South Korea's capital Seoul is definitely a beautiful evening, from a student to a good party, even though the day is busy, and at night it is a daily picture of South Koreans, who have drinks, rice wine, wine, wine, and wine in South Korea.

But the fun of the night has come to a hangover, and the fatigue and headaches of the whole day are also disturbing, and the Korean people who protect the liver from the hangovers' symptoms are particularly well developed.Not only Korean people often drink, but in Taiwan, if they have frequent paid trips, they can also try to find out what Korean wine Koreans drink to fight the hangover.( First post honey water )

First post honey water

Cebu is most afraid of headaches in the morning. A cup of warm honey is not only capable of moistening throat, but also a headache. Because of this, the convenience of Korean overcommercial hot beverages is sold for warm honey water.(Delicious Drink Law: A cup of honey lemonade a day, and a healthy selection of poison and whitening.))

Second post soybean sprout soup

Koreans have breakfast food for breakfast, so South Korean wives need to prepare for rice, and if the husband drinks the last night, the sweet wife will prepare a hot soya bean sprout soup in the morning, fresh and drunken.Yellow-bean sprouts soup is easy to do. It just needs to prepare the small fry of Kuanfu and add a clean yellow bean sprout (not to remove the root of the effect of the solution). Add a small amount of salt, and then do not lift the lid until the flavor of the yellow bean sprouts.

Third shizandra tea

Chinese magnoliavine fruit (as at the same time) is a Chinese traditional Chinese medicine that looks like a blueberry.Schisandra chinensis is frequently used as a tea beverage, washed with a ratio of 1g/200cc, filtered from the sun to water overnight, filtered out of the schisandra berry and impurities, and then cooled after adding honey or sugar.After the ice, the chisandra chinensis is sweet and sweet. It is a tea drink that can be often drunk on a normal day.If a friend who is interested in Schisandra's interest in China and South Korea does not look for a dry shizandra berry, this is the protection of liver tea in the Korean population.( Why I don't drink Hand-Hand Tea-the Nothing to Say in the Trophy )

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author: womany special author/Taiwan Martha
MBA at the University of California, Berkeley, has been a media journalist, now settled in Korea, likes a gourmet hand and a Korean culture.