According to the 2013 World Happiness Report, Denmark has once again been ranked as the happiest country in the world, and this is the fourth time Denmark has won the world's first ever this year. According to the Happiness Report, the top 10 countries were Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Austria, Iceland and Australia, and most of the happiest countries in the world were in northern Europe. And Taiwan ranked 42nd, losing to South Korea and winning over Japan. (Extended reading: Taiwanese, why are you so busy?) )

Countries with high rates of happiness usually have the following common points: higher real per capita gross domestic product (GDP), longer life expectancy, and lower levels of government corruption. The above three factors are related to the whole country, but there are three other factors that are related to the individual: the degree of tolerance of the individual to the society, the freedom of the individual to make choices about life and the degree of social friendliness that can be felt.

A lot of rich and democratic countries, the key factor that makes Denmark stand out as the happiest country in the world is the mutual trust between the Danish Government and the people! Let's look at Denmark's six happiness genes and we believe Taiwan can get better. (Extended reading: Happy Party program, create a maximum of happiness )

Danish Government supports parents to accompany children to grow

education is the cornerstone of Danish children's growing up with parents accompanied.

Mom and Dad's company is undoubtedly the important part of children's growth and learning, but for the working parents, how to keep the work at the same time accompanied the child growth, has always been a big problem. Do not say no, Denmark with action support parents: The Danish Government provides parental leave for parents to share for nearly one year (52 weeks), and parents receive a 70% salary during the period of parental leave, in which the Enterprise Bears 30%, 70% is subsidized by the government. In Denmark, the government even stipulated that fathers should take at least 6 months of parental leave, because it is not entirely the mother's responsibility to take care of the child, both spouses should be responsible for parenting. (Extended reading: father, the most gentle name: Joe's father Yu Zhiping )

The Danish health insurance system

Denmark's sound health care system and welfare measures, not only the health of the people as the starting point, but also the cornerstone of the sound development of society.

For Danes, health care is a natural concept, and Danes keep in touch with their family physicians and know how to use the health care system effectively. The efficiency of the Danish medical Information system is the highest in the world, with the concept of continuous medical care provided by family physicians, which enables the medical system to use resources most effectively, taking care of those most in need of care. Since the beginning of ten years ago, Denmark has been actively developing electronic health records and medical care information technology. Today, nearly all Danish grass-roots physicians and nearly half of the hospitals have adopted convenient and time-saving electronic medical records, and the Government has continued to actively promote the telemedicine programme. According to the report, the prevalence of electronic medical records, Denmark's health care system to save as much as 120 million dollars a year of spending.

Attention to gender equality issues

In Denmark, it's not just mom and dad, but also women in the workplace who get respect in the workplace. (Extended reading: You deserve a better salary and loudly refuse equal pay for a job )

Although no country has yet achieved full gender equality in the workplace, Denmark and the Nordic countries around them can serve as an example of national efforts. In the 1970 's, the Nordic countries have introduced a quota of women's participation in political parties, so there is no lack of women in the political arena voice. To this day, Denmark has abandoned the quota, because the concept of women's participation in politics has already been deeply rooted. Historically, the first women to vote in the Nordic countries (Sweden 1919, Norway 1913, Iceland and Denmark 1915, Finland 1906) recently, Denmark is also celebrating the election of the first female Prime Minister Helle Thorning-schimidt (She has been the leader of the Social Democratic Party since 2005).

"Denmark's efforts to women's rights are more of a collective and full development concept, not as advocated in the Lean in, but dedicated to the pursuit of personal career," Katie J.M Baker points out. 」

Alternative to the healthy way of moving cars: Bicycles

In Copenhagen, Denmark's most populous capital, Copenhagen, the streets are full of bustling bicycles, but more than half of all the people in Copenhagen move in the main mode of transportation. You might say, what's the connection between bicycles and happiness? The prevalence of bicycles not only makes citizens healthier, reduces carbon dioxide emissions in the city, but also reduces excess waste, according to Forbes, a magazine in the Journal of Wealth.

By replacing cars with bicycles, each taxpayer would be able to save three NT dollars (0.45 Danish krona), which would have to be paid for air pollution, traffic accidents, traffic jams, noise pollution and public facilities redevelopment. The bike riders in Copenhagen are about 1.2 million miles a day, saving 34 million dollars a year for Copenhagen.

The bicycle also explains the Danish longevity secret, with 30 minutes of cycling every day that has increased the average life expectancy of Danes 1~2岁. (Extended reading: light on the iron railings, roaming Copenhagen )

The positive hygge force of Denmark

Have you ever heard of hygge? Hygge is a special word in Danish, which means to face the leisurely attitude of life and to seek the inner interreligious life. If the English vocabulary is similar to cozy. (Extended reading: to fight for the fun of Life )

Northern Europe's climate is grim, there are more than half a year, people must face the bleak night of the sun. Such a climate would actually have a dramatic effect on the mind, and people would feel particularly depressed or sad. Therefore, Hygge is the Danish people rely on the survival of the magic weapon, the Danish people for themselves to create a friendly and comfortable living environment, so that their psychological mood is not affected by the season. In addition, Danes also do not mince words: " chocolate , coffee, wine " is also their life three happiness factor.

Danish friendly hygge atmosphere, I believe that the visitors who have visited the site have a personal experience.

The Danes feel they are responsible for society.

The Danish people attach importance to social security benefits, not only because they can "get" benefits, but also because they have a sense of belonging to the whole society, and everyone wants to make the society better.

There is certainly a solid economic foundation behind such positive civic awareness, and a balanced support for work and life , which makes the Danes more willing to pay for the nation's overall well-being. The government said that Danish citizens ' contribution to society is unparalleled, which is also the main impetus for the growth of Danish society. More than 40% per cent of Danes are engaged in volunteer work and can be seen in cultural industries, sporting events, NGOs and non-profit welfare organizations. The economic value of the unpaid volunteer work (economic value), which accounted for 3.53 billion of Danish krone, contributed 9.6% of GDP growth in Denmark.

After reading the above six key reasons, it is not difficult to find the Danish people so happy reason, the Danes, to themselves and to society as a whole are full of love, the society and the people of good communication and trust, but also the key to promote happiness. The Danish People's happiness is two-way, so can be endless.

We are also looking forward to one day, the Taiwan government is willing to work towards a more long-term people's happiness, so that we can be a little more happy and less sad, and hope that in the Government's efforts, there will be more and more in fact, the Taiwanese people who love Taiwan stay, pay for the big environment and make Taiwan better. (Extended reading: those of us who have stayed, do you dare to listen to our songs?) )

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