Honour as Modern Helen.Keller's bag of brooches caused severe brain damage due to childbirth. When he was growing up, she was exposed to the fate of his liver, but she did not give in to her life. Instead, she used his own path of love to live.Bao Chin-jung's passion for life and perseverance, in addition to being widely recognized in painting, has been praised by Ma Ying-jeou and many doctors as well as a book of love and love.

With strong willpower and optimism, Painting says that his life has been through painting, and he has found himself in his life. He believes that he is not different from others, and that he hopes that everyone will love life every minute.
expression of emotion.

composition, color, theme, background, and brush strokes to express

" Painting makes me feel free and in a mood of color."
allows the inner emotions to be spilled, lyrical, and cured by color therapy.

Chin-jung likes to paint flowers, " probably because the dark shadow of childhood has been shrouded in me, I don't like black since childhood, and I don't have the same thing in my life as black!"The flowers are rarely black," says Chin-jung. "It is my best friend to communicate with me.""Chin-jung is a flower," she said. "Now she can talk with all of you, and she's going to be a good friend, and she hopes to be able to look like a brilliant flower."

can, I always

" I told myself I could do it, give me time, give me a chance, and I must do it well!She has a strong sense of willpower. As a child, as long as she is an accomplished dream, she will do his best to fulfill her dream, and she will not be afraid of the challenges of others' eyes."
things," she said, wanted to be a graduate of the school, but she didn't give up on the physical barrier. But she didn't give up on it. To let the principal and the teacher know her intentions, she specially made a speech recording to the principal, and she tried to get the message to her.Perhaps this is just a small wish, but for Jinrong, this was her own hand and her own hands. After the speech, the whole school applauded her. At that time, she proved that she was not different and the soul was more accessible!
strong heart
accompanied her through many difficulties, and when she was undergoing a liver transplant, everyone told her it was very dangerous, but she told herself that she would have no problem, and she would definitely survive!" I don't think I can do it. I think a lot of ways. I always wanted to think about it all the time, and I could do it!"

In the eye of the brocade, what we see is the power and the courage to make everything possible

percent of

is a perfect request for people, things, and things. In the heart, they hope to achieve a perfect state of mind." When I was a child, I had a reputation, I wanted to get 100 percent, and if I didn't get 100 percent, I would try to do it well in other fields!
high school,
received the first 100 percent of her life. However, she knew that many of her topics were wrong, so she asked her teacher whether he was wrong, and the teacher responded to her: " No, because of your spirit, it's 100 %!At that time, she was very happy, and she was more confident!From that time on, she gradually began to understand that the quality of his work was not the focus. It was even more important to study hard work. So she studied everything and worked very hard!
addition to displaying a 100 percent spirit in all fields,
-jung, through her courageous and strong mind, draws a full picture of life. From her work, we feel her love and perseverance in life. This is also the hot and hot pursuit of her life, and she is courageable to overcome all kinds of obstacles to life.She wanted to tell you that, in any case, it would be brave to embrace the dream and make the dream come true!

womany invites you to work together for the physical and mental

most important thing is to use your own power to raise money after finishing her studies, and then return to Taiwan to open a painting classroom that specialies in physical and mental disorders, cancer, or disadvantaged children in the nursery.

The first step toward the dream is to work together with the Foundation for Culture and Art to combine public interest paintings with Almanac sales and converge with the confluence of resources to the disadvantage of the disadvantaged.

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I was moved by the willpower and courage of Jin Rong, and you, womany, sincerely invite you to move and move to action, and join in the effort of children with physical and mental disabilities!

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