Divorced man's true confession: " I am divorced , I really am not a gender expert." But when I found out that the divorce had been finalized, I thought about it all the way through to see the secrets of marriage. I should have been able to do better, but now I have no chance. When the 16 marriage broke up, I saw my beloved woman leave, I wish I had known ...

It's the most contrite confession from a newly-lost man, and if it did, everything would be a different 20 secrets ...

We may spend most of our lives together with the other half of us, but there is not a lesson to teach us how to live with the people around me.

Secret of the 1. Love doesn't end when you're married.

Don't let marriage be the tomb of Love, never stop chasing, never stop dating, absolutely absolutely. Don't take a woman's good for granted. Do you remember? When you kneel on one knee and say, "Marry me, will you?" "At that moment, you swore that you would protect her wholeheartedly." The woman in front of you chose you, and put herself completely entrusted to you, believe you can give her happiness. Never forget the moment that changed your life, and never let your love become sluggish because of marriage. (Extended reading: Nine Secrets of a Happy marriage )

Secret of the 2. Just let her hold the key to your heart

When you promise to be her all-weather guardian, you should also keep your heart with the same loyalty. Love yourself to the fullest, to enjoy life, but always in your heart only belong to her a border of pure land, that land is your heart, and only she has the key, and only she is eligible to stay.

Secret of the 3. Invite her to fall in love forever

People are going to change, you're not that little kid anymore, and five years from now you're going to be different. Change will come sooner or later, and you should know: "She does not have to follow you," If you stop caring about her, if you ignore her love your heart, she would not give her heart to the more worthy people? Why does she have to be so open to you, like she used to, with a hot face and a cold butt? Always remember to pursue her passion , then you try to win her heart, now you also should do so.

Secret of the 4. Beauty is always in the eyes of Lovers

Many couples always forget the reason for love, eyes only see each other annoying little problems, so by love and hate, accumulated over time, each other by mutual companionship into mutual hatred. The result is all because of the neglect of their own love that part of the other, you think she has changed, but in fact, you do not look at heart. The eyes of love, see the world will also have love multiplied by the power of accumulation, if the eyes only hate, then hate will only overlap higher. Don't forget to remind yourself at any time: "You are the luckiest man in the world to hold this woman in your arms." (Extended reading: is this really the marriage I want?) 20 "but" married killers.

Secret of the 5. You have no right to change her.

You only promised to love him well, but did not say to change her. And if one day she wants to change for herself , hoping to become the way she prefers, you should also love the way she likes herself, whether you like the change or not.

Secret of the 6. Manage your emotions.

It's not your wife's job to make you happy, it's not her intent to make you angry. Don't yell at her about the work, and blame her for not being able to make you happy. What you should do is to practice and make yourself happy, because it's your own business. Couples should support each other rather than throw negative emotions at each other. Both sides ' healthy psychological mood can also make the relationship between the two people healthier.

Secret of the 7. Repeat: don't pour your emotional crap on her.

Because it's your emotional junk, not her. A good partnership is to share negative emotions rather than throwing emotional rubbish at each other. Maybe you can try 50 exercises that don't freak out: Leave the scene before you get out of control .

Secret of the 8. Let her be the one she's comfortable with.

When she's sad or emotionally weak, don't point at her nose and say, "Stop crying, all right, all grown up ..." You just need to give him a warm hug or hold her hand and tell her: "Who has no mood?" "Let her know that she's unhappy you listen to, let her believe you are able to make her brave again the strong pillar." A woman's heart is very slender, if her mood ups and downs, you only need to let her know that the sky is falling down and you hold on, she can also peace of mind. (Extended reading: silence, let him go farther)

Never think of her as annoying and ignore her when she is most vulnerable. You should listen to her helpless, let her know that someone knows, and that person is you.

Secret of the 9. Silly two Lovers

Don't always take this analysis too seriously, you've had enough of your life to move into a two-person world with your work. Remember to smile, the person in love is not always silly? A little laughter can make everything easier. You can also try Seven simple release methods to relax the body and mind good health . (Extended reading: Does love really reduce IQ? )

Secret of the 10. Make her feel loved.

Sometimes she talks a little bit around the bush, just hoping you can hear her overtones. You know when she hears your love words, she laughs at the corner of her eyes, and when you do something, she feels that she is deeply loved by you. Because you should be the one who understands her best, and nobody else can, only you. It takes a long time to get along and do homework. If you don't know which moves will move her, don't worry, ask her to write down 10 things that make her feel loved, and keep those little things in mind and surprise her from time to time.

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