"She longed for love and thought she could have it all."

The "Blue Jasmine" follows Woody Allen's usual humorous style, ironic, bottom line, and a stunning return to New York after the end of a European trip. Through the eyes of Molly (Kate Blanche), the most authentic expression in New York, the enchanted and heartbroken socialite's life, is a playful analysis of the city's black reality wrapped in luxury. The New York Big Apple, the melancholy limit, the exclusive time feminine sour sweet taste, seeks the love and the bread ultimate understanding. ( love and bread are not only optional options, Hollywood actor Hukeri interview )

How does "synopsis" Define a perfect life?

The New York Lady Jasmine, Kate Blanche, has been the envy of all life: a happy marriage, luxury living, and access is surrounded by celebrities. When all the clouds, from the clouds fell to the bottom of Molly had to go to San Francisco alone, to take refuge in her sister Jin Jie "Sally Hawkins", two crowded in a messy apartment each other. The head is also because of antidepressants and dazed, penniless Jasmine although outwardly still barely put on the shelf of the upper class, but in the face of all unfamiliar scene feel unable to adapt to the immediate situation, new work, new environment, new life, new friends, and the groping sister relationship, finally put Molly to the melancholy border. (also test to see: in the last one months, where is my melancholy source?) )

Until the appearance of diplomat Douai Peter Saska, he was more courteous and aroused Jasmine's yearning for the upper class society. This encounter, whether it can give Molly once again know their chance to regain a long lost true love and perfect life? (Is there really love in the world?) 25 little stories that make you believe in true love

"About the director" How can You not love Woody Allen

The director of Woody Allen has been 77 years old, and his bronzed hair has almost turned grey, and his manner is steady. His career began in a new phase from the "love Run-off" of the 2005, further exploring the hearts of women and beginning to look for and affirm their place and ideas in the world. "People criticize me for being too narcissistic, and then they start criticizing me as a self hated Jew, but few people criticize me for not creating a good female role," he said. "(also come to see: Eight classic movie characters, they act more vividly than men )

Woody Allen: " A woman can be both a hunter and a prey." "He is open to this view, so he can delve deeper into the complex aspects of women's souls," they are fascinating and complex and should never be superior to women; Men should usually be slightly inferior because they are not as down-to-earth as women. 」

"Blue Jasmine" comes from a classic and a single tree.

"Blue Jasmine" returned to New York for the wonderful works of the city after Woody Allen's director finished the literary and artistic sketches of European cities. Woody Allen's humorous narrative approach, has long been the world's most famous cultural brand, he is good at quietly observing the various people in New York, showing its vitality, romance and mystery, but also jokingly said that the New York luxury packaging of the black reality, the world's most intense international love market, Has a fascinating and heartbreaking many aspects.

Heroine Kate Blanche said: "This movie is a modern fable, depicting those who walk in the subtle line between fantasy and reality of the online women, like the modern version of the" Desire Street car. But while the film absorbs the essence of the former, Woody Allen has a unique rhythm and a new interpretation; After all, you're in a Woody Allen movie, not a Tennessee Williams movie, and it's both typical and one-tree. "(Really?) Woody Allen's idea comes from the shower? )

Like other Woody Allen women, the heroine Molly is vain, self-righteous, unrealistic and sympathetic, and in Molly's emotional state, the title "Blue Jasmine" looks good, because "blue" represents "melancholy". Woody Allen said: "At first we took the title of" French Jasmine ", but later we felt that" Blue Jasmine "is the best description of the whole film atmosphere. And Molly also mentioned "Blue Moon" several times in the film, because this is she knew her former husband Haier is playing a song, the lyrics of a sentence is "You see me standing there alone", also just describe the situation when Molly once again met the girl.

"Notice first."

  • "It's definitely Woody Allen's best work in recent years!" 」
  • "Surprised for heaven!" Kate Blanche's most profound and amazing performance in her career! 」
  • "Kate Blanche acting excellent, sad and happy transformation between the gestures are amazing ..." The pinnacle of Woody Allen, humorous but thought-provoking! 」
  • Time Magazine, New York Times, NY Guest magazine, Wall Street Journal, Hollywood Report and other American film critics unanimously praised!

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Do you think there is a "white lie" in love?

Jasmine in "Blue Jasmine" longs for love and thinks she can have it all. She did not hesitate to hide her true self, to play the perfect archetype that the lover saw in her eyes. She is happy and not happy.

In order to maintain the peace of love, is there some feeling, some worry, and some part of the true self hidden in the heart, will make each other happier? Or in love, should be absolutely frank, naked spread out and share with each other? Do you think there is a "white lie" in love?