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The outbreak of the food and security crisis, the familiar taste of our daily life, the original is processed and then made, those are really the most authentic food flavor? Think about it, how long have you not tasted the natural flavor? We have an interview for you to "Jing Sung-woo" founder Lin Yu Cheng, he would like to invite all the taste buds to experience the most pure, without the slightest artificial sugar in Taiwan tea sweet, do not fear, in fact, not as far as you can imagine, and some Taiwanese traditional values are worth our careful experience.

Into the third floor of Prudential products Songyan "Beijing Sung-woo" shop, Style clean and concise, elegant atmosphere, like a cup of good tea, people from the heart of the spleen and lungs comfortable. "Jing Sung-woo" founder Lin Yu Cheng quietly sitting in a corner, to me slowly waved, he said: "Hey, first cup of good tea?" "I ordered the fragrance series of Alishan Jinxuan, the hot air transpiration, let this cup of good tea with us through the interview afternoon."

With the stupidity peculiar of love tea, founded Jing Sung-woo

Once a social Work department, and later transferred to the law department, after graduating from Japan Trading Company, eventually created the "Beijing Sung-woo" brand. Lin Yu Cheng's world seems to be like a gyroscope, but not change is this way has always been accompanied by tea, with a love of tea stupidity peculiar, he wants to Taiwan's fine and moist tea, with the most sincere heart passed down.

Although it was about 10 years ago, Lin Yu Cheng recalled the first sip of good tea in the mood, heart is full of throbbing. That is the cousin recommended Lishan Oolong, Lin Yu Cheng Thin aftertaste said: "With the aroma of orchids, after the entrance of a slightly pectin texture is like a thicken, very sweet." "That cup Lishan Oolong, not only now warm 20 first boy's heart, also pulled him into the long" seek tea "road. (Tea ceremony: from tea to learn the truth )

20 the beginning of his head into the traditional teahouse, and around 4, 50-year-old tea friends together to feel the purest natural tea taste. In the continuous exploration of the tea experience, Lin Yu Cheng also began to think, why friends around someone fascinated with coffee, some wine addiction, but also some day a cup of milk in the hand, but that is no one willing to drink tea, buy tea sets? There is also the question: "Such a good tea, why no one to drink?" 」

Because in our world, real tea is more distant than we think.

Lin Yu and asked me: "When it comes to tea, what do you think of?" I felt the recognition of my nose and said, "I always feel like tea is far away from our world." Lin Yu Cheng nodded, said, Taiwan's tea environment is a great fault, we grew accustomed to living in the "bubble black tea" type of thinking, for us to tea taste buds experience is too remote and too unfamiliar concept. And the traditional tea ceremony has "tasting tea", "brewing" two large sets of high gates, so that the consumers want to drink a good cup of tea is always in front of tea wandering, not its door, had to turn to buy a simple quick bubble black tea. (Amazing truth: Why I don't drink hand tea: The secret of the beverage industry can not be said )

The growing gap between the crowd and the tea ceremony, let the 28-year-old Lin Yu Cheng Heart A horizontal, in 2009 founded the Beijing Sung-woo! Lin Yu Cheng said his entrepreneurial concept is simple: for the public to drink good tea to solve the above problems together: do a good job of "tea picking", "Tea" check action, Beijing Sung-woo hands on the "fast, convenient, textured" Orthodox Taiwanese tea. (also take a look: seven tea bag to help your beauty of the Little secret )

Paying tribute to Taiwanese tea with a heart of gratitude

Beijing Sung-woo, at first glance, many people will think that Japan's tea ceremony brand.

Lin Yu Cheng with a smile to explain "Jing Sung-woo" three words behind the meaning, "Beijing" represents a great measure of quantifier concept, see Micro, a cup of good tea behind, revealed from the planting of tea, tea harvest, brewing tea ... Each link is handled with the most exquisite attitude. "Sheng" has utensils and lush double meaning, to create a modern aesthetic style of drinking tea culture, Taiwan's beautiful tea passed to more people. "Yu" is the space between the four sides, back to Taiwan, gratitude to the Earth Mother's climate and soil, nourish each new sprout tea bud.

Beijing Sung-woo like a humble child, with a heart of gratitude like Taiwan Tea and Taiwan this land tribute. Lin Yu said he had also been a number of hundred years tea line loyal fans, tea experience told him, the really important thing is only one, is "good and bad drink", so "Jing Sung-woo" inside, all the things that happened, from insisting with the purple pot brewing, to the original type of dripping pot and laboratory-like Libra, Beaker, funnel, and good drink tightly buckle. purple pot with high temperature and high pressure to awaken curled into a group of tea, emitting the most essence; Libra, beaker, funnel with the most humble and respectful mood, the measurement of tea, only for the achievement of a good cup of tea. (also take a look: tea meditation, five steps to purify your mind impurities )

What about the good tea ? Many people in the heart of the definition of "good tea" may be a strong tea flavor, charming aroma, or tan to clear enough ... Asked Lin Yu Cheng in the mind of good tea should be prepared for the conditions, he compared to two fingers said there are two elements. "For me, the necessary conditions for good tea have two, first, the tea itself to have a natural sweetness, two, this cup of tea can not cause a consumer mouth any discomfort, grinding, astringent, scraping ... Wait, it's all wrong. 」

Lin Yu Cheng said that aroma is a very subjective sensory experience, anything in fact has aroma, but not all things have a natural sweetness. The sweetness of things is actually a good growth environment, the gentle nourishment of heaven and earth, as well as the careful care of people, interlocking, missing one will be stale. By contrast, "sweetness" is the end point of reference.

