What do you think of when you talk about Ren?

Asian singers, actors, stars?The men who are full of righteas?Or a low profile and a happy marriage and a child's father?We have the opportunity to visit Asian superstars by virtue of his/her latest film, < Tomorrow, Love Me > , and we have found this to be a man in Asia that is called "warm-blooded".

want to know that I can play. "If you look at this movie, you will be stunning by the way he looks, and he will be a lost, forgotten, middle-aged man who has made such a frenzil of his own, completely different from the one we have imagined."But it is precisely because of this difference that he especially wants to challenge!

When you talk about how to interpret a man who likes men but also has a normal family, he laughs and says that during the filming of the film, it was in the emotions of the characters, even in the attitude of the characters, and even the attitude of the characters.At that time, he not only used to go to gay bar ( Gay bar) with the real comrade to understand how they face the pressures of society, how to deal with their own baggage, how they feel, and even when he comes home to see their children, and also wonder how they will face the family and the children if they are in the play.(You can refer to the Gay series article: another attempt to love , love is not the same )

"Every moment, it's practicing."Ren Xianqi.Even if the director did not expect him to play, the audience did not expect him to play, but with the actor's instinct, and the strong invitation to Taiwan movies , and he didn't even want to say yes.The root cause is "warm blood".

is for tomorrow to remember to love me and to try to understand the words of comrades

to make your own proud representative

" I never made a movie a film, but to dream, to warm blood.Even if acting, it is actually very tormented, sometimes even emptinable, but if you think of people making movies like this, it will be enough if one day you get a movie that lets you take pride in it."

If it's just for money, it feels like it's too hard.Many felt that the actors had to wait for scenes, lights, other actors, and directors , but he said, " So I felt like “ and so on ” is my job, and I'm interested in filming.He will use the waiting time to observe the actions of the crew and adjust the details, and if it is really hot, love movies to do this job, you will feel a kind of burning, infecting passion, and then working together.

When Lee invited Ren to film film, was worried that his seniority and status would require a very high level of compensation and a considerable amount of volleyball (such as a guided style, diet, assistant), but he didn't expect to be a virtuoso or a person.

"I actually hope that if we can help the Taiwanese film, it's great.""I really want to try and see if I have such a capability," says Jen.Moulder yourself by different opportunities."

Li strongly speaks of the tone of surprise and thanks, and is a charisman who says," I see Taiwan has such a great team, and is very happy, and wants to help me.In the past, Liang Chao-wei and Jen Chao-wei have been making a serious attempt to make a serious breakthrough. Ren Xianzi has continually broken through his own and challenged various characters. He has been making his own experience in the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. He has also made his own Taiwan movie is still full of confidence.

The movie industry in Taiwan is still a lot of pride

in the interview, we feel that Ren Xianqi is actually a young man of the blood.It's not the heat of the angry youth, but the real investment, and the creation of change!Talking about Taiwan movie, he emphasizes

" Taiwan movie, creating space freedom, is Asia's most capable of accommodating multivariate types!The greatest opportunity to break through the region's limitations of Asian films."

You want to Taiwan can cross cultural barriers and let more people see more Taiwan movies .Just like this film, you remember falling in love with me tomorrow, not only did you get an excellent rating at the foreign film festival, many viewers also expressed their feelings of real emotional struggle and empathy, and also made the dream of Ren Xianqi to be even more advanced.

My principles of doing things are old times, and they won't regret it.I didn't get it.

No matter what status it is, Jen-tsai, who is more than a singer, performer, husband, father and father, has a good job and a good job, and so on.He shared the belief that "value my happiness, be hungry and thirst at any time, and maintain a positive spirit."

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