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