In the boundless tea Sea, "Jing Sung-woo" with the incomparable persistence of flavor, break out a trail.

Tea is not difficult, just unfamiliar

From right to left is the Beijing Sung-Woo fragrance series, cooked incense series, special Flavor series, Cellar series,
Each bottle body design and Beijing Sung-woo the most important "flavor" closely related. ( canned three into the group in Womany exclusive sale specials )

Do you remember? Taiwan used to be a big country for export of tea, but now the export of tea has become a historical textbook chapter that can only be thought of. Looking around Taiwan's current tea-drinking market, full of Chinese tea, Vietnamese tea and other unscrupulous quality tea , the rapid tea-drinking market, under the bubble sacrifice of tea tradition.

Believe that tea is not difficult, just unfamiliar.

Lamented the growing decline of Taiwan tea, " Beijing Sung-woo want to do is to help everyone back to the original taste and moved." "Lin Yu Cheng said. Our society is full of food additives from an early age, gradually we forget what is called food flavor. We are not ignorant of tea, but the taste of Taiwan tea is too far away from us, taste buds are not accustomed to. Beijing Sung-Woo wants to invite everyone to drink the most natural Taiwanese flavor. (Fascinating weekly: about Taiwan, we want to say. ) )

Lin Yu Cheng Modestly said that he is not a century of tea line of the first generation of Shang descendants, there is no mountain tea garden, all with a share of the promotion of good tea stupidity peculiar, four years later, step by step to today. But also because it is not born in a family of tea, Lin Yu Cheng can be pure with consumers picky eye choice tea, for each into the "Beijing Sung-woo" Guests to check good tea. what Beijing Sung-woo want to do is not give consumers a list of tea, do not want to put a price for each cup of low quality of the label, just want to ensure that every consumer came in, the entrance is "good tea", because the tea really did not compete with the points, only likes not to like the right taste.

Beijing Sung-woo not deliberately noisy, but fair and comfortable.

Taste, from the inner peace. As Beijing Sung-woo slogan, adhere to the natural sweetness without sugar, the decision left to each tea-tasting people.

Not a dying entrepreneurial passion.

The world's best coffee is not likely to come to Taiwan, but the world's best tea is in Taiwan!

Speaking of their own entrepreneurial story, Lin Yu Cheng said: "Entrepreneurship must do is not the same thing with others, but also you believe in things ." In addition to things to be good enough, there should be not easily put out the enthusiasm. "That year, I want to create the" Beijing Sung-woo "brand, has also been the entrepreneurs from all walks of life obstruction. They laugh at him silly, why not go to carve out "bubble beverage shop" This piece of pie is good? The road to promote good tea Lin Yu cheng bite teeth to support, because when he saw consumers drink good tea in an instant, he felt nothing more than this thing worth. Entrepreneurship, in the end, is a kind of not to do the belief that will die. (to also want to start a business you, stick to success will come to you )

Along the way, Jing Sung-woo after three times the entrepreneurial axis, from the 216 lane of the hidden Teahouse to the Hua Bo Hall outside the 50 yuan to take a cup, and then to today's department store set up cabinet point tea, Beijing Sung-woo success is not a can machine, about Beijing Sung-woo positioning, Lin Yu Cheng repeatedly thought also once exhausted, but whenever recall the original idea of their own business, Have the strength to carry on with their team and continue to promote the good tea forward. Lin Yu Cheng regrets to say: "28-Year-old founder of the Beijing Sung-woo that year, I once felt very good, at that time also think of why such a good thing did not immediately succeed?" Then I thought, in fact, never underappreciated this matter , not everyone did not see, but perhaps I was not good enough. "With the most humble feeling of introspection, with the most enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit of struggle, with the most sincere belief in tea selection, so Beijing Sung-woo can step by step evolution, towards a better progress."

"Jing Sung-woo" hopes to be a humble bridge, linking the taste buds of modern people to the quality of the traditional tea ceremony. In founder Lin Yu Cheng Body, we also saw and "Jing Sung-woo" tea products the same warm strength, this is not also a kind of Taiwan spirit? Beijing Sung-woo brand English is permenant revolution of tea, we are grateful for the existence of Beijing Sung-woo, and continue to fight for Taiwan's teas.

With a sincere heart, to offer you tea

Choose tea, use weights to measure the most appropriate number of tea, no one is not overlooked

Purple pot stuffy out the essence of tea, dosage cup measurement

After adding ice, stir, with a refined mood, quenching the immediate cup of tea

Good tea is a need to wait, in this era of what all stress fast,"Beijing Sung-woo" is willing to drink for each of you, carefully brewed a cup of good tea.

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Author: womany Editorial office/Audrey Ko