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The relationship between the sexes is always confusing, what is he thinking? Why would she do that ...? So you want to know, you want to further explore, all the men in the Womany true words series! man's heart: 30-year-old dating is better than the 20-year-old , man really words: 12 I totally do not understand the woman fashion , men really words: I think the most Manly place is , 10 strokes to identify your "he" is a man or a boy ... This week's men really want to tell you that there are seven love events is he silently put in mind do not say, but in fact you should know!

Did he, did he really like me?

according to the privacy of the red discussion area , we found that the original girls women have a lot of common questions: "My man is silent?" My man always doesn't say he wants me? My man always makes me think he prefers to hang out with his buddies? He is very nice to me, but occasionally I don't feel like he likes me so much. "If you also often think between two people, it seems that there is always less than that point, dear, stop guessing heart, let us temporarily stop thinking about the west, guess to guess, directly to listen to the men how to honestly say:

Man to be honest: well, some words men are used to keep in mind, because we think so: "Hello!" I have been chasing you, we have been together so long, I think we have a tacit understanding, I thought you should know? "So we often keep these words in our hearts, but from a senseless quarrel we increasingly find that women may never know if they do not say so." Well, if we really like you, that's what we think ... ( before the end, I want to say to you...) )

01. In fact, we often think of you

Man's heart: In fact, I often think of my girlfriend, but I did not tell her. I always feel that I have to keep "I think you" hanging on the mouth, I do not understand why she asked me every day: "Today you do not think of me?" "(Originally, we all miss the habit of Love )

To say "I miss you" is really awkward for men, so they rarely say or never say. Do not believe you ask the boyfriend or male friends around, they must not often put "I think you" on the tip of the tongue. But they don't say it doesn't mean they don't think so. For a man, sometimes it seems like he's a person to think about, not necessarily to tell the world, and admit that "I miss you" or "I want to see you" will make him feel that he seems to rely on you or not, they are afraid to say you will think he is a little niang or feel he is very annoying.

But if you say first, "Hey, I miss you!" "The man who really likes you, is not stingy to you express he also wants your mood." Hey who said I love you first? )

02. Don't look so serious on your buddies.

Man's heart: Every time I say I want to mix with my buddies no-name, my girlfriend will frown, in fact, I just need a little space with friends AH. It's like she's going to have afternoon tea with her friends, and I'm going to watch the game with my buddies.

Every time I hear a man's night, our heads are filled with a bunch of young hot chicks dancing around, men drinking and filling the pictures of hot chicks around ... and so on, but sometimes they're just a bunch of men watching the game on TV, eating potato chips and screaming. They just like us, need to get together with good friends time, need a bit of their own space and like friends do those who will be you feel "very boring" things. So let him go, maybe he'll come back and say, "Baby, I knew I was going to stay home and watch the movie tonight." 」

03. In my eyes, you are always beautiful.

Men really say: I often do not understand what my girlfriend busy every day, the hair roll, the eyelash brush a three-storey ah, the shoes changed and changed, in fact, no matter how she, I really like, this is really my true words.

Well, I think we've all probably met those speeches that were sweet or dull to make us want to knock them in the head and say: "Sir, Wake up!" "The men are. The man who speaks sweet as honey is always resounding, but inevitably makes people question the sincerity behind every word he says, and the honest man who gets a compliment from him is like an impossible task, which inevitably makes us wonder: "Does he really like me?" "Men Bai species, but actually really like your man, really will like you each kind of different appearance, just wake up you, endure night Rush report you, can be cute also can sexy you, secretly aimed at his you, than who are serious you ... He may not be disgusting, but please do not doubt his sincerity. (Because women, not only one way )

Then as a woman, we also want to secretly say, seriously dressed to be praised of course very happy, but actually more want to get up in the morning when the hair, or in bed high fever, hear a sentence: "Baby, anytime you I like." "(Is this a secret wish?) )

04. Sometimes, we're afraid of being alone.

Men really say: Ouch, we are all people, you will be afraid of solitude, of course, I will be afraid, but I did not say the export just

We all need space to get along with ourselves, and we all want to be able to talk to ourselves occasionally without being disturbed, but to be honest, no one really likes the feeling of being abandoned by the world. Give him a modest space, but don't forget to let him feel loved. In fact, every man's heart is a small child, no matter how strong he seems to be independent, he is in fact still longing for a warm embrace of understanding. Do not feel because men do not say that they do not have a feeling, let us try to do can let them put down the inexplicable man baggage, say vulnerable woman.

