There's a math equation that counts: "If it's 1 % more than yesterday, it will be 37 times more powerful than last year."" From last summer's Sugar & Spice internship program to this year's regular editing of womany, my current womany progress can be more than just 37 times.womany is becoming more and more resilient, stronger and stronger, and I see the power that continues to move forward and the ability to resist.I am Aubrey, and I am deeply proud of the womany.

When I entered womany, the plan for Red Box was in full swing, and every day I watched my colleagues busy discussing and trying to get the girl who opened the red box to love, and the web designer didn't stop at , I am not alone. When I was a little upset, I had a little red box with me when I was a little uncomfortable.

Is there a little bit of misgivings about the red box?If you want to know what medicine is sold in the calabash in the red box, let's take a look at what I learned the October box, which is not privately-hidden, and without favoritism.(secretly says that the red box is somewhat like a deformed diamond, because it looks different every month!)

Let me start with six tips from the red box: the six tips of the month are the sweetness and diet group, the monthly exclusive, sanitary, private, special, special, favorite, and small red storage boxes.Although there are six types of people, there are actually seven types of people, and there are still womany's love for the girls. The heart is warm, uncomfortable and flying!

You receive a small red box. Let's take a look at this lovely box first!It's always been a fan of Krrish , and softly softly fell into a warm embrace.During the period of menstrual cycle, I saw the appearance of the red box, which made me feel that it was over and over.The red box is a bit of a weight, and it makes people look forward to what's in it.

Corrugated!Pandora's little red box was opened, and the small red box was warm, and it was full of open.To be honest, when I first heard of the red box, I felt very sweet. On the one hand, I secretly asked myself: " During the biological period, what I needed wasn't the tampon.{\fnCronos Is) ' cause I'm a little worried, you know, opening the box to see the toilet full of tampons ... The red box is very sweet. I didn't think of it. I didn't even notice that I needed it. The red box helped me get a poop (Taiwan)!

I want to eccentrically award prizes to the four different discount tips I like in a small red box

[Happy to the Laughing]

Eh, a new friend!

[Happy to laugh] The winner is: OXYGEN Oxygen Sanmin Cotton (now you can buy it directly!)

Xiao Sheng says that in fact, I am a person who is a bit paranoinable to the tampon of the tampon. When you use unpleasant sanitary napkin, you can twist it and sit down all day long, so almost all of them are used to make use of specific labels.I was finally able to get the OXYGEN test bag from the fate of fate. I was immediately conquered by its fresh air. It was not only breathable, but it was only 0.8 mm, so it should be the slimmest thing in the market, so that the girl who was sensitive and easy to act like me was able to jump at ease during the course of life.

OXYGEN Web site: This tampon has — in the Oxygen-Oxygen TM Core (OXEGEN-CORE TM) , which releases high concentrations of fresh molecular oxygen, reactive oxygen, and essentially inhibits the inflammation of the gynaecological inflammation - “ anaerobe ”.The invention can effectively and rapidly inhibit the propagation and survival of the bacteria virus so as to improve the environment of the physiological period of the private place.

OXYGEN tampon

[No one is more sweet than you]

[No one is more sweet than you] to give the good womany handwritten small card (that is, each one of the different custom small cards)!

I often think that the devil is in the details, like Mom taught us to look at the man from the corner of the eyebrow eyebrow, and of course the small detail should be observed.A few days ago, I saw a colleague Lulu buried a card with a card, insisted on giving everyone a different blessing, and secretly felt a good feeling in the heart.I just didn't think that at this time when she was so busy, I had written a small card full of me, so it was so sweet.(Run past Lulu)

In addition to the small card, there is also a small reminder of the scripts' scripts', and a description of the use of the "six" tips.

A monthly discount reminder: When you're in a biological period, you can eat more red radishes, red beans, burdock , sesame and white radish leaves, and you can alleviate the physiological pain and blood purification of us.

[Extreme Merit Award]

In addition, a lot of girls see the Uber price roll in the small red box with a fog, and what exactly is Uber?Uber is a mobile app that provides a quality taxi service.The rapid expansion of Uber's global expansion into more than 35 cities in 2009 continues to reduce the distance between people and cities by the end of July this year.(IPhone User Download Uber Point this , Android User Points here )

Uber: Yesterday, I wanted to be a little bit better for myself, help you and try out the Uber discount code in the box for yourself.My Uber's experience is very good. I feel that at such a discomfort, there are Uber drivers who drive the door to my car, and there is a super-top Mercedes sedan escort service, which makes me feel that I have a feeling of being taken care of.

Learn more about Uber's introduction and look at our exclusive interview with the UBER Camber: Let UBER be your own driver , or website

[from the inside]

[From the inside to the outside] except for who you can still give, the thatched, thatched, four-to-be-drink!

Sharing of netizens : It is too late to the hibiscus, which is attached to it, to dig, dig, and drink.It is 100 times better than the biochemical soup that I drank at the time was sitting.

Every time you are in a physiologic period, you feel a little bit empty.When the body is cold and cold, the efficiency of the work is plumbed. At this time, a warm drink makes me feel warm and warm.At first, I was very worried. This kind of fruit and biochemical soup will not be very difficult to get down. As a result, the result will be faded from the flavor of cherry cherry. It smells sweet and fragrant and fragrant and fragrant. It's very happy!I recommend it to those who are afraid of suffering.Moreover, not only do you have a drink with a biological process, but also I have a good look after the period of life. All the relevant menstrum is covered by the package.

With this month's exclusive: Chris multi-trip cup , bubble up a cup of your own drink, and then suddenly become happy after the menstruation of your month.

Qualify the red, red, red, warm, warm, and warm, and then continue Pro-active

[face of the prize]

Good Lord, what exactly is it?

Youth Capsule

[face of face, of course, the prize] is to be awarded to this lovely young, youthful youthful capsule.
At the time of every reasonable period of time, the mood has been low. If even the pox muscle has been stirred, it really bothers me.The mood is taken care of, of course, but of course, we have to look after it.There are a lot of small fish-shaped capsules in the bottle, and after the fish is broken, it can begin to use the best of the leehead. It's not easy to use maybe skin texture, but I feel that it's good to clean up my muscles, and I feel like I'm comfortable with my moisturiness, and I'm very suitable for the girls in the cold air room like me!After the skin is darkroom during the menstrution, please do little fish gel!

Shame to share: When you first saw it, I also used the capsule as a food item for the food.Before I put them in the mouth, I decided to look at the instruction book before I realized that the red color capsule was originally a cleaning product. (I hope the girls will not be as mistaken as I am.)

Say hello to your best friend!

Don't know if the edited box is open box, has it resolved the doubts about the little red box in the heart?

Sneak, although the first batch of red box exceeds the limit, everyone's response is very good, so we decided to add 50 boxes to the girls who had not previously been robbed!> > come here and grab it!

and having a small red box company, whether you like it or feel we can be better, we welcome it to share your Small Red Box Open Box. Oh!

The biological period of the

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