I'm ashamed to say, but think about it, we spend our whole life analyzing the boy's time, like a lot of exaggeration.When they like that boy, they start to analyze every one of his actions, from looking at how many times they spend every minute to the time they spend, and sometimes they get to the point where they can go to the fire.There's no way, though it's all human, but men come from Mars!(Let's help you Quickly interpret men's words )

Embrace seems simple, but the meaning is often ambiguous.The meaning of "hand in your waist" seems to be different from that of him. Then, the meaning of "rubbing lightly on the back of the house" is different, but what kind of meaning is that?Today womany parses several of the most common hugs and the meaning they represent for the next time they don't need to sleep through the night, bothering boys is so hard to see!

One, En, Redo Embrace

When you go out, you're ready to say goodbye, awkwarlike, and then he moves a little bit forward, and the single hand wrap-around the shoulder.If this boy is shy or not habitable, and this pure and pure love is exactly what we want, the two of you will be very suitable for each other.But if today's boy is neither shy nor unaccustomed to physical contact, frankly, he doesn't really like it.Even a good hug is not willing to give it to the people. If you want to continue to develop further relations with him, be careful not to get hurt.(Recommended reading: Seven Reasons for Men's Rejection )

Two, "Let's be friends" embrace

this hugging, which is really familiar.It's not what we think it is!I mean, this one hand in one hand

is the kind of hug that's between us and friends.So when people like them carry you like this, then he just treats us as good friends.Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on

If he was able to take a few more points at the end of the year, how could he notice that the hugging of friends between men and women would have a resounding action, regardless of the film or the reality?By the same token, when he holds such a view for a long time, that means that he is actually looking at it as a good coathing.But if you change the situation: the hands of the world are sweating, and the brain is in a mess, and it's going to be a mess, it's going to be a bit of a speech, but now itAt this time, the other half of the "China" is holding, and encouraging the place to take a few of them at the back of the "us".The coach's encouragement to his teammates was an expression of confidence and confidence, he said.(Recommended reading: women's sense of security, men's freedom )

Three, "may need some consolation"

When each other's shoulders are surrounded by a shoulder neck, tightly holding it, he knows that it is now possible to be accompanied and comforted by someone.At this point, we need to know that he is a simple friend of yours or is very ambiguous about you, so let's see how he comforted the dynamics of his hands.If he was just a close hug, then he would treat you as a friend; but if his hands were to be touched by his back, then he would have had more love for the feelings of the people.

If he holds this way, it doesn't really feel that you need to be comforted in your mood. Don't think that the other party is completely unsure of your feelings.Maybe he is someone who needs to be comforted, even if he says he's good.At this time, I don't need to ask anything more, so we can hold him and comfort him.

Four, "I'd like to see you again," hugging

You're going to say goodbye to the end of your first date.It seems that this evening is good, but it is not very sure whether the other party likes it or not.When he was still in doubt, he moved a step forward, surrounded by his hands, clutsclung to the point.There is no need to doubt that the other party really likes it.After being separated, I remember giving him a smile, saying to him, "We look forward to going out again next time!"(Recommend > > Meet the Nine Dsecrets of the Life of a Life of Heaven!) )

Five, I love, I want to protect us, I want to protect us, and embrace it

as it is doing to its own business, not paying attention to his proximity to the back, until his hands clasped at the back of his hands, cluttcluttclasped.Behind this is our blind spot, and as long as we attack from behind, we are often unable to defend.Today, he embrits the latter, and he does not have to do so, except to express enough confidence that he will not harm the point, and that he is willing to expose his own blind spots only to protect them.Romantic films often appear on the back of the front chest. He is expressing his love, and even though the three characters haven't spoken yet, he may not have realized that he loves it, but he doesn't have to doubt that his feelings toward us are real.( When men appear in these nine behaviors, representing him to be serious )

But what is important to note is that if he holds such a thing for a long time, rarely face-to-face hugging means that he thinks that while he loves it, he doesn't have a way to communicate with it.Perhaps he has a psychological barrier, and may not be able to determine his feelings for him, so that he does not really love him, because of the obstacles that you have between you and him, to make him have no way to embrace it face-to-face.

6, "I want to" hug

He clutty hold, and even if you release, your hip is still stuck together.The hugging intentions of the lower body close to the other side are obvious: he wants it.He wants to join you, knowing that that kind of body should be combined in the body that no one can see, that no one will be disturbed.(But there are some things that may have to be resolved: Boys are looking at the first eye of the world, never thinking about being the same as the sky )

so unless you want to prolong your interest or you simply want to torment the other, find a room.

If he is on the forehead of his forehead at this point, it means that besides the physical combination, he also wants to have a more emotional connection to his mind.He wanted to convey his ideas to the point of view, and he wanted to make it possible to further develop your feelings.(Recommended reading: 25 will convince you that there is a true love story in the world )

The hugging movement of the body appears to be simple, but the meaning can span so many different stages.If you want to use the above hugging method, the closer the opponent's hand is to the waist, the more he likes it, but over the waist, he now wants it very much, and the closer he is, the more he expresses his feelings toward us.With these simple principles, it should be easier to know what the mysterious head of a boy's mind is thinking about, right?

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