Dear you, how are you doing these days? Last week we had a November "fan Salon" lecture at Ted X Taipei, inviting you to talk about the meaning of travel. After the fan salon, a girl happily came to us and said: "You are great!" I want to get to know you a little bit better! "We suddenly thought, Womany for a long time did not talk to everyone, so today I want to take you to know us a little bit!" Team Time to travel! As a busy new company, Womany has its own adherence to the company's culture, today will come to introduce Womany monthly Talk Talk Day good time! (Extended reading:Womany Operating Secrets Open: Essential auxiliary systems and project management tools )

What is Talk Talk day?

Talk Talk Day as a literal translation, that is, Womany said that days! But what are you talking about? Talk Talk Day is usually at the end of each month, on this day, we will choose a good café in Taipei, the company's good partners sit down to put down the things at hand, talk about each other's lives, taboo is in Talk Talk Day, we do not talk about official business! (Talk about business will also be fined money good horror ah!) )

We know that a lot of business is very busy, the world is fast changing, every second hundreds of thousands of up and down, but Womany more believe that: no matter how busy, should keep their own pace of life; Life is handled well, work can have a good quality, learning in work and life to achieve a comfortable balance , is each womany People are trying to do things. So once a month Talk Talk Day is womany commitment to each other.

This month's Talk Talk day we came to the Xinyi District Neo19 in the Dawn is indeed fortunate Lighthouse! It is fortunate that there are desserts, salty food, drinks, brunch brunch compound restaurant, to meet every eat diners, whether you are shopping and tired to sit down to drink tea, good friends to eat dinner, or brunch date, Xiao really lucky will not let you down. Wood-built gate, there is a warm atmosphere back home, that night, we pass through the door of the home of the lucky, while chatting about life, while spent the evening happy time. (Extended reading: A person more important than himself )

Xiao is indeed a spacious indoor space, each table guests can have their own small space.

A sit down immediately a full table, big open eat ring Womany team! (also reflect the work pressure is very big ...) )

Xiao is indeed fortunate to take iron , very good drink, recommend girls to try!

Small indeed fortunately in life, a cup of good coffee, a group of good partners , all the tired have been submerged down.

A sumptuous Mexican roll-cake series! Colleagues to eat super relish!

hooray! Usually able to two miss eldest sister head , see Xiao indeed sweet heart Honey tower, also exposed the Super girl's hands to cheer!

This scene is so cute! In the morning, my father and son's sweet dating time.

Full of ingenuity in the interior layout

This is a little potherb mustard. Fresh Shrimp Cream cheese Pasta

Fusion of Taiwan in the food and western style cuisine, potherb mustard fresh taste and rich milk with a generous mix of fresh shrimp, let people eat well want to order a plate!

Nice waiter (whistling) with "Penghu cactus cuttlefish fried spaghetti"!

Penghu Cactus Cuttlefish fried spaghetti, is the Taiwanese food ingredients into the creative cuisine, taste very special, with a little sour pasta to stimulate your taste buds nerves! squid is big and chewy, eat up very enjoyable, recommend to like you are a delicacy!

"Exclusive to the public."

Exclusive public! It is said that this is the sweet Christmas Limited Honey Tower, the staff took the honey tower by the small part of the block down, secretly concave said can take pictures, looks is not very cute!

good things, we don't want to just leave ourselves, good café, want to share with you. Give yourself an afternoon or a night, take your own 35 friends or take their own, to the dawn is indeed lucky Talk Talk day to say: Or you can use the small red box in the "Xiao really lucky" caramel crisp cheese Cake Exchange coupons to explore the taste of taste Oh!

To be sure that the coffee is looking for small indeed

Xinyi Neo 19 Store
Address: 1/F, No. 22nd, Xinyi District Road, Taipei City
Phone: 02-87801391
Opening hours: Morning 11:00~ Night 10:00
Simon Neo West Store
Address: 2/F, No. 123th, Xining South Road, Wanhua District, Taipei
Phone: 02-23111391
Opening hours: Morning 11:00~ Night 10:00

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