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Acquaintance with Love, know each other, with the resentment of abandon, to the happiness of the road, we really want to go through how many stumbling? We all want to be happy , this time we no longer rigid to ask: " why our love suddenly died?" "We no longer hold the heart of the accusation:" do not love why waste my time , Love is travel, if always think of what can get, how can good brave love once ? Set foot on the journey, love it! (Extended reading: 10 sentences Super good and not tacky classic love lines )

Love is a journey to happiness

Love is like traveling. Everyone yearning for the "happiness" of the Terminal, "Lonely" station is overcrowded ...

Some people will envy the writer's work time elasticity, do not have to clock time, the driver, overtime, however, all the professional writers I know, including myself, know that writers do not have to clock, equal to 24 hours to "work." Even if you are not sitting in a chair writing, you may be thinking, observing, imagining unfinished passages in your mind, even when you are sleeping. So every year I would give myself one months or so long stay, the year before Thailand, the mainland of Beijing and Henan, and this year, came to Europe. (Extended reading: work!) Job! Important landscapes that affect our lives )

People often ask, "are writers going on a trip looking for inspiration ?" "I always shake my head and say," No, my trip is not to find the subject matter, just let myself completely empty. "If you go anywhere you have to force yourself to record and conceive, how tired this trip is!" Line pen At this point, I think, love is not the same as travel, when stepping into a relationship, if the first thought: "What can I get from each other?" "Then this relationship will be full of endless demands and dissatisfaction of the resentment." Is it not good to fall in love lightly and without desire? Rest assured that the acquisition, the study of the same God will not be less to you.

I think that love is like traveling. We all aspire to the "happiness" of the terminal, however, only a few lucky, early to find suitable companions, ride to the "happiness" of the direct car. Most people do not have this kind of luck, must experience heart, ambiguous , love, cooling, suspicion, heartbreak these interchange station, with full of memories, scars, pain awareness and other souvenirs, can vaguely see the "happiness" of the dawn. In these relay stations, the "Lonely" station is overcrowded. Some people are injured and unable to move forward, some people are tired of love, some people yearn for love but still can't get Eros, only in the "Lonely" stop waiting for the found. And because of lovelorn people, in the sigh of self-pity, often missed the opportunity to "happiness."

From the lonely, to the two hearts

Because of loneliness, because want more "complete", so we fall in love with another person.

However, after falling in love with each other, only to find out from their familiar little world, moving to two of people is not as easy as imagined. Because fall in love with each other's talent, but found that each other except his own talent outside, who also do not love, because love each other's gentleness, but find tenderness is his weak coat. She may be a Carno, perhaps a mountain of clutter in her room, and a lot of friends who like broken mouths and annoying relatives .... (Extended reading: A person's wonderful to two a person's success )

Originally from the Loneliness of single, to reach another person's heart, and not as pleasant as imagined. In love he can hold the phone every day, knocking on the keyboard to talk to you all night, did not think only a few months, he even did not bother to send a message back, the past warm transfer of love is no longer seen. The most terrible is that the original thought of being single is lonely, did not think two people together, indifferent , neglected to make you more lonely helpless.

Love is like traveling, from loneliness, to the heart of another, as from their accustomed to the place, came to another Turmine different land, is to enter the blend, actively into each other's way of life, or to take the time, to retain their individuality, with an objective attitude to contact with all unfamiliar? Some people go to travel abroad, after coming back to talk about exotic anecdotes, happy to show souvenirs; some people are back after the deep lock eyebrows, go where all complain about eating, sleep well, all day riding a good tired, things expensive, people are not friendly, but the time is still a go again, let people do not understand why he likes but also love to complain. (Extended reading: in travel, meet love )

In fact, the attitude of travel can also be seen a person's personality. Like to come back happy to share the person born optimistic, will remember the journey of the beautiful "small really lucky", forget to make him uncomfortable little trouble, always complaining people, is the habit of magnifying their wronged part, do not know how to thank , habits will be wronged to others. Travel is an addiction, there will be unforgettable novelty in the journey, will want to let people go again. And love, of course, is also an addiction , so that people can not extricate themselves, the feeling of recovery is still want to rush.

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