In June 2010, in San Francisco, USA, Uber quickly became a hot topic in the population.In two short years, Forbes magazine was voted the world's top 10 companies, and the Fast Company was selected as the sixth most innovative company in 2013.What is Uber?

When the CEO Travis Kalanick and his friend Garrett Camp in Paris, Camp suddenly said to him, "I wish I could press a button to have a car in front of me!"But I don't want to follow my own car, I want to be like a Mercedes.As a result, Uber was born.The operation of Uber is simple, and as long as it is downloaded by a Uber App on a mobile phone, and the credit card associated with it, the black Mercedes S-Class will be placed in front of the company in five minutes. Moreover, after getting out of the car, it will automatically be deducted from the credit card!Uber offers quality, and what they want to bring to everyone is a good riding experience, a better way of life.(Extended Read: App brings 500,000 jobs to the United States )

Now Uber is going north as well!With multiple assessments, Uber's professional teams will be stationed in Taipei, bringing a new car experience to the international city of Taiwan.In the afternoon of Sunday, we talked to Ryan Graves, the Mayor of Uber, about Uber's ideas and some small stories.

Services tailored to the city

how to adapt to the environment for different cities, Ryan said without hesitation: "The most important thing in our industry is the Man."Each city has its own unique culture of life, but our model does not change, because our most important experience is to bring about the experience of each individual in the city." Uber has a clear idea of why it exists, and its core concept is:

Provides a better quality of life for each city.

They understand that each city has a different personality, but they respect and have no time to be curious and excited about it.That is the passion for the unknown, making them more aware of the quality of Uber and the positive impact that Uber has brought to the city.(Extended reading: Different cities, different personalities )

Uber can make your city better

In 35 cities where Uber was deployed, they found that it was better to do more than detailed traffic lines, and what Uber was doing every day was to give people of all kinds of colors more experience in traveling.They keep branding their brands and continuously improving their quality, such as strict auditing of each driver's familiarity with the route, and the comfort of the passengers, etc., to build trust in the brand."As long as we press a button on the phone, we can know a few things: there is a very senior limousine, a professional and friendly driver, and it's a very enjoin experience."Ryan said they want people who use the product to be able to trust the brand, whether it's a professional woman who wants to go home or not, or a bank chief who uses Uber to believe in Uber's invariable quality.

" We don't want to be a boring person!"

Uber's marketing tactics are one of the most innovative.For example, when Valentine's Day, they cooperate with the flower merchants. As long as a woman gets in the car, she will give her a rose.Interesting marketing concepts like this are one of the reasons why Uber took off." Talk about transportation is like talking about the weather.I don't need to know you and ask, " Hey, how did you get here?I don't have a cab.Therefore, when we organize special events, the purpose is to arouse discussion."It was like Uber did a crazy thing two weeks ago, and when we pressed the button to expect an upscale car to stop in front of us, it was very likely that an ice cream truck was going to happen!"Such a lovely and compelling event not only surprises the passengers, but also the intergenerational intergenerational topic of the friends." The marketing of many companies is boring, and we don't want to be a boring person!" (Extended reading: [Playing work] By Luo Peryu, a journalist with a vanity of imagination )


As a woman, you have to ask Ryan their services for services that are specifically designed for women." Our services always take into account the needs of women.Uber is about to be trusted. Of course, we will take into account the safety of women and the psychology of women, which can be done in some trivial matters.For example, our drivers will ensure that the safety of our drivers will be safely moved to their homes before they leave, or when they get on the bus, they will open the door, and so"

Ryan also talked to us about a small story.A woman who lived in San Francisco was not careful when she went out for a morning walk, and she fell and broke his leg.She had a little change of money, but she had her cell phone.As a result, she immediately pressed Uber, and after the driver arrived, she not only sent her home safely, but also took her up the stairs to see her safely in the house.The drivers of Uber are actually very proud of their work because they are different from other taxis, and they use their hearts and hearts to conquer guests.Read: Discount habits in the workplace )

Uber COO Recommendations for Growth Enterprise

One, Bold

One of the important reasons for Uber's success is definitely because of our boldness."

Ryan believes their teams can do it, even though many people say they can't do it, but they're still trying.So they were very encouraged to believe in a great idea, or to believe in someone, to be brave and to do it.

Two, you must resolve the problem

A lot of entrepreneurs start by creating products rather than starting with problems first.Uber was able to grow so fast, not because they went to a city and said, " OK, we're going to conquer it.They will first look at the city and find out if there are problems that they can solve.

" In the north, in fact, it's simple to go home, and there's a lot of transportation here, but we can't find quality services and a luxury car experience in the north.So this is our business opportunity, so that we can make this city more comfortable."

Three, Focus

There are now many apps that are comprehensive services that want to solve many problems at once, but Uber is not.

"We only focus on solving one problem: making the bus experience a good one.""

The Uber team has a lot of great plans, like in New York City, where they can call a helicopter and an activity like ice cream cars, but their goal is to make it possible for more people to use Uber and enjoy unique riding experience.Ryan thinks that as long as Uber continues to move toward this idea, they will emerge from their position that they cannot replace. (Extended Read: Yahoo CEO Seven Recommendations for Growth Enterprise )

Uber's compliments are not just about its insistence on ideas, creative practices, and a caring service. It's the attitude of all employees to Uber, and we can feel his passion for the job just from Ryan's word.Uber is going to run on the head of Taipei Street and wants to enjoy the benefits of caring for them. Why don't you try their sweet service?

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