Hey, it's the first week of 2014, all right? Presumably over the two days of the year, many people must have been on Facebook's page, expressing a review of the past year and a vision for the New Year .

Not only do we expect ourselves to be better and better, but many services are also slowly becoming more and more wonderful! 2013 Super Red App Big Review, if you haven't used these apps in 2013 it doesn't matter, let's take a quick look at what's in 2014, you must not miss the good service! (same field Gayon:"January essay activity" The first day, the first time, we accompany you )

"Mailbox-make it easier to organize your messages"

Do you often worry about sorting letters? Especially after Gmail quietly revised, a lot of people in order to find out where the letter in the end, and the big call troubled. (Extended reading: good practical!) Cloud tools Large-rounding )

If you are a user of IOS, then you must not miss this, provide a more graceful management interface of the mail finishing small helper Mialbox ! Using simple left and right gestures, you can easily manage and categorize letters like diamonds. Even better, he also provides a list of the mail! that allows you to classify all the while Gmail offers similar functionality, Mailbox The operation is more intuitive and simple ah!

Intimate Small reminder: If you are a Dropbox user, do not forget to use mailbox in the way to connect to your Dropbox account to get 1GB of free space Yo!

"Flipagram-Simply review all the Good Times"

If the 2013 has a definitely can not miss the photo community software, then I think it must be Instgram mo! In addition to Instagram 's own great filters and 15-second video, the relevant apps are dizzying.

Not only provide Overgram in the picture, but also because of the production of simple 2013-year review of the film to create a popular Statigram! Unfortunately, Statigram does not have the option to review the photos themselves, and only provides an annual review of this single feature. If you need more advanced video editing support, Flipagram It's going to be a great choice!

The biggest feature of Flipagram is that you can choose the photos you want directly from Instagram (and there is no limit on the number of sheets!) , add the appropriate music and enter the title, you can share the upload has the exclusive style of 15 seconds short film! If you haven't done a 2013-year review, or want to share your latest play with your friends, try Flipagram! (2013 reviews:32 Most inspiring selected photos )

"Whoscall-Easy to eliminate annoying calls"

How many of you have had a scam phone or some disturbing experience selling calls? But often after hanging up the annoying phone, the next time or because you do not remember this number and the main effect, not only waste time, but also let the mood become impetuous.

In fact, you can try this Google play 2013 Best App call Filter Small helper! As long as there is an unidentified caller,Whoscall will list all the records of the phone in the past, allowing you to identify the source of the unfamiliar phone at the first time! You can also edit your own "blacklist" to keep annoying phone calls and newsletters from bothering you!

In the recent days, Whoscall has determined to be line acquisition, the future will be line sister company form Independent operation. Although the service will not have any changes, but if the future can combine the advantages of both sides, the introduction of a better new service, it is too good for our users!

Intimate reminder: The IOS version of Whoscall, because of Apple's official restrictions, has temporarily placed its services, so if you have not used whoscall and would like to try it, it will take a while to see its traces again yo! (also recommend you: Lovely to break the day!) Monster Power Company game APP)

"Vine-six seconds to inspire unlimited creativity"

If you love to share interesting things with people in short videos, and feel that Instagram 's 15-second film is a bit long, it's not like trying the 6-second movie recorder that's been blazing red for Twitter in 2013-vine c39>.

Vine is actually very similar to Instagram, users can choose photos or record a video of a 6-second fragment to share with others, is very suitable to take to shoot some of the comedy of the short film (we all know that many movies really interesting key is really not long! )。 There are even people who have selected and assembled the most hilarious Vine film of the month , come and see it!

"Spotify -Let the music Lift your Focus"

2013 is definitely not a missed free music player is not Spotify !

In addition to being able to quickly find popular and specific songs, or to share their favorite music with friends,Spotify has a "radio function" to help you dig out good songs that you have never found but might like.

Best of all,Spotify 's official channel will have a selection of playlists for different occasions or festivals! For example: in the festival and 35 friends or family chat together when it is appropriate to put a "home for the holidays", or want to spend a good holiday with their own morning, you can choose to "smooth morning" to live in the mood! (Extended reading: The secret of work: good music, make work a good time )

Plus, it can be on the phone and the tablet for free to listen (although there will be ads), do not think it is a nice and charming good service?

The above five selected services, hope to accompany you to open a full of efficiency and creative 2014 years!

"The same field Gayon: A timed surprise little ritual-aGifts"

In anticipation of the New Year, Apple's ITunes Store will broadcast free music, e-books, or games for 12 consecutive days after Christmas, and will target different regions for Gifts , an intimate gift app designed for IOS users. The same surprise content.

This year's gift-giving service only to 1/6, has not caught up with you to receive intimate small gift, do not miss the last two days of free download Yo!

The new year, we can start like this!

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