What new and controversial events have happened in the world after a week in November? Follow the footsteps of Womany, so that you can not go out to master the world pulse! The Dutch human rights group has created a network of virtual girls who have taken over 1000 unscrupulous paedophiles who have been involved in "online tourism and prostitution" to see how they did it; Are you tired of wearing models that are too unreal in the window? A British apparel chain brand has decided to break the habit of introducing a real-world fashion model, let you no longer buy clothes after the feeling of being cheated; recently, an American underwear company designed an encryption of anti-rape underwear, in addition to your own, others want to take off also can not take off; more novelty nets pick, quickly come to see it!

Network Virtual 10-year-old girl who makes thousands of paedophiles make a "net"

The culture of paedophilia has become more prevalent over the past decade, and the Dutch human rights group, Terre des Hommes, has decided to force the perpetrators of impunity in the online world. Using the latest computer animation technology, they created a virtual 10-Year-old girl named "Sweetheart" (sweetie), which allowed her to "fish" in Internet chat rooms and wait for paedophiles to take the bait. Researchers from the "human land" found that over 10 weeks into the "sweetheart" line, more than 20,000 child-hunters from 71 countries around the world contacted her and asked for video-related performances and sexual services. The virtual sweetheart in the documentary said, "I just log into the chat room, those people immediately volunteered to find me, 10, 100, every hour is increasing, really much." But they don't know one thing, I'm actually not true. "The group hopes that this action will allow more people to know that the number of victims of" online tourist prostitution "(Webcam Sex tourism) is over hundreds of thousands of, especially in China, the Philippines and the poorer countries of Southeast Asia. In addition to handing over the list of 1000 offenders to Interpol, the group also wants to call on more people to sign online petitions to put more pressure on the government, so that innocent children who have been or will be victimized are more effectively protected. ( Extended reading: 2000 brave stories after being raped )

※ News sources:NBC News

Lady Gaga will be the first singer to sing in outer space.

Little Monsters, Scream! The Goddess of cards will be aboard the spacecraft in 2015 to become the first famous singer to sing in outer space! For this trans-century performance, the Goddess card must conduct one months of sound training to match the different atmospheric conditions. In fact, last year, an astronaut named Chis Hadfield had completed the pioneering work. He even put himself in the spaceship cabin, floating side of the film from singing to Youtube, which caused no small echoes. ( extended reading: "The Economist cuisine" goes to space to dig platinum )

※ News Source:Mashable

The latest controversial "anti-rape underwear" Others want to take off too!

two young New York girls Ruth and Yuval with the United States AR Wear underwear Company, in the recent development of a "Only you take off" underwear, hoping to eliminate the possibility of female alone in the outside by the sexual assault. How to prevent strong sexual assault in the end? Instead of installing special features, the designer decided to focus on the underwear material, so they came up with a very thin, but with high toughness, even sharp scissors are difficult to cut the special cloth, and in the trousers and trousers on the installation of a lock, so that the trousers can not be arbitrarily pulled up or shift. In the middle of the trousers, there is a lock that only I can unlock; the combination of the password is up to 132 kinds of, absolutely let people decoding solution to the crash! In addition to the appearance of other sports underwear and no difference, underwear itself very close, so even if the night want to put on a sexy dress, do not worry about underwear traces will be obvious. This underwear is in the United States a public fund-raising platform "Indiegogo" on the recruitment of underwear production fee, and now has accumulated to the U.S. dollar $39,000, the target of 50,000 dollars is not far away. This activity is still 15 days away from the end, do not know if you are also looking forward to see this underwear listing it? ( Extended reading: Skirts are worn short, no one "should" be violated )

※ News Source:UK dailymail

Advanced department stores introduce real size models to encourage women to live real!

Debenhams, a senior chain store in the UK, has been setting up large-scale mannequins in various women's floors at the head office of London, in an effort to appeal to each woman to love her figure. "We hope that this small change will make all women feel more comfortable with their bodies," said the department store director. More importantly, we hope that other department stores will follow suit. "Perhaps a lot of people think of fashion, only think of" thin is beautiful ", but the data show that 90% of people want to see in the fashion industry more yuan, more real figure. And Debenhams will be a pioneer in pushing this trend forward. ( Extended reading: Real size models )

※ News Source:Mail Online

The latest "eliminate smelly fart" underwear! Let the smelly fart ever disappear!

Please imagine: "In the crowded elevator, suddenly smelled a pungent odor." You use the corner of the eye scan around, in the heart must desperately pray, no one will find that you put fart ... "presumably everyone has met this embarrassing situation, but you believe that there is a magic underwear can remove the fart?" Shreddies uses an active carbon material called zorflex, a material used in chemical warfare, that can even filter 200 times times more gas than a fart. Put on it, after you really can't help but want to fart, no longer so very forceful character a ㄥ ! ( extended reading: Embrace your own imperfections )

※ News Source:Gizmodo

Mobile phone new App "car Mode", the car people do not have to bow down and type!

While driving, the use of mobile phones has become a national traffic safety of the enemy, many countries have legislation to make the use of mobile phones can not be used. However, there are policies, there are countermeasures, New York designer Joey Cofone designed a traffic safety "car model." After starting the car mode, the phone will prohibit the transmission and reading of new messages, and will also send a similar "he is driving!" Message to the person who is writing the message to the driver. Although it is still a conceptual design, if such a service is introduced, pedestrians and drivers can reduce the traffic injuries caused by the bow. ( Extended reading: "Min script" head to discover New World )

※ News Source:Mashable

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