Which woman has asked President Barack Obama to openly support the Internet on the Internet?Which woman had the slogan of "Stand With Wendy" started on the Internet?At the end of June, the US legislature passed a bill to prevent a serious restriction on women's choice of abortion, standing up for 11 hours, using a strategy of filibuster to speak out on their own ideas.The woman is Wendy Davis, a member of the Texas State of Texas.

Who is she?Why can Obama openly support Obama?

She struggles to understand poverty and single-parent struggle

Wendy Davis came from a poor single-parent family. As early as the age of 14, she had to work after school, to support single mothers and three brothers and sisters.At the age of 19, she herself became a single mother, and she had two jobs at the same time as the younger daughter who had just been born.In several years of study at the university and law school, Davis relied on scholarship, student loans, and social welfare to support himself and her daughter, and became the first person in her family to have a bachelor's degree.(Recommended reading: Mrs. Tchicher's life, Iron Lady > )

She speaks for the underprivileged, and fights for her idealism

Davis is primarily responsible for the community economy improvement program in the city of the city.She fights for the same economic underprivileged who grow up with her own background, vocalizing, crossing over layers of barriers, and finally creating thousands of jobs to help those who need help.Davis continued to protest after becoming a member of the state in 2008.She is one of the best in the long debate strategy.In 2011, she used the strategy to recover five billion from the subsidized public schools that were taken by the Republican Party in the first place.(Extended Read: persevere, success will come to the )

The bill that is discussed in Texas is controversial for an 11-hour standing.

The US Texas issue is controversial.If the number of abortion clinics were reduced, pregnant women were able to choose the period of time for abortions to be reduced to only 20 weeks.

Davis considers that the passage of the bill would deprive women of their right to choose, and then reverse the power of women back in several steps.

In a lengthy debate in the United States, the process is completely unbreakable, accessible, and completely untitled.When Davis stood up in the afternoon and took the chair away, he began to defend the right of women to have the right to choose.President Barack Obama spoke on the Internet in the afternoon, and the people of the world sent Davis's story to support, and hundreds of people gathered outside parliament to accompany Davis to defend the basic right.During the process, both Communist Party and Party legislators tried to prevent Davis from speaking with technical rules, but Davis was not so quiet. Although the bill was eventually passed in the special session, Davis said she would continue to fight and speak for the unheard voices in society.(Extended reading: Every day is a hands-on exercise, bravely facing problems )

A eleven-hour standing allows Wendy Davis to be known to the world. She did not give up his hand in her predicament, but she struggled to make her own stories. Her story has generated a lot of reverberation. It's not just a long debate, but it's not only a few hundred people standing outside the parliament outside the parliament, but also a lot of people who have been reposted on the Internet to express support.Not only did she combine women's rights with legislation, she was also a new Rosa Parks (one of the black human rights activists in the 1960's) said that she would be the starting point for another wave of women's movements.Whether supporting or opposing her opinion, she was impressed by the politicians who wore the pink sneakers and gained inspiration.

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