Looking back, everyone seems to have a past that they don't want to face. When you open a photo of a teenager, do you feel weird about what you were doing? Utah State, an American graphic designer who recently held "those miserable childhood" plans at Tumblr , said the plan was designed to make it possible for people to re-examine their past , to experience the revelations of the past and to shape what they are. And now it's nice to be brave enough to face the past and see it as a motivator and really love who you are. Here are two people who are involved in the "miserable childhood" program to share his life story with us and see how they can regain their self-confidence and live the most authentic beauty .

17-Year-old and 26-year-old Bianca.

At the age of 13, Bianca, who was beautiful and pure, was invited by the school's most popular to enter their small group. "I am very happy and have been liked by many people, and the boys have begun to be gallant." But the other pretty girls started to envy me. "Soon she began to be a thorn in the back of everyone. The classmate began to call her "ugly girl", and because she was white and thin and was called "Female Ghost". As things became stronger, 40 of girls gathered near Anka's home to attack her. The experience left her with a big shadow in her heart when she dared not go to the movies and had to go to school early to avoid others. In Brazil, "bullying" is only fatal to be noticed, and until graduation she will not get rid of the bullying nightmare. "It had a big impact on me, and I began to become withdrawn, fatter and dyed my hair in strange colours." I feel very ugly at that time, until the age of 18 I began to go to the gym, gradually understand that they are not so ugly, but also really start to like their own appearance. 」

17-Year-old and 28-year-old planet Bill.

17-Year-old He accidentally inserted Liu to retain such a photographic hair, but Pei must have never thought Afford was his high school life turning point. Originally unknown to him, because Ford head and became the focus of attention, "leave the hair to make everything change, when you keep a red Afford when you go where it is difficult not to be noticed." People are curious about my Afford, and the girls are beginning to be interested in me. Even one of the most beautiful girls in the class volunteered to draw portraits for him, which has been Shal treasured for a long time.

Even so, planet Bill is beginning to doubt that his hairstyle has created an unprecedented level of self-confidence , but it may also obscure his nature. So he decided to cut off his "crown". After fading out of the finery to prove himself, Shal auditioned and stood out, in fact the hairstyle was not the real reason for Shal's love--it was his talent and personality that had been neglected.

After reading the above story, youth ignorant when you have also lacked self-confidence, too concerned about other people's criticism and feel inferior? Think of those unpleasant memories as a process of youth, from which we learn how to see ourselves better. And now you are no longer an ugly duckling, but a confident and beautiful swan.

Beauty is not only one way
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〉〉 loudly say "I am very beautiful!" "You can eat food for free.
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Data source:Visual News / awkward Years Project
Author: womany Editorial office/Janice Wei