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Darling, do you have to be disturbed once a month by menstrual cramps , or even be forced by the PMS to a lot of anger, others are also innocent suffered? is menstrual cramps only related to physique, the pain of the people have to continue to pain it? We know that many women have this problem, but there is no way to find a solution, how to eat in order to allow women to spend the seven days safely? ( Perhaps you are also curious: professional pharmacists to help you solve 12 months after the big ask!) )

Following the last time we introduced the five physiological period that can make you beautiful double, and the simple 6 principle of recuperation in physiology period, this womany to help you to sort out the food that is most worth eating and shouldn't touch, if the physiology period is not sure what to eat, This menstrual diet lazy person bag please enjoy it slowly!

Omega-3 Food is the savior of the physiology period!

During the physiological period, please take a lot of food containing Omega-3 fatty acids, including salmon, tuna, mackerel, autumn knife fish, not only help to ease the mood, but also can supplement the loss of nutrients caused by menstrual bleeding. Many scientific studies have shown that Omega-3 can help stabilize blood sugar balance and maintain the standard concentration of prostaglandins, actively control the appetite during the physiological period to eat. However, please note that the way to cook fish is to boil, steamed, dry fry mainly, and avoid eating fried, because after frying, fish nutrition has lost seven or eight. ( Perhaps you will be interested: Delicious cuisine recipe: Salmon pickle pot )

It is worth mentioning that in the physiological period to eat salmon in addition to supplement Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, the inside of Astaxanthin is also the best antioxidant weapon, and even more than vitamin E antioxidant index, can effectively expel the aging free radicals, maintain the elasticity of the female skin. ( This is the right thing to eat: 5 kinds of food that have a great effect on the American muscle )

to Vegetarian you: Although Omega-3 usually exist in fish, if you do not like fish, or vegetarian, you get Omega-3 nutrients from other foods, such as grated flaxseed, linseed oil, walnut, and soy products. But even if it is not a physiological period, these are also on weekdays can be a lot of food intake Oh!

02. Eat a lot of dark green vegetables is correct!

Girls, fruits and vegetables are our good friends, if the moment or the vegetable toss, it is time to open the heart to try to see! ( also to see: Eat the dim sum to become young: Four seasons of food to eat like this!) Many clinical studies have found that people who ingest long periods of high fat, calories and fruits and vegetables are more likely to be depressed and have menstrual cramps than other women. The biggest impact is due to the lack of adequate nutrition from antioxidants and rich iron, calcium and other mineral elements in vegetables.

Vitamin C can not only help alleviate the anxiety, depression and depression of the PMS, but vitamin E can also greatly reduce the discomfort of the breast during the physiological period. Because women are more susceptible to emotional impact, if the mood can be maintained in a calm state, even if the physiological period to often run the toilet for health cotton, the mood will not feel irritable and helpless!

These dark green vegetables you can eat more:

Green cauliflower, cabbage, loofah, Qingjiang, Manana, mustard

Although not dark green, these fruits and vegetables are also very nutritious:

onion, pumpkin, assorted sweet pepper, black/white fungus, sweet potato, yam, carrot, lily, white cauliflower

These vegetables, in the physiological period need to eat less:

Spinach, bamboo shoots, burdock, asparagus, kelp, balsam pear, cucumbers, eggplant

03. The physiology period, should make the cup good tea for oneself

Physiological period does not need to completely do not touch tea, the key is what kind of tea to drink, will really help the menstrual discharge, and let you maintain a good mood all day, calmly spent these days. when the physiological period comes, you may choose the rose, the sweet-scented osmanthus, the mixed orange flower to make the herbal tea, if has the ready-made mint tea or the tea bag also is the good choice. In addition, you can add a few medlar in the Chrysanthemum Tea, not only add fragrance, but also help to keep the nerves of blood, warm the original cold limbs, so that the blood circulation more comfortable. ( extended reading: Tea Meditation, five steps to purify your mind impurities )

If you belong to the more powerful people, you can choose to use celery and radish tea or boiled soup, or drink a bowl of red bean soup, it can supplement the iron at the same time to achieve diuretic function, to help the menstrual discharge. If you cook, try not to add sugar or boil to red beans to prevent the outflow of starch.

If the body is not so hot, then you can drink the Longan jujube tea or boil a pot of purple rice porridge; not only beauty, but also warm stomach and uterus, reduce the anemia crisis, so that the body and cheeks to maintain the ruddy color. ( more wants to share with you: Five physiological period diet key, makes you beautiful double )

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The focus of tea: the physiological period of the five best hot drinks Good company:

  1. Valkhof Ginger Tea
  2. Longan Red JuJube Tea
  3. Chrysanthemum wolfberry tea/mint tea
  4. Red bean Soup
  5. Rose Osmanthus Tea

04. After the physiological period of food focus!

It's been a seven-day ride! But dear, this does not mean that you can start to eat a ring, nothing diet! Physiological period just finished, the diet to be able to help restore physical strength, blood function mainly, so you should eat more iron-containing food, avoid excessive blood loss caused by anemia, so that your physiological period ended instead become more tired. ( Perhaps you also want to see: Eat snacks to enjoy "thin", five easy thin form )

You can add a lot:

Offal food, pork, chicken, lean beef, black sesame, seaweed, dried longan, egg

Because the body returned to normal metabolism, digestive function will be better; this week, please avoid eating too much high-calorie food , otherwise in the physiological period of successful weight loss, less than a week to pick up again, then you have to cry no tears. ( Why not try: "Zhengdolian slimming Recipes" To remove the roast vegetable mushrooms )

In addition, it is also appropriate to eat foods that restore skin elasticity, ventilate blood, and keep the body warm, such as:
vegetables: carrots, mushrooms, kelp, seaweed, soybeans
fruit Category: grape, Orange, apple, cherry, guava

Because every physiological period is a woman to improve the physical quality of the tears point, in this critical period of their own body to raise, the frequency of menstrual cramps will be more and more reduced; In addition to the health of the body to become more healthy, for the subsequent preparation of you, the process will certainly be more smooth. Remember, your health right now is affecting the next generation of happiness, whether for their own or the future of the baby, we have to seriously look at their bodies to do! ( we want you to know: "The authoritative physician's holistic approach to helping the pregnancy" to develop a lifestyle that is easy to conceive )

Physiological period, is the beginning of love oneself

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