Dim café With noisy background music, Huang Shangwu sitting in close to the door of a table, originally rely on the small table lamp serious reading see us in, quickly put the book closed and we greet. The upright figure, the handsome face, the first impression will feel Huang Shangwu is a cynical person, but through up to two hours of talk to find he is actually a loving home, sincere, the heart of a little boy living.

Mom, Grandpa's baby.

Originally just want to entertain old grandfather to later want to convey the message, Shangwo from childhood through the physical action and the hearing of the grandfather spoke to let him find really like the performance. University "accident" on the 26th volunteer to fill the Taiwan drama department, mother originally objected to, want him sophomore transfer, but when other relatives began to oppose him to read the drama department, "mother instead began to support me, for my choice to speak." The original grandfather's resolute opposition to let still wo middle consider is not really want to transfer, but he was very interested in the drama show he tried to persuade his grandfather, has been invited Grandpa to see the play, "to the end or grandpa can not hold to talk to grandson" Shangwo smiled and explained that his grandfather later supported him to read the drama reasons. After graduation, choose to go back to Taiwan development does not continue to stay in the United States is the main reason is grandpa. The big Japanese education grandpa is not long to express feelings, in to Shangwo's graduation video said: "Come back!" I miss you! Let SHANGWO determined to return to Taiwan after a year of internship as an American performer.

Even on the shanghaied, he's going to be a thief.

His mother told him a sentence to make him more efforts to develop his ability to successfully enter the Parselmouth of the Colombian School of Performing Arts.

"To the United States to know Taiwan is good, but also know the United States good." 」

SHANGWO says the international experience seen in the United States is never seen in Taiwan. Over there, he learned how to perform in a small way and act with courage. Originally extensively traveled all kinds of play later specialize in some type or a wide range of collection of emotions and then slowly deleted subtraction performance, so that the original acceptance of Taiwan's addition performance of the Shang Wo has a new performance contact angle. He said that although Taiwan was a small and large addition to the performance, but although the number of small, but each output of the work represents an irreplaceable creative.

From big to small, subtraction shows the "performance is a kind of life attitude", the Shang Wo from Broadway performance examples: about only 20% of the performance is really good-looking, although the other performance is not very good, but can be seen from the performance "These people really love the stage." The actors in New York are very respected, compared with the poor drama environment in Taiwan and the lack of a way to sustain life with the dream of blood.

"Even if you work in a restaurant, the customer will cheer you up when they hear you're an actress."

, a city that sees acting as an attitude to life is impressive.

When Shangwo was studying in New York, and the New York City was not integrated into the current affairs of Taipei, he had no sense of belonging to the two places, he saw other New Yorkers attitude to life. Many New Yorkers have been forced to stay in New York in order to provide a better life and education for their children, and Shangwo find themselves lucky. Optimistic he in contact with the white, play together, but also found that "in fact, the white people do not have a sense of belonging Ah," but the fun is that those who have no sense of belonging to the city will have the kind of "I can scold New York but you definitely do not do" conflict feeling. New York is not so much a melting pot, but he feels more like a platter, each culture is gathered together but there is no integration, but the difference between each other foil, forming the whole city of the conflict beauty.

The purpose of going abroad is to come back

But when he returned to Taiwan, he quickly discovered the most realistic aspect of his problem: whether he knew the right people. Shangwo says actors in the United States are more likely to have fair competition because they have union support, and are not affected by knowing the director or the crew, and everyone has a chance to interview. He gave an example of an audition in the United States: He doesn't care if the character in the play asks the race to go to the scene of the Vision Mirror, as soon as he went in, he began to play the role of the actor to plead with the pilot: "Oh, I don't know if it's just for the white man, I'm far from Boston, can you give me five minutes?" And then he performed a monologue that was prepared beforehand. This impressive approach allows many auditions to call SHANGWO at other auditions, giving him more chances to audition than anyone else. For those who did not get the role, Wo have the self-confidence to say:

"Not that I'm good enough, is that I don't fit the role they need." 」

"Your Today and my Tomorrow" is his first Minister film. Unlike previous video clips, long films are often not filmed in sequence, and depending on the site's relationship, the first act and last act may be taken on the same day. The mood, the plot rift, the Shangwo of the little world created by the continuity of the habit of the theater, has been sleepless for two consecutive nights, and he says that his lack of experience has made it impossible for him to fully navigate the camera to show himself. Thinking and thinking, he would one day spread out the pages of the script in order, and for each scene to create a story, the feeling of all the notes on the side, such a jigsaw puzzle read the way so that no matter what scene in the shoot, shooting order how disorderly jump, Wo can have enough data emotional piece of the story of the role.

35-Year-old City of Cannes, 45 years old Oscar winner

See Ang Lee take Oscar best director, still in addition to admire this has cooperated with the director, he self-confidence with a little fart thought: "A film only a director, he can get, that a movie so many actors, how could I not get Oscar?" "His short-term goal is to let everyone know who he is before he's 30 years old, to become a household name; before the age of 35, attacking the city, winning the city of Cannes, the 45-Year-old to successfully attack Los Angeles, winning the highest glory Oscar; 50 years old, he wants to have an international drama school in Taiwan, creating a friendly environment for actors. But he also said that although he wanted to open a school but did not want to teach, "well, just be a manager," he said with a smile.

"The Renaissance is going to happen in Asia and I want to be at the top of it when it happens," he said. 」

At first glance, although a little smelly fart, but it is not difficult to see Shangwo to art, drama, love and perseverance.

To be a good actor, often to sacrifice for the play, Shangwo said once for the work in one months by the movement and diet selected thin 15 kg. Would you like to strip naked for your work? His condition is: The script should be very good and this off is conducive to the development of the plot, that can be considered, but he smiled added: "To ask mom first, mother agreed to be able to."

Nothing is afraid, love is right

"Pain is not a bad thing, the pain will become a part of you and can make happy more real existence."

The man who claims to be the Colombian prodigal is a romantic. During college, he found that his girlfriend had to go to rehearsals after the leg, but the first thing to do in the classroom was to announce to the class that he just broke up with his girlfriend. Maybe the people who read the drama are very empathetic because at this time every classmate of the classroom "came running to give me a group hug, that feeling is really warm". A whole week before the class will have a classmate and the teacher to prepare Shang Wo just broke up, so the mood may be relatively low, the teacher can understand; After a week was over, he forced himself out of the hurt feelings, because he did not want to also do not allow himself to be so low. Not because of fear of injury and loss of love, "Nothing Is afraid, love is right" is that he passed this thing, learned the most important lesson.

"Lovers can make themselves more aware of themselves and can choose intimacy," Shangwo said, hoping his girlfriend could be a "person who has a passion for life, every morning can be very excited to live", rather than have a perfect girlfriend, he instead hope that his girlfriend is very "true", can talk to and communicate with girls. The most important thing is that mom and girlfriend must be together, because if you want to choose from two people, "of course, choose Mom!" "It is not difficult to see SHANGWO and mother's feelings are good to the envy of the situation."

When he was skydiving, he suddenly felt that there was a wider world waiting to embrace him and decided to study abroad, if you want to repeat the classic film there is self-confidence can be taken better than the original, the life plan in addition to when the actor decided to call the Huang Shangwu although at first glance, words are a little fart, cynical feeling, But the feelings are delicate and rich. The family is as important to him as the drama and is linked to some degree. Want to be seen, want to be liked and will try to present their best side, I believe such Huang Shangwu can be in the theatrical entertainment out of their luster.

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