and encouragement.The endless support given by the family makes her know that in the future, full of uncertain businesses, they still have the most solid.

" The more you start to start your business, the more you think about it, the more you get caught up in reality and there's no way to do itMin Ching-ching mentions that although startups need adequate resources to make the first step, the most important thing is passion, losing it, and making the original stick and idealism disappear from the ideal." You have to ask yourself before, whether you really want to go this way.If it is, even if there is a lot of bumping and practical considerations on the road, it will not be afraid if we have the enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

"Women don't necessarily have to rely on their dazzle, so long as they have confidence, they are beautiful."This is the last thing Chen Min-ching wanted to tell you.As we see it, the minerjing, who we see, is as confident as he is, and has an irreplaceable beautiful beauty.In conversations with her, let us know that having confidence and fighting, doing what you really want to do is a wonderful thing, you can find joy in the process, and happiness comes from the passion and the shiny, shiny, all-to-all.

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