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Womany has always felt that sex is a very healthy thing, perhaps to talk about sex for you a little shy, it is better to from to understand the "sex" is what began. sex, in fact, psychology is also a sociology! also look at the sexual pleasure shared by women physicians , and research shows that regular sex can stimulate nerve cells to boost brain power.

Sex is a very confusing topic, for many people it is a silent or even evasive topic. And South Korea has an artist Yoon Bo-hyeon (Bohyun yoon,윤보현), he created a named " Unity (Unity) works of art, if you only look at it, you will feel that the doll is dismembered and fragmented and suspended in midair. Even confused and puzzled, but if you look at it from a different angle, through the reflection of light and light, you will see a wonderful and stunning sex scene, which is the artist's desire to subvert the past, we are talking about sexual habits Way, re-use this seemingly incomplete, but the essence of the table to achieve a complete picture of sex. (Extended reading: How to think about sex: love and sex )

Artist Yoon Bo-hyeon said to the work: "I chop and destroy these complete dolls, and then put the broken pieces back together and create a human body, but also a fragment of chaos." "By presenting this art, it is a new way to explore the ambiguous areas of sex in the" public "and" private "performance or between talking. (Extended reading: sex screwed everything up?) The love of Grace )

In the increasingly enlightened modern age, we should be clear about our body and the most primal desire for sex, but at the same time, in a society full of public opinion, is it because of this pressure that all of these should retreat from their own understanding of desire? I think this is the artist to create such a work, I hope that we can re-examine and explore the importance of the issue. (Extended reading: Life's first love lesson: Sex, is true love?) )

But, dear you, in fact, sex is a normal thing in life, it is the basic needs of everyone , do not because of the public opinion or other people's vision, not to face or even do not mention this matter, it will be how disappointing and uncomfortable things.

We know you may be shy, in the mind there are countless questions about sex, orgasm , or even about their own body to understand, here to sincerely recommend to you blush Red , a specially designed for women's love Temperament website, Here you can speak freely about all the sex problems you want to know, and no one will look at it in a different light and not embarrass you or feel uncomfortable. We can teach you how to do it, how to do it, to orgasm, even to know your own body, to teach you how to tease your lover, to make your boudoir more enjoyable, and to feel the thrill and freshness of sex with other sexy little toys. So hurry up and pry into the fun of sex: (Extended reading:10 small ways to reach orgasm faster )

Feel at ease, be generous and speak your feelings.
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