womany Editor's: The film has flourished in Taiwan in recent years. Previously we have described the potential of Taiwan's technical resources and story types to be shown by the film Chen Ying-, who was able to film the of her own, qi , depicting the team of the American team.The "Forest Fighter" of Taiwan's professional animators, apart from allowing the viewer to be able to live up to its lifelike character, is also expected to be able to see the Taiwan animation of self-production and the original flavor of the original.

Behind the behind-the-scenes score : The CantCities movie star Chris Dostov, the Golden Ball, Corinfalo, Tin Hau, and Armandassay Fury.

Built by the production team of the

series and the Rio Dadventuan >, the "Forest Soldier" of nature, recently brighed at the box office, and these lovely characters and the co-creator of the realistic scene are seven veteran animators from Taiwan's Taiwan.Seven animators, including Lin's, Lai Yun, Liao Yun, Li Fang-jen, Zhang Lihua, Chen Shengfang, Wang Gu, and others, are responsible for different fields.

The special effects technology is responsible for developing a variety of technologies to present the various phenomena in the natural environment such as waterfalls, waterfalls, ripples, and all the settings from the top and bottom of the film to the top of the tablet.Lee Fang-jen, a special effects designer for digital images and design, is responsible for the visual effects of two male lead features such as clothing, armor, hair, and skin.

Compared to other art departments, the technical guidance engineer Chang Lihua says that he is writing a program, and then working with the software company to develop new functions to help the artist work. " Compared to the less interesting, only a group of mansion engineers are discussing the new technology.In addition to lighting the design of the light, the director of the lighting technology, Chen Shengfang, helps the director preview the future of the film.

The seven animators can say that the light in Taiwan is a bit of a preftable for their own participation in the work of Taiwan. It is also hoped that their experience will become a reference for the efforts of the Taiwanese animators to pursue their dreams.

Six Blue Sky Animators (right-left, Lai Yu, Lai Yu, Lin Yue, Chen Sheng-fang, Zhang Lihua, Wang Gu)

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