In recent years, you have also found that a restaurant in Taipei, such as springing up, a variety of styles have, playful with a bit of childlike, second-hand nostalgia, decorating fashionable modern, main coffee is grinding, warm home ... Meet all of our critical thinking about cafes. When it comes to a café that specializes in French-style desserts, I think a lot of people will come up with a name: tasting candy. I wonder why the coffee smells so good. )

The first store in 2008 in Yongkang Street opening, to crisp not sweet greasy thousand-storey pie light fall girl's heart, the thousand-storey faction and has "the maiden breasts" the reputation macarons is the store must point the sign, in the mouth of the people, the quality Yue candy with exquisite French dessert in a coffee shop to break out the name, has many loyal advocates. La douceur is French "sweet" meaning, Pâtisserie is pastry shop. Once to France blue Belt and lenotre Culinary school to study the pastry skills of the boss, the French for dessert, the ultimate taste, beauty, aroma pursuit, parallel moved to Taiwan, so that we in Taiwan, can also taste authentic French pastry. The taste of sugar has injected a solid French whirlwind into Taiwan's Café market. (Delicious cuisine recipe: French spit Szoggio sugar brandy Ice pear )

We want you to experience the best French dessert.

Macarons's nickname is "maiden breasts", each seemingly small and exquisite,
But in fact, behind the production project more complex than imagined, careful to handle the pus and the taste and beauty.

Today is the opening year of the quality of Yue-da-an shop, we do not say more, let the dessert to tell the story. Sugar, is delicious, sweet, is the enjoyment of life. Into the taste of sweet candy, like also taste of French life, sweetness and not greasy, each time all the taste.

What I would like to recommend to you today is:Star World X's fashion joint Afternoon tea, the 11/23-12/23, and the sweet sale of a new dessert for only one months!

This is the product of Yue Sugar recently and Star World joint launch of a three-group dessert! With Star World's most popular album " Chef God in the Master chef", "American Supermodel America", "the Next Top Model" and the new Star World new Logo for the inspiration to think, stirring out the small and lovely, exquisite taste of three new desserts.

From the shelves of sweets to the dessert, they are full of ingenuity!

Super spicy supermodel die fight!

To "The American supermodel death bucket America ' s Next Top Model" album for the inspiration of the dessert Saint-Nicholas. To the top of the signboard, with three different flavors of small puffs (the same day to eat the taste of hazelnut, chocolate and mango), gently cover the custard vanilla, and put on the upper layer of red high-heeled shoes shaped chocolate! Not only the modelling quite has the level, conforms to this season supermodel joins the male model to compete for the crown the acrimony element, each each has the different taste the puff, like extremely each desperately wins the champion contestant, each has the different beauty. (Supermodel life fights the 20th quarter of December 28, every week 6th Night 8 o'clock New premiere yo) also like the Amazing experience of the album. Contests 2013 Miss Universe pageant, 86 beauties play Cosplay

New Star world!

Inspired by the new Star World Logo, it is an oversized macarons! From November 1 this year, Star world with a new logo debut, the channel content richer, to bring viewers more European and American exciting content. Inside the stuffing is the star shape Strawberry jelly, with the vanilla custard, with makes the small pearl modelling chocolate, no matter from which angle looks all good perfect!

Master Chef Kitchen God apron little cake!

After eating the first two portions of a solid dessert, feel the belly seems to have a bit of guilt, but such a small and exquisite dessert who willing to let go? It's nice to see a dessert that immediately screams good Q and puts it in your mouth. The top layer is crispy and crisp, with a combination of dark chocolate and milk chocolate, which gives us a sweet, sticky taste. And the girls who like the kitchen God, every weekend night 9 o'clock in the Star world to see the latest fourth season of the splendid tournament! (Secretly said: Now participate in activities also have the opportunity to get in the kitchen God, only the last champion Chef God can have "Kitchen God apron" Oh! )

Scale control, apron chocolate cake is very mini, suitable for girls to eat a mouthful

In the taste of sugar, no flavor, no premix made of mousse, no sweet and greasy vegetable whipped cream, no chemical chocolate on the tongue, only the heart of love and the most orthodox French crafts. With family and friends to share the sincere mood, the taste of sugar adhere to the most natural raw materials to make the most dreamy French dessert. And the boss himself is the concept of sweet taste chef, many in the taste of sweets to eat dessert, are the boss to develop and improve, step-by-step to try out.

In every dessert of the sweet, we all tasted the heart. We invite you to come together to savor the sweet taste of sweets, bite a mouthful of macarons, eat a mouth of the thousand-storey pie, in Taipei, like walking on the left bank of Paris as pleasant romantic. (also to see: This life can not be missed, the most beautiful moments in Paris )

Quality Yue Candy signs cute doll NINO, in fact, is the boss's little daughter.

Want to experience Star world's new fashion atmosphere? The deadline is one months, only in the taste of sugar-da-an store Oh!

Products Yuet Sugar Store information

Address (Da An): No. 6th, 169 Lane, Daan District da an road, Taipei
Address (Jinhua Branch): No. No. 223 Jinhua Street, Daan District, Taipei
Tel: 02 23252396 (DA ' an store limited: Want to taste the Star World X Yue Sugar Limited dessert, remember to call the first appointment Oh, in the shop by the praise clock can also enjoy 85 percent)
Web site: tasting sugar La douceur

"Womany Pao"

From now on, just order the December Little Red box, and return to the website to share the experience +tag a good friend of yours said, "Come and try the intimate physiological surprise Little red box", you will have the opportunity to smoke from the quality of the sweet candy gift of the super exquisite Christmas dessert box!

Activity time: Immediately up ~2013/12/20 (the last few days of friends, sorry!) )
Winning places: 10 members
Event Prizes: Super French and delicious taste of sweet sugar special Christmas Moose Machoron (market: 380 yuan)

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Author: womany Editorial office/Audrey Ko