Give people always warm heart impression of the Know Genie?, from debut, every time the works can always let people feel her, the courage to break through the strong intention of the self. Sing and gifted, from the beginning of the supporting to go to one of the leading actress; unwilling to be sweet baggage to limit her, as long as the script is good, even if you want to challenge the villain, women disguised as men, and even play blind female, know Genie? Almost all the.

After the baptism of singer and TV actor, in 2013, she used different self-confidence smile, with the first burden of the film "Happy Express" came to everyone. This time, not only to the hope and love to pass out, know Genie? Also hope that through the role of power, so that more people to the disadvantaged groups, have more in-depth understanding and care, so as to awaken the hearts of all the love, and learn to cherish the little happiness around them.

A brave maiden who does not bow to leukemia

Will be at the 20th annual Women's Film Festival , as the closing film "Happiness Express", is an adaptation from a real story, about two originally not acquainted with each other, but their dreams of music with the girl; they had leukemia before and after, but because of the family, friendship and love power, let them decide, To the life of the dream of their own courage to Chase the story. The climax of the plot is a transmission of bone marrow across thousands of miles, but in the end, it is more than two girls, two families close to the intersection, but to become, everyone involved in one of the life relay.

This time in the film, Know Genie? Played, is a forever only bring joy to everyone, pain but their own commitment, in order to live at the same time with several jobs of the young girl "to allow." To interpret such a mood turning into a great role, we are curious to see if the Know Genie? has struggled before the answer. "In the beginning, the pressure is very big, fear will not be able to interpret the" to allow her real experience of the mood. Know Genie? Little frown said. A rather strict know genie?, though verbally worried about not being in place, for the honor of the role, in fact, full of gratitude; "Because such a good script is not met every day, since the encounter, I also want to see what can be dug out what is not the same, I can say, I am very much looking forward to meet with the unknown!" Know Genie? In her usual playful tone.

Inviting characters to live in their own souls

In order to give leukemia patients the most vivid appearance, know Genie? Also for this under a hard labor. In addition to the film before filming, and constantly discuss the role of the appearance, but also to find a lot of related films, want to observe the different actors to interpret the appearance of leukemia and procedures, to catch the essence of the role. But in fact, each person is unique, and the feelings of leukemia are not the same. Know Genie? said, no matter what kind of disease, people at the beginning must have "why is I" of the injustice, in addition to this painful feeling amplification, she also wanted to give this role, more happiness and uniqueness. "I tell myself to pull out of the script and invite her to live into my soul and let know Genie? Become a part of Know Genie?." "Always like to talk with their know genie?, very forceful character a little bit of a ㄥ personality and optimistic temperament added to the capacity of personality." Even, in order to allow the past life, and the feelings between family , and the view of love, Know Genie? All again with their own taste to seasoning, let with know Genie?, in the film become an integral existence. The performance of leukemia patients in the corner, not only become a new milestone in know Genie? Drama, but also let her see more different, and many of the depth of their own life.

Before you move others, you must first be moved.

Know Genie? said, let her feel the most fortunate is to be able to see from the actor's eye, the world to bring her gifts and blessings; The show really meant a lot to me because it opened my eyes, my hearing, and my sense of touch, and I thought about different things and how I felt in different positions, and that was adding more levels of feeling, No longer just a boat over water without trace of short. Know Genie? said that she was not born in the first place, and only want to focus on the singing, but since the decision to act, to do the best, so whether it is in the position or the actual shooting, she has absolutely no reservations to take out all of their own. Even one side of the director said, Know Genie? Simple natural and delicate acting, the leukemia patient's struggle and transition, play even she saw all feel good worried; the intention to put in the role of the appearance of more people really moved.

"To move others, you must first move yourself, so whether it is to cry, laugh, pain or happiness, I come to the truth." Without modification of emotion, can hit the heart of the audience. 」

The advantage of being an actor, know Genie? says, is that it can experience the limitless possibilities of a different life; "When you create a more and more role, you will have a seed," I have so many possibilities, "the Marvel! Know Genie? said, while matching her rich body movements, all the audience was her exaggerated expression to laugh. Looking at the moment so cheerful lively, generous to accept each of their own know Genie?, to her, we feel distressed and full of admiration; After all, can play the role to let everyone affirmation, must have experienced a lot of hard work and pay. But fortunately, know Genie? survived. Even she herself said, now she became more open, no longer always disorderly, can leisurely look at this changeable world .

Happiness, little is worth cherishing

This contact to leukemia, but also let know genie? Deeply realized that each of the things that have, in fact, there is a deadline , and the only thing we can do is to cherish it when we can still have it.

"We often take what we have as a matter of course, so when you feel that you are about to lose it, you will wake up, the original is so do not know how to cherish." 」

After the "Happiness Express" know Genie? For the treasure of two words and more in-depth experience. "Happiness" may be defined differently by each person, but it is certain that happiness is already in everyone's body, but that the mind is often obscured by some obscure mists that make people invisible to the hidden "happiness". Know Genie? said that he had had a good time in the wall, Non-stop nitpick, even hate to look at themselves in the mirror, always feel happy from their own long distance.

