"If you have only 12 days left, how would you like to spend your time?" 」

Wandering, if it is voluntary, sounds a little beautiful and romantic, but if it is not the choice of wandering, it is life, the most unbearable scars. This is the first sentence of the movie "12 Nights" leading Preview ( extended reading: "12 Nights" leading film: The dog's most vulnerable human nature of the darkest night), but also in Taiwan shelters in the homeless dog, is suffering from the sad fate. "12 Nights" This part of the title sounds beautiful fantasy, but the content is not beautiful, even people can not bear to look down. This time Womany is privileged to visit the documentary director Raye, who will share with us the mental process of getting along with the dog during filming and the concept of life that the film conveys. After reading, perhaps will change from now on, you treat the mood of stray animals beside.

Q: This time as "12 Nights" documentary director Raye, in fact, had done eight years of splicing division, what is the opportunity for you to decide to personally hold the director of the tube?

Raye: When I was a child, I went to a few shelters, but then I didn't understand why no one wanted a dog, so he had to be euthanized. After a larger, saw a film called "Blood Bay", is in the description of the Japanese dolphin was killed in the documentary; At that time, in addition to being cruel to shock the picture to live, but also think of childhood, had seen shelters of stray dogs can not bear the picture of torture. Six months later, I bumped into a fellow student who had been to the shelter, knowing that he had continued to do his part to protect the animal, and from his knowledge that shelter resources were still scarce. After listening to his share, I began to think about what to do for the stray dogs, and then the battle began with nine knives and photographer Zhouyi.

Q: Although the actual filming period is only 14 days, what is the picture that you still can not forget?

Raye: We met 450 stray dogs in total during filming. I witnessed the dogs, from the loss of a coming in, to the middle of the transmission of canine distemper weakened, eyes from fear into despair, after 12 days after the adoption, had to be euthanized the whole process. These 14 days of the mood is very heavy, can only put their emotions to hide, armed with willpower to continue filming.

It was particularly impressive when there was a dog, which was a good friend of mine who was later adopted by Diego. Diego has never eaten too much, and I think he's feeling good about jumping and decided to adopt it together. But the morning of adoption, it was too late to see the last side , and he left. The kind of "the day before me, the next day how the Silence is gone," the loss and heartache, until now I still forget. But I told myself that I would not face it because I was sad, that it would never turn out, and that there would be no more people to care about, so whatever it was, it had to go on.

Q: What kind of perspective and perspective does this documentary film Take?

Raye: This shot, all is used from the ground 30 to 50 centimeters, a dog's height; we want to put the audience in the shelter and let everyone know what it's like to be locked up there. In this way, people will come up with empathy, feel the pain they have suffered and the unbearable torment. Watching this movie, the audience will have a long feeling of spending 12 days in a shelter. Without any narration, you are equal to entering the dog world. Because a dog doesn't speak to a person's language, when you don't understand what it's whining about, you pay attention to its expression and read its story from its expression. We want to lead the audience in a place where they may never have a chance to go in their lives and discover a world that they have never found.

Q: In the course of filming, is there any unexpected situation that happened beforehand?

Raye: Although the filming period is only 14 days, the ups and downs of each day are great. The biggest change is that we've decided to bring out stray dogs, but it's not as simple as it might be. We have to decide first which dog to bring out, the decision itself is very difficult, really difficult, it is like to open a Schindler's list. We also have to judge if he is sick, because sick dogs need to be isolated, but there are not many hospitals they are willing to take care of, or medical expenses are expensive. On the seventh day, I started thinking about bringing a few today, which one to take, where to take, and who to collect. In addition to considering the physical disease, some dogs are already scarred, even attack people, to take care of the injured and will attack the dog, there are many details you can not imagine the difficulty.

While we were bringing the dog out, we were fretting about the whereabouts of the medical expenses, until 隋棠 said we were going to have to take care of all the rescue costs for the dogs. We adopted a total of 20 dogs, more than 10 of whom have been sent. Hope that the "12 nights" after the release, there will be more kind-hearted people, to help the owners have not found the dog to lead away, give him a warm home, and one-on-one love .

Q: What kind of impact do these stray dogs have on your life?

Raye: from the stray dog, I see the relationship between people. Dogs are really like people, and their expressions and emotions are also easy to resonate with people. Even in a shelter, a place where you have to do whatever you want to live, you can still see the camaraderie of your peers. Some dogs will protect each other, especially puppies, who will accompany the sick puppy, snuggle and warm each other. There is a dog, is also one of the protagonist of the film "Little Mom", just got caught in the time to continue to the shelter of the people begging, and will use their feet to make the move to please. But after three or four days and found nothing to do with it, he gave up hope and who passed. Because every day a puppy dies of sickness or malnutrition, the little mother stared at the bodies of the puppies all day, and when they came to adopt the dogs, they kept looking at the dogs that had been taken away, no matter what kind of eyes they looked at.

