October, a month full of feminine power, and awakening. Whether in the humanities and arts, the promotion of women's health and progress, and even the rise of women in the workplace; there are different races, different ages of female role models, positive to the world, to make women's power by more people see! Let Womany lead you to see, these women who are full of faith and courage, how to use their own power, so that the world more beautiful.

Hollywood famous actress playing humor with "palm bra" advocates breast cancer prevention!

The annual "International Breast Cancer concern Month" (Breast cancer awareness Month) is coming again! Every October, breast cancer care organizations from around the world will initiate different activities to awaken the awareness of the whole population on breast cancer prevention and treatment and early therapy. And this year, the famous Hollywood actress and model who has been in the movie X-Men, Renee Becca Lumi (Rebecca Romijn), in order to allow more women to understand the importance of regular breast screening, also personally photographed the "palm bra" concept of humor film, to remind women of their own breasts attention. Rebecca knew that women, for their lives, career, and the family, every day with a burning life posture busy, their health can only be put in the end forever; the film stressed that women should love themselves more for their own sake, because their health is at stake around everyone's happiness and happiness. Womany also hope that every woman will cherish their own when the baby, regularly take their own breast inspection; This is not only responsible for themselves, but also to let the family and friends who love you more at ease! ( extended reading: Screening "breast cancer" can not only "self touch")

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Let's have a look at your beautiful cervix photo!

in the age of being portrayed by the media as "thin is beautiful", women are often dissatisfied with their figure, and the Internet platform is the woman who is unwilling to show up and is the best place to express and ask questions. The most common body problem is how to thin the thighs, make the hips more Qiao, eliminate the orange peel, dilute the stretch marks, and even the size of the labia, and many people begin to wonder. Now, the cervix is also listed as one of the topics of concern to women. A recent whirlwind of topics abroad has been a website called the "Beautiful Cervix Project" (The beautiful Cervix project). The founder, a female midwife, wants all women to be proud of their cervix and not afraid to expose the real images of the cervix in this space. By presenting the appearance of the cervix, women can know more about the health relationship between the menstrual cycle and the cervix, and if there is a need for fertility, they can learn more about their physical condition to achieve their goal of conceiving or contraception. The photo gallery of the site is also intimate with different age and physiological state, including physiological cycle, pregnancy, before and after the operation of the cervix before and after the distinction, so that we can compare a good. In addition to encouraging women to be courageous, they have recently launched several courses, including orgasm yoga, pregnancy and contraceptive teaching, vaginal infection Therapy and natural therapy , and hope to enable more women to address their needs and concerns. ( extended reading: The beauty of the non-manicure, embracing the real photo album of postpartum stature )

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Canadian woman writer Amish Nobel Prize in Literature

The winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature, just announced on 10th, was awarded the Munro by Alice Meng Jo, a Canadian woman writer aged 82, and a 8 million Swedish krona (equivalent to NT $36 million) as a bonus. Meng Jo is also the 2nd Canadian in the history of Nobel literature Awards, and the 13th woman writer who won the judges ' favor. The lovely is, Meng Jo himself very low-key, she said she even had the finalists did not know, until the daughter told her, "Mom, congratulations!" You got the prize. "She turned from perplexity to surprise. The reason for the Meng Jo Award, the Swedish College Secretary Inglen (Englund) and other judges that she lay out the story of the technique, delicate and affectionate strokes, even psychological analysis and realism level of strength, are very intriguing and not artificial; they're still on her. The name of the master of contemporary short stories. Amish's works, mostly describe the small town girl in the growth process of the confusion and transition, although the choice of words is relatively simple, but the emotion is surging and far-reaching; even many commentators call her the female version of Chekhov (Anton Chekhov, the Master of Russian short stories). And the great woman writer, who had announced the pen earlier this year, and the last novel, "Dear Life" (Dear), was again highly prized for winning the prize. ( extended reading: How to become a writer?) )

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A woman will change her hair 36 times in her life and finally return to her original appearance.

British women change their hair 36 times in a lifetime, a new study finds. The report examined 560 women, aged 18 to 65, and their hairstyle preferences. The findings point out that only 6% of women are one-woman, and are not willing to change their hair styles throughout their lives. And 41% of the mass women, the average two years of big changes in hair, 19% of the average woman will go to the salon to change their hairstyle, and 4% of women, every six months will not be able to change their hair. The researchers noted that the most popular hair lengths for women are usually the length of their shoulders, and that more than 50% of women will return to this length after changing their hairstyle. "I'll probably have a haircut every year, but it's just a little bit," said one woman surveyed. "If you really want to move, it may be from cutting bangs or playing more levels." "There are 30% of women, every 3-5 years will change hair color: Winter Hair color will be mainly warm colors." In addition, when women finally find the best hairstyle for their own, it may not be changed for a lifetime. They choose to change their hair color unless they need to look a little bit older because of their age, but usually the hairstyle slowly returns to simplicity. ( extended reading:"Women's Curious School" second: the subconscious decided that men prefer long hair? )

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Burberry CEO to take over vice president by Apple Digger

Angela Ahrendts, the UK's boutique brand Burberry, will formally work with Apple in the spring of 2014 as senior vice president of Apple, Angela Jarend. Her project includes the entity and online store business, and the woman, who is the first female member of Apple's 10-person management team, will work alongside Tim Cook. Jarend since 2006 as CEO of Burberry company, and Burberry through her lead, the revenue also has grown in five years, the stock price also promoted 461%, make other peers feel too much. Jarend even in 2009-2010, the 53rd place in the list of the richest women in the world. Jarend is best at online marketing, and Burberry has a huge fan base in Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, and the brand image is a top-quality product. Tim Cook and Angela Ahrendts think they have similar values, and they want to build a new user experience, not only in their own expectation, but also in everyone's curiosity, and the new woman will be able to help Apple produce new patterns and strategies. Let's look forward to it together! ( extended reading:LV Vice President: Fashion world's most important woman )

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Egg activation course, let woman regain good "pregnant"!

at the University of St. Mary, Japan, and researchers at the University of Stanford's medical faculty, the latest fertility treatment was recently developed, allowing a Japanese woman who had no longer made an egg four years ago to give birth to a successful child. The treatment, known as "in vitro egg activation" (in vitro activation), allows women who are infertile due to primary ovarian dysfunction (Primary ovarian insufficiency, POI) to have a chance to conceive again. In total, there were 27 women around the age of 40 who were unable to conceive because of POI. The treatment process is to first remove a small portion of the ovary, cut down the uterine tissue into a small piece, and then use drugs to stimulate growth, and then activate the ovaries stop growing follicles, let it become mature eggs. The results of the treatment show that a woman has successfully produced a healthy baby boy, three are now pregnant, and five eggs are growing. Kazuhiro Kawamura, a professor of medicine who led the study , said in a statement, "I could hardly sleep the night before the Caesarean section, but when I saw the moment when the healthy baby was born, the mood turned from anxiety to great joy." , I and the couple hug each other, we all moved to cry. "The team is now actively exploring whether women who have been infertile for other reasons will be able to regain their" pregnancy "through this treatment. Chuan Cun and Wang said that the hope of this medical one small step, can make all over the world, because of primary ovarian dysfunction and can not conceive women, again to regain the "health" machine. ( extended reading: 12 myths about pregnancy and contraception!) )

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