One day, when you were 80 years old, how many of you had the courage to dream?

On November 13, 2007, a group of knights began their 13-day journey to Motorcycle Tour.Motorcycle is not a special one. It is especially so that the 17-year-old age of 81 is the dream of a thermongall.Of the 17 elderly people, two had cancer, four had a hearing aid, five had high blood pressure, eight had heart disease, and each of them had a degenerative disease. All of them were so frustraty that they could not extinguish the determination of — island, because they had a dream of 18 years old.

In the fall of 2007, it was also the fall of the unaged knights.A group of people who don't know each other can feel this piece of land for the first time by using their own eyes, and then flip through their memories of the old days of dust in the old era. The last time they cross the limit, they just go to the heart of their faith.In the autumn of 2007, the old knights were filled with hope in the spring.On October 12, 2012, the " The Horseman — of the Horseman will again take on a warm courage to meet with you on the screen of the big screen.

womany has an exclusive interview with the only female knights — grandma-grandma of 17 elders; it is also important to tell you that in the 90-minute documentary film, the story of the 17 elderly people, the " Knights of the Horseman —, was the story of the director.

warm smile of cancer and the cancer of the Horseman — Zhang Chen Mei-

Manny and Grandma, the husband and wife support each other, and have gone through the 1178-kilometer Tour of the Tour

On her body, we saw the courage to surprise young people — Zhang Chen-mei, the only female knight of the Knights Templar.

At the beginning, it was a newspaper advertisement about the Order of the Old Knights, which led to the rise of the idea of grandma to sign up.After two years of cancer of the US grandmother, it was a miracle that the cancer was successful. After the success of the cancer, the most treasured was the time spent with her husband Zhang Hongtao.The appearance of the Order let the United States and the United States decide to take advantage of the strength to write down Taiwan's most beautiful appearance together with Grandpa.As a result, it was always the first time that Grandpa had invited his grandparents to join the Knights Templar, who had been invited to do so.Her motorbike was no longer just walking on the ordinary road between the vegetable market and the church. Instead, she traveled all over Taiwan with his grandfather, and had a bright voice on the cliffs on the east coast of the east coast, and printed the deepest marks on the beach on the west coast.

Manny and Hong-tao have known each other very young, and have since been supporting each other for 50 years.At first it was decided to take part in the Knights Templar, and the two elderly people had confidence in their physical condition: " I don't know why. At that time I was very confident about my health.On the contrary, in April of this year, we both had a serious illness, so we were more fortunate that five years ago, when the decision to — a decision was made, "while it was in good health, we had to break into Taiwan with the Order of the Old Knights."" The warm smile on the face of Grandma Manny has made it impossible for people to see that the cancer and the illness have left a shadow on her.When talking about the training and preparation of the island, Grandma was more like a hiking child, and excited about the nervous mood of the first test. Grandpa's grandparents looked quiet and laughed at it.This trip to the atoll, for them, is like a second honeymoon, which is the most spectacular adventure in life.

For Grandma and Grandpa, the journey of the Knights Templar is like the most gorgeous adventure

Through the Old Knights, Grandma and Grandpa met with a good friend who was able to come to the end of life together, and because of the Old Knights, they truly knew the land of Taiwan.Even though the Knights' journey ended five years ago, Grandma and Grandpa continued to portray the new adventure — This time they are going to Australia to celebrate their 50-week anniversary."

When you pursue your dreams, you forget how old you are, and the light and heat that you have in your face when you pursue your dreams will let the others forget the marks left behind on you; the knights of the Horseman-Grandma and Grandpa, are the best examples.

for Right, — Director: Hao

The dream should be a gesture, not your age." — Hudaysky

This 17-bit atoll travel, for the Horseman director Hua Tiao, is like a condensed body of 17 people on the journey.The journey is like life, overcoming difficulties in pursuing dreams, separation, separation, happiness, sadness, pain, and separation from love, life is just like this, but you still have to move forward, and the same is true of the journey.And this 13-day journey seems to have been accompanied by an unaged knights who have been rewalking their lives.

entire documentary film was also an accident in the director's life, and five years ago, the number of people who had been thinking of "playing the Taiwan" was in the middle of a series of plans.At first, the organizers were only prepared to take 10 minutes of simple activity records, but because of the depth of the 17 lives in the journey, it turned out to be a 90-minute documentary that had just been 10 minutes of activity.