Because of you, you should have been the most understanding of the woman. ( 20 marriage secrets to all men and women: the heart of constant Love)

05. When you come to your period, you are really a bit emotionally unstable.

Men really say: "Dear, I know your period is really uncomfortable, but can not be so angry with me?"

I really

I am afraid you are not happy, so did not say ... (to men and women, menstrual cramps do not regulate the diet lazy man bag )

Men actually know should not in women's menstruation, say that the taboo of a few key words, "You too much fuss", "You Are so crazy," really don't think too much ", they know you are not comfortable, so did not say, but think carefully, although he is your boyfriend, actually does not mean that you are not happy, uncomfortable, Not liking the time, he has to have no resentment especially when your punching bag, also does not mean he has to say a word to endure your unreasonable. Because think carefully, in fact, it seems that every time menstruation comes, the physiological effect of psychology, we will easily in small things on the dead, easy to his little gestures on the lips, and even inexplicably want to find him trouble. He is, of course, very relieved, but he should not be the target of our free throws of emotion. (So, also have a considerate woman mood, let a man know how to take care of women's Little Red Box AH)

We are grateful to have so considerate of our men, do not forget the occasional control of their out-of-control temper, good emotional control is every grown up people should learn the life of the subject .

06. We're actually jealous.

Man true words: yes, you ask me every time how not jealous, I just want to say in the heart why I am jealous you can not see le ....

The old problem, the good face of the men do not like to show their fragile appearance, for some men, the recognition of "jealousy" in fact, indirectly means that he admitted his "insecurity." For men, such weakness can make them feel very unhappy. You might think you're going out with a good brother and a good friend. He is indifferent, but to be honest, he probably just doesn't know how to express his fears and fears.

Of course, some men are easy to jealous Dafa, performance of your very high possessive, or as if VCDs Korean dramas, said: "Hello!" You can only see me in Your eyes. "(A little skeptical of real life, there really is such a man?) While feeling so sweet and so pampered, and don't forget to talk with him about the pace of life and space, because love really should not be with a rope to two people tightly tied together, every minute to be together, but even if the two places, the other side in mind.

07. We're really afraid we can't find our way in life.

Men really say: in fact, sometimes very tired, I want to take good care of you, but at the same time my heart is also very confused, I am not sure whether I am walking in the most want to go on the road, but I always feel that no one can share, I do not dare to say fear, I am afraid you feel that I am not reliable. (Let him know, the relationship is with each other, you will accompany him )

If you have a certainty about the future, congratulations! But in fact, most people still feel that they are walking in the fog of the forest, we are not very sure of the way we are now, is not the most suitable for their own, or in the end to go forward, to the left and right to turn better, we often do not have the right answer. Regardless of men or women are the same, there is a loss is not a bad thing, there is a hesitation to advance the momentum, there is back, only forward. But compared with women, men are less afraid to share their feelings of helplessness, clearly helpless, they are afraid of their own fragile said export, the community has already added a lot of "married" pressure on them, they kept to their body more and more pressure, really going to gasp ...

Dear, they dare not say, but we can understand. The relationship between two people is to share and tolerate each other, when we were sad, we looked up to find him in the side, so feel good at ease, then he helpless, we should let him know that we will always support him, because the relationship is mutual , let us all with more love to accommodate each other's helplessness, Hold out your hands and lead each other forward, because we should be the most close to each other's heart that person.

People say that men and women are very different, in fact, after secretly visiting men and women, we think that men and women are not so different, first put aside a lot of their own doubts and stereotypes, forget those "he must be ..." suspicious conjecture, quietly step into each other's shoes, give each other a little time to think about it, Will find that there are many disputes, in fact, it is not so necessary. Relationship is mutual, no one is good for who is taken for granted, and love is also to grow together, and then worship each other process.

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