The film, Emily's world of dissent, describes how a girl named Emily is digging into her own happiness from a seemingly monotonous life.When Emily was young, her mother's death was depressing, and her father's life depended on her father's ability to develop her own ability to be alone.Because of loneliness, Emily understands every detail of her life, and uses the imagination of the sky to make seemingly boring days full of children's interests.

Real life is different from the fantasy of a movie, and there is no such thing as a cute little animal to talk about without a prince.In fact, we can also, like Emily, really live in real life, and how to make a seemingly ordinary life full of surprises. Let's take a look at how she chews out the beauty of a life of dismal.

1. First, think about how do you eat strawberries, the most interesting Try to eat like this, Emily, to see if it is really sweet.

2. Then close your eyes and try to listen to the sound of layer of caramel the back of the spoonful of the soup spoon.

3. Think about the last time you had sex with a man Is it a little bit funny like two monkeys?

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4. In the movie theater, don't forget to look around when the plot is stimulating, and look at the expression of each person in the dark.

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5. Keep your eyes open at any time, observe what's happening at every moment, and accept the stimulus that the world brings us.

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6. There is no relationship between emotional and emotional emotions, and happiness is the best proof of life.If you want to cry, cry, laugh, laugh, because in any case the world will embrace you.

7. I don't know how to vent my grievances.You can try Emily's good method: floater.

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8. There is a sense of responsibility for the world you live in. Please remember to stand up and rise to justice when necessary.

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9. Bravely fall in love: Believe in fate, and fearlessly go to love, fill the brains of the two people's sweetness fantasy!

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10. Finally, it is also the most important, loving your family, and not stingy with all kinds of people who love you in all forms, and only hope that they can smile happily.

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