I used to have a cat, and it was only after filming the documentary that I decided to start raising dogs. after contact with the dog, I really feel that people and dogs that mutual trust between the emotional relationship is very precious. we get a lot of dogs, and it's not fair that we treat them in a way that they never want in return. ( extended reading: Dogs know you best!) Hollywood God dog to report

I put "12 nights" as a start, I hope you can learn to use empathy, rather than the news of the mentality to look at this matter. Because there are too few people concerned about the matter, we are not clear about the amendment of the law, so the film is the most direct way, so that people can understand the situation of stray dogs. This is a problem for society as a whole, so everyone in the community has to bear this responsibility. We hope that more people will take the initiative to care about this issue and let the stray animals stop wandering.

Q: What is a documentary about you? Is it a kind of creation and mission, or is it a way of scrutinized oneself?

Raye: I like to watch documentaries because it's something everyone can shoot. No matter the memory of the family, the impression of the city, and the life experience of the drip, can become a record of the subject matter. Because documentaries can make the real world sad and happy, so people feel that life, even if not perfect, at least very exciting. On the other hand, I think it's a mission to make documentaries, and it presents a social problem that can also be used as a tool for making a weak voice. But "12 nights" differs from other documentaries in that the entire movie is made up of a dog's look, movement, and subtitles to outline the whole story. They include how they get caught, the life in shelters, the friendship and hostility between dogs, and even the escape, and euthanasia, which all dogs tell you in person.

Q: What ideas would you most like to convey to the public from "12 Nights"?

Raye: every year in Taiwan, more than 70,000 stray dogs are being euthanized, equal to more than 200 dogs per day being treated like this. Because this is a problem that has been around for a while, it's not that easy to change. What we have to think about is that the existence of a shelter is due to the needs of society, so we have a group of people who specifically cull dogs, but do we really want to spend it like this? We do not want to criticize how cruel these people are, for this is not the first problem to be solved; The important thing is how to reverse the ethos of society as a whole. Therefore, we want to advocate "adoption, not abandoned", so that everyone can be more than a little more, and this is the "12 Nights" This film most want to convey the core idea.

Raye even The Selfish manifesto of "love Oneself" , all stand on the cat dog side, because of love, so respect each life.

關於領養,Raye 說...

With 70,000 dogs being culled every year, adoption will not continue to feed those who breed. The dog's love for you is no different from the breed or the origin, and will not say that Beagles gives you more love than a hyena. I hope that we do not have any prejudice against the breed of dog, can equally cherish them.

關於不棄養,Raye 說...

It is hoped that owners of dogs can protect their dogs and not let them stray or abandon them in a cruel way. And don't let it go to the shelter, because once in, it's easy to get a contagious disease or some improper damage. Feed is mainly responsible for his own dog, with love to accompany him for a lifetime.

Q: It takes a lot of courage to take a social issue or a controversial documentary film; What special strength do you have to come to this moment?

Raye: in society, there are a group of people who care about stray animals for a long time. At first I wanted to interview them, using the angle of the people to spread the power, but later found that we should give the dog a chance to make a sound. So finally decided to take the dog as the starting point, let them to move us.

I find that those who move Baozhi are actually rather lonely, because they always feel that they care less and are frustrated by the vicious circle of stray dogs. But when they learned that "12 nights" was going to start filming and how much power it would bring, they continued to encourage and support us. And that's why we gave this film a positive ending because we believe that all this is a turnaround. The dogs will continue to wait for us to change their world, and the change will begin with you and me.

Because of the dog's unbearable, director Raye, as the producer of the Nine knives as well as photographer Zhouyi, decided to use "12 nights" This film, let the Dog tell you their story in person. It is hoped that this documentary will turn the nightmare of 12 nights into history, so that the lives of stray animals cease to be counted. Womany also deeply believed that, if willing, everyone can become their angels, for them to open the door of happiness tomorrow. Love begins with respect for every life.

"12 Nights" is to help stray animals, from motivation to results, all the way to help stray animals. Therefore, "12 nights" after the release, do not need to deduct any production costs, all donated. "12 Nights" is not going to recycle box office numbers, we want to recycle, is the Society for stray animals more, love. "---producer nine knives

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time is a minute, every stray dog's life is counting down. Now, we want to do something to stop the dog's 12-night nightmare Countdown, want to hold them together to see the sun tomorrow. Womany and 12 nights together adhere to the "adoption, not abandoned", the fate of dogs can really be changed. We'd like to invite you and your friends to the theater to feel real and listen to the dogs. Complete the following three steps, you will have the opportunity to get "12 nights" movie tickets two:

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