The love story of the Horseman-
For the oath taken in the year,
wife's photograph was put on the front, the wife's clothing in the back seat, the weight of the clothes,
if she were still sitting behind him

As a director, the most important thing to stay is the smell of the era."

The 1178 kilometers of the Knights' travel is not only a translational translation of space, but also a moving traversal between the old and the new eras in the new era.Seventeen elderly people have accumulated a lot of memories for decades, and they speak from different angles to the great age of the turmoil in Taiwan.

The elderly are not accustomed to the progress of technology products, but they know how to trust their eyes, their hearts and minds, and how to communicate the most important things in the simplest way.The love of the "returned home", the traditional and pious Chinese culture, through the stories of the elderly, have less access to mobile phones and networks. Instead, they can see the most profound emotional temperature.

The director is more sentimental: "Shooting an Old Horseman, it's like having a pair of people at the right time."" A dozen or so different values, backgrounds, and languages, are a microcosms of the entire generation of Taiwan.The foreign province's communication with the province, and even the magic of the — of the Japanese military officers and the National Army, is now a good partner for each other.Every one of us seems to be able to find a distant memory of Taiwan in this 90-minute documentary, which reminds me of the smell of a great age on the wall of my grandparents' grandmother.

Warm Heart, Noise

You remember when you sat down to talk to grandparents, when did you do something about it?
Our memories of grandparents seem to be quiet and alienation — as if the body exists in the same space, but the heart is in the distant two worlds.

" The conversation with the elderly is not the camera, but the person behind the camera.You have to let grandparents understand. There really are people who want to hear their voices.' - Edmund Ho

the first meeting of this group of young photographers, a few young people seemed to be working at the office and quietly helping to lift the luggage, open the way, and shoot. In fact, they were using silence to hide the embarrassment of the embarrassment.In order to film the most realistic documentaries, he decided to start with each other's knowledge and listen to each other at all times.

Every meal, Josh Hao, and his photography team will take turns to eat with different old people, and understand the story of each individual from the gossier.In the end, even the most ungruned grandfather can speak with young people and talk with the young.That's it. The trust that begins with listening has allowed the old people to get used to the appearance of the cameras and the cameras in front of the cameras, and it would be the most real thing to look at.

" " "How's my grandma?"" - To the end, our emotions, like family, will not be able to be rich.listening to the story of the director describing each other's journey from strange to familiarity, the grandma and grandma remembered the journey eventually, as if they were truly a warm and warm atmosphere.It turns out that the distance between the young and the old is actually so close.

Immortal Adventure Spirit — Old Knight

Who would be willing to die for the defeat of the Knights of the Old Knights of — Knights

"When you pursue your dreams, you'll forget how old you are."" — The Order of the Old Knights of the Old Knights

The Horseman is not just a journey to describe his life's pursuit of his dreams, but also a story that has not been finished in the last era.These stories, such as those that fade away, still stand tall, and the old corner is the taste of the wind and frost. The left chest seems to be able to see the hot heart of that year.As long as there are those who are willing to dream, we believe that the word "cavalier" will always exist.

From the interview, it is not hard to find out that the most direct and sincere way the old people communicate with them is that they are the most direct and sincere, sincere and — way to pass on your candy.This simple and direct concern, like family members, is pure and clean, so that we can find the human love that has been lost in the urban life.In the 13-day journey, though young people have a strong physique, they are truly cared for, and are also young people who have long been apathy.It's like walking through this journey seems to have learned what life is like from the old knights.

Adventures of life, regardless of age; the broad of dreams, regardless of gender.Even in the autumn of life, you can walk out of the spring of the spring.Today you, too, can have the courage to dream, and you can also be a knight of never age.

Life, you live out of it

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Text: womany editorial/Zou Chi Fallen Zou