Q1. Please ask the Estelle Jewelry brand name and features?

Estelle Jewelry — Purple's Violet
The story of the story of the story of the Shakespeare Night's Dream >, it is said that the purple flowers will fall in love with the eyes of the first eye.

designer of the romantic style of Europe, Celia, who was the name of the name of the "goddess", found the most brightest stars in the night sky, and that this image was in line with Celia's desire to create a design that was so beautiful and glamour, and that Estele recite the feminine charm of the night.In addition, Celia has a story behind each of E.J's series. The design of the work originates from the inspiration of the story, and conveies the vivid stories and souls of the work, so that each one has the feeling that it is lifelike from the drawing.

Q2. To ask Celia how to become a designer and to create an Estele Jewelry's journey history

Celia just started to participate in a market stall

Celia was also looking for a passionate job before E.J., who worked as a designer at the clothing company after graduation in the fashion design, export apparel company, and never escape busy work and overrun time-to-time, until Celia was the designer of the clothing company, "it's it!" "

After leaving the clothing company's design work, Celia decided to fulfill the student era's dream of owning a brand. At the beginning, she began to take steps, and she began to study books on photography, and she didn't have a good time to learn to write a brand blog. After that, she started to break into the creative market of the creative market.After a certain period of time, he went on to work on the gold and engineering techniques, until he was finally elected as a designer at the center of the decoration.From the beginning of a muddled and constant attempt to understand the future direction of E.J, these are the histories of Celia's founding of Estelle Jewelry.

Q3. Is it possible to share the bitter and bitter taste of Estele Jewelry?

Appreciating the work of the guests, Celia would feel that everything is worth it

For a while, it was time to get a full packed baggage on a small locomotive, shaking the sun, or the cold wind, riding a one-and-a-half hour ride to the creative market of the mother's mother.He used to bring his own work, one to the eastern alley, and from the morning to about 10 hours in the evening, and an interrogate owner asked if he wished to sell E.J.'s decorations.When he abandoned his family and took part in the market, the cold wind blew up and the cold wind blew up for nearly 10 hours, and the cold had no stopping at all.It was once a few months that the original E.J market had a rather good market, and it was almost the only source of income that was cut off. When the next step was not known, the idea of going back to work was to struggle.

Although the stumble has gone through many storms, it is a great thing to say, "Celia, your stuff is really great, as long as you have a customer's heart to say:" Celia. I can see your ulterior motives. I believe it will definitely succeed! "It's worth it, it's very happy!"In addition, it made Celia feel all the hard work at the moment E.J completed the company's registration. " When the city administration established a registration certificate, it was difficult to tell me that I almost had tears in front of her in front of her. I really can't believe I did it! " This is also why Celia has never given up the dream of creating a brand, this longing dream!

Q4. What do you think of the clothing or wear of women in Taiwan/Asia today?And Estelle Jewelry, who wants to make a difference in modern women?

Estelle Jewelry boarded the fashion magazine, and the model works with E.J, making the styling more distinctive!

In Taiwan, where it is skewy to the market style, women are decorated with small, cute or neuter styles, with less attempt to make an attempt to make a prominent appearance.In this way, it is more difficult to highlight the personal styleThe accessories have an excellent effect on the appearance of clothing, while the design of E.J.'s accessories, with elegant appearance, can reveal a woman's personal style and add a woman's taste.And E.J was also looking at the needs of women, designing a multipurpose matching design to make the ornaments break through a single method of distribution, allowing women to have more ways of matching, or to change more styling, in a way that they would need.

Q5. Please describe yourself as three adjectives and Estele Jewelry

A brand that doesn't give up, a brand of mind design, a dream that's a passion for life! I hope that E.J.'s design will make women more beautiful and more in love with themselves!

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Estele Jewelry flower family — inspiration from falling flowers picked up under the tree

Spin earrings

Pretty sculptural-level sculptures with a double-color texture of light gold and foggy gold, together with a falling fruit diamond, is elegant!

Spare Necklace

The inspireasonable inspiration comes from the romance of the romance that you want to spend on the pages of the pages

better to highlight flower-necklace and luxurious beauty with plain clothes

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