But over the past few years, know Genie? said, although sometimes he is still confused about his ideas, but at least, now she will set a good goal for themselves. "For example, I would say to myself that today's goal is to be a person who does not lose his temper, so if something unpleasant happens to me that day, I will tell myself to slow down for 30 seconds." The magic is that, when the time is over, my gas will quietly disappear! "Know genie? Not only love themselves, but also hope to spread the positive energy," we all forget that we can "choose" this thing, when the negative voice appears, why not choose for themselves, let the affirmative voice out a little? As long as a little more, there will be a very different result, "know Genie? In the tone of an experienced voice. It turns out that everyone has gone through a similar path, and this proves that even if you deny yourself, you can become again, like yourself, and be willing to listen to your inner desires.

It's enough to concentrate on doing something

This "Happiness Express" is also know Genie? First and female director cooperation; referring to the first meeting with Ong Jingting director, she excitedly said: "When I first saw the director, I can't believe it would be such a young girl!" She makes me feel familiar, like a big sister, very happy to share with you all she knows; get along well! "The director's first impression is very deep," know Genie? said, this time with the director to make her feel particularly relieved, not only with no distance between the actors, but also to play the game in the way to make people more into the situation. In the process, the Director also gave the actors a lot of space to shape each character, like a group of friends decided to work together to complete the film, so that know Genie? and other actors feel very involved. (the director secretly said, filming only to find, she and know Genie? and male lead Zhang Yan name is "good CuO side"!) Now it seems that all this meeting is like a destined and beautiful arrangement, the meeting of the people, no matter how long, after all, will meet.

We continue to wonder, director of the mind of the Know Genie?, what kind of girl? "She is one of the few I have seen, both dedicated and self-discipline, to maintain the state of life very well, so that they can concentrate on doing a good thing." Moreover, although she looks very sunny and sweet, in fact, she is a delicate, emotionally invincible person! "I was pleasantly surprised to hear the director describe himself, and we had to agree wholeheartedly with the director's word," said know Genie?. Know Genie? brings to you not only the sweetness and warmth of worry, but also the tenacity of not giving up easily , and the power to encourage people, even when we meet her for the first time, we really feel it on the spot.

Love yourself, start by finding the good

When we asked know Genie? About the definition of "love ourselves," she gave us the answer, "I think that loving myself is knowing how to find my strengths, and then keeping the good and even better." In this way, even if there are some minor shortcomings, also become irrelevant, others will even feel that you are very cute. Know Genie? said with a charming smile. It turns out that we too like to exaggerate our shortcomings, and what we don't think is that those flaws may be the reason why others like you. So the biggest key, know Genie? says, is whether you can accept yourself or not, and what others think of you is not really the main cause of your mood.

The intimate know Genie? Also together with us responds to love to learn loves own "The Selfish declaration" raise!

"Even if not perfect, if you can bring others happy, that such a self, in fact, is also very good!" 」

Know Genie?, with a full healing tone, continues to supplement her " Love herself " view. Full of positive energy know Genie? Let us know, the advantages or disadvantages, in the final analysis, we are separated from each other, if we can look at these appearances more objectively, want to really embrace ourselves, in fact, not the imagination of the difficult. But when you're stuck in a low ebb, like trying to figure out that you're suffering from leukemia, I know it's more difficult to keep an optimistic mood, but you know, if you have a choice, you're happy. "We believe that such a know genie? of" tolerance ", must be deeply touched by the hearts of everyone, because the real people who have experienced, will understand. Know genie? Hope to let everyone know, even if the body in the dark period of life, as long as the belief that the hope is on their side, the force of fear will certainly attract miracles. This movie and the public good Union, know Genie? Also hoped that through the gripping life story, soothes each wounded heart, and awakens everybody to the vulnerable group's caring consciousness.

I'm better off today than I was yesterday

The interview came to an end, and according to Womany's tradition, we also asked know Genie? To describe himself with three adjectives. Turning rolled's big eyes, after a thoughtful, she gave us a word with a forceful voice:

"I am an intriguing person. 」

Hear such a special description, let us wonder how she is "intriguing" under the annotation. "The people I met at different times, and at the point of time, would have different feelings for me," he said, looking at how much they wanted to dig and how much they wanted to know about me; "Sometimes when we look at pretty girls, it's easy to see how her character should be, maybe a lady's temper, no housework, nothing to do with her appearance, living in her own world." Wait When we first draw our own hearts to the time limit, the other side can show you the space of the ego, also become thin limited, the perception of this person can only be stuck on the surface forever, regardless of those impressions are not seen by their own eyes. Conversely, if you are willing to open your heart in the first place, you may realize that she is not known, true and not artificial side.

Know Genie? said that she will be required to continue to progress, but also with their own cheer, hope that today's own better than yesterday, and more importantly, the mentality to keep simple, so that their happy to live every day. This way, you can put the overflow of happiness, to share more you care about, or even do not look at your people.

"When you like yourself, you don't have to worry too much about people not liking you, because all the things you see are wonderful." You don't take the time to guess his mind, you just want to bless that person silently. 」

Thank know Genie? and director Weng, who loved themselves and loved life, to spend the afternoon with us so well and with love, so that everyone has a more different understanding of love. Hope "Happiness Express" can become know Genie? and director of the best masterpiece, and let this big love, with the movie Express to every need love corner.

Womany believe that everyone is powerful, and we are waiting for an opportunity to show ourselves the strength. Let's support a good movie, a good film festival, and keep it going, and everyone can sign up for their little happiness.

"Happy Express Notice"