whenever pressure come, we always want to shift the target to resolve the tense heart, and most people do nothing more than: Repeat the face book refresh, update their Community Status , watching the news online, discussing gossip ... Wait a minute. Although the network has become a common escape from the reality of the small nest, but life is really because of this safe haven, and become easy to be happy ? (Extended reading: rely on others to give pleasure, not real happiness ) I think, your heart has silently shook his head. In fact, to be able to have a substantial conversation and interaction with the people around us is the source of happiness that can inject beneficial nutrients into our lives. But if you are not so interested in talking to others, then meditation is to move the object of conversation to yourself.

Yoga , meditation, concentration, mindfulness, whatever the system of meditation, they all have a similar spindle, which is: let the body relax, concentrate and pay attention to its own breathing. In addition to these traditional meditation, do you know that even a good cup of tea can achieve the effect of meditation?

Tea ceremony, starting from the hot pot, then put tea, Win Cu, high blunt, low bubble, tea, to tea, smell incense, and finally, tea to do a complete closure. In addition to the nine steps to follow the tea, let people cultivate meditation, patience and gratitude ; As each step takes a short time to wait, tea meditation is a meditation ritual that extends out of these fragments as the spindle concept. Compared to those waiting for the traffic lights, or a cup of Expresso, the gap in the tea process, is really enough to let us dive into the heart of the door, enjoy a moment of quiet time.

But you may think that life is so busy that it takes so long to get a cup of tea. Not one hour. We can easily simplify all the complex programs into five key points, so long as you can focus on each step and keep yourself 10 minutes of metime before you go to work,you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that the following day, Your heart will continue to maintain a sense of lightness, and know how to live in the present, "free" is no longer an expensive dream for you.

Point 1: Buy some tea of good quality

original piece of tea (Whole leaf tea), is to retain the whole leaf of loose tea, usually than ready-made tea bag to come fresh and delicious, a penny, a penny is not unreasonable oh. In particular, it should be noted that each piece of tea should be the same size, color and color can not be too big gap. If you want to seriously drink a good cup of tea, we recommend you to drink the original tea; this refers to the original tea contains the name of the origin of black tea, or mixed with two or more different origin of tea prepared mixed tea. Taiwan, for example, the most local people feel proud of the original tea, no more than the Red jade of Sun Moon Lake (Taiwan tea 18th), not only the tea is full of sweet mint and meat cinnamon, taste is quite mellow, a mouthful of drink into, sweet into the heart. (Extended reading: Tea people beginner's mind skills, easy to choose tea two or three things )

Point 2: Let go of what is on hand and focus on the process of boiling water

Before making tea, boil the water is the first important thing, so that hot water to help volatile tea. At this time, let your brain rest from the busy , also suspend the things you are dealing with, the "while boiling water to do something else," the idea of completely abandoned it! It's good to have the habit of using the odds and ends, but in the tea meditation, it really wastes this golden moment.

If it is not gas, but with hot water kettle boil water, then press the switch with the moment, began to observe with the eyes, with binaural listening, the pot bubble from small to large, until the boiling of each forming stage. Aware of the same time, remember the deep breath, and then slowly exhaled. From three seconds to breathing, three seconds to stop, three seconds to start practice, and then gradually extended to five seconds, 10 seconds. You will feel that you are integrated into the air, and that the distance between you and the universe is being zeroed in step. (Extended reading: release Stress love health, a breath of vomit is free ) Don't forget that water is the core of the Earth, and every woman, now, do not think about anything, focus on enjoying the flow of water in your body, and feel its sweet pulse. Repeat until the water boils, and the heart also stretches.

Point 3: Add a tablespoon of tea to a cup of boiled water

When the blade is poured into the cup, leave the leaves untouched for a minute before stirring. If you want to smell enough tea aroma, put the amount of not too stingy, after all, tea bought is to drink, don't because reluctant to drink the result of put to expire; not only to achieve the effect, but also violate the "live in the present" the true meaning. Temperature, green tea because rich in high concentrations of tannic acid, when the bubble, to no more than 75 degrees C as the principle, lest the vitamin is damaged by high temperature. Other such as raw tea, half of the tea, as well as cooked tea in 100 degrees C up and down, that is, when the water just boiling. And this time the meditation practice, is to observe the white smoke from the cup mouth dense. Then, you can gently close your eyes, with the nose to diffuse in the air of tea flavor sucked into the nasal cavity, so that the calm, let all glitz away.

Point 4: Pick up the tea and sit for two minutes holding the cup

The time of tea is usually five minutes, but it can be adjusted according to the different tea types. When the time is up, if you put tea bags in the tea bag, or filter the screen to fill the tea leaves, then pick up tea bag or screen screen from the cup raised, if it is directly into the pot, the tea with a spoon one by one hook up. Imagine that you are cleaning up all the good and bad emotions in your heart. When you sweep away the accumulated gains and losses, you give the time dust of the ordinary heart, the opportunity to emerge again. The process of waiting for the tea to cool slowly is the meditation time at this stage, where you can hold the cup with a panzuo (and can lie down) and start to observe the tan changes in the cup. At the same time, enjoy the use of facial features to collect, surround four weeks, only for your presence of the rich aroma, and feel the cup passed to the warmth of your palms, maintain this state, 2-3 minutes or so. Then, in the heart of acquiescence to a thank you, there are those who harvest tea farmers, so far away from you, to have this paragraph, and soul hug meditation time.

Key 5: Enjoy tea and have fun

SIP tea, do not big mouth in a hurry to drink, first feel the tea into the mouth of the temperature, is hot? Micro-temperature? Or is it cool? Aware of the unique taste of each cup of tea, is full of the atmosphere of the earth is stable, or as crisp as the green, or, the sweet flowers and fruits, let people repeatedly aftertaste? When the tea entrance, the texture of the tea is a dense, dry, strong or dull? When you come to realize that tea, in addition to thirst, from boiling water to tea tasting process also contains unlimited intelligence, can lead the mind, into the deep relaxation, tea meditation will become your life of meditation.

focus on every moment, and the richness will be more than just this present, but everything in your future life. Not because things have become interesting, but you, have changed. (Extended reading: believe, change is to better!) )