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Mid-Autumn Festival arrived! How to eat grapefruit in the same hand, bite a barbecue and not get fat? Like the Arabian Nights, but in fact, nutrition physicians said as long as the attention of the following seven diet key, you can reduce the chances of the mid-Autumn Festival yo! Originally eat salty first, again eat sweet is also a recruit! (Recommended reading: Break Five barbecue myths, meat will be more delicious )

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, eat moon cakes and pomelo is everyone knows the custom, but who do not want in just a short period of mid-autumn vacation over, found that the hard to maintain a good figure are all their own appetite to hit back to the original, right?

Womany prepared several creative and low calorie grapefruit dishes and drinks, such as the distinctive pomelo wine , grapefruit also into the dish , and with a grapefruit pulp with chicken delicious salad . But no matter how many kinds of alternative eating method, do not eat a mouthful of moon cakes and Pomelos pomelo, always feel that something is missing, right? Next, let us tell you seven should pay attention to eat the method + details, let your mid-autumn night, the Month Circle reunion person is not round.

One: Eat Moon cakes with good tea

If it is to eat partial sweet cakes, the best with refreshing, and decaffeinated tea ( here there are more and more sweet tea in Taiwan ), so that light flowers and fruit incense for you in the mouth and sweet greasy feeling. Conversely, eat salty moon cakes, you can choose sugar-free green tea, mint tea or oolong tea, the inside of the sweet mellow can sweep away too much salty and greasy, and help metabolize food in the glucose, not to allow too much heat stored in the body. Remember, coffee, strong tea, canned juices and soda, these high caffeine, sugar-rich drinks are not suitable for the moon cakes to eat, after all, the moon cakes are high enough calories, drink these not only will not help you quench your thirst, but also accumulate fat in the abdomen, the harm and useless. ( extended reading: Tea people beginner's mind skills, easy to choose tea two or three things )

Second: With vitamin C high fruit most fascination!

Besides Ven Dan, do you know of any other fruits that are suitable for eating with mooncakes? Choose the fruit , not only help digestion, also won't let the belly eat too much moon cakes or barbecue and feel flatulence uncomfortable. It is usually recommended that you choose to eat sour, orange or yellow fruit, such as kiwi, apple, orange, pineapple and so on. These fruits are rich in high levels of ascorbic acid, which is commonly known as vitamin C, can you eat mooncakes such as high fat food, promote the cholesterol metabolism in mooncakes, and start a certain antioxidant, for cardiovascular health more to a close. After eating these fruits, the girls will also have a full belly feeling, naturally can reduce the amount of moon cakes, not only look after the beautiful also become healthier!

Three: Eat lightly, do not attract obesity

The average moon cakes are high in fat, high in sugar, high in calories, high in protein and high in phosphorus and potassium, in the case of Guang-type mooncakes, light is a common size of mooncakes have a fast approximation of 1000 calories, the equivalent of 1400 to 1800 kcal per day, or more than half of the female. ( extended reading: Eat moon cakes should eat less carbohydrates ) if you think to own materials to make light food cakes too troublesome, but also want to eat no burden, then spend a little time compare bar! Try to choose ice-skinned mooncakes or fruit, such as cranberry, Apple moon cakes, and even sugar-free mooncakes. But note that, although the oil reduced, in order to maintain the taste, many stores will add more sugar, in fact, there is no more than the traditional moon cakes less than the amount of starch, eat less, or the best way to control the method Oh!

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Four: Attention to the nutritional trap of pomelo

Mid-Autumn Festival will eat grapefruit, because "pomelo" and "Woo" homonym, hope that the moon Niang bless everyone, in the Mid-Autumn festival season and the next year can be safe and happy. The grapefruit itself, indeed, is a fruit that can bring health and happiness, not only rich in vitamin C, vitamin p, can help reduce the formation of free radicals , adequate dietary fiber and potassium, calcium, iron and other important nutrients, Also can effectively reduce blood fat and bad cholesterol content, cardiovascular health has a great help. If there is a phenomenon of anorexia, eat more grapefruit can be immediately improved.

And it's sweet with a bit of sour special taste, often let people have the illusion of low heat. In fact, the volume of pomelo is larger than that of other fruits, and it usually takes about 110 calories to eat four slices. And our body needs two servings of fruit a day, if you want to leave a little space for other fruits, the grapefruit must be controlled to eat. Otherwise eat more, not only cause abdominal distension, finally become fat can not find the murderer Oh!

Womany Small Reminder : When the purchase of grapefruit, remember to choose the skin smooth, there is a slight golden yellow, at the same time you can gently press the grapefruit bottom, if soft, it means that the flesh sweet and not astringent. And the pores on the epidermis to ensure uniform distribution, only to indicate that the internal water sufficient.

Five: First eat salty, then eat sweet

Moon cakes have salty and sweet, if you want to taste both tastes, remember to start from the salty beginning to eat, eat can be first to Tea gargle ( sweet-scented Osmanthus oolong is your good choice ), wait to taste slowly fade, then change to eat sweet cakes. In this way, the taste of mooncakes will not feel the same, but also a pity for those who strive to develop a variety of flavors of the pie maker.

Six: Clean the hands of the grapefruit, away from allergies

After the grapefruit eat, we may have a whim to wear it on the head to take pictures, not happy. But after peeling grapefruit, the next step in fact should not be photographed first, but first to wash the hands stained with grapefruit juice. This is because the grapefruit skin contains phenolic compounds such as plants, after ultraviolet light irradiation, will produce brown pigment spots, serious people will also appear itchy red rash, become "Day optical activity skin inflammation." If the amount of grapefruit is too large to cause too much pigment deposition, it may take 2-3 months to dissipate slowly. For people who are more susceptible to skin, remember to wash your hands at the moment and save yourself from allergies and discomfort!

Seven: Pomelo is the most natural mosquito-repellent incense

If you want to go out with your family at night to barbecue and enjoy the evening breeze, you can tear the white inside of the grapefruit in advance and dry out during the day. In the evening, placed around the feet, and light the general mosquito-repellent incense to ignite the membrane, it became the most natural mosquito-repellent incense. Let Sweet pomelo fragrance, accompany you a whole mosquito-free moon night!

The happy time of mid-Autumn Festival, let us take off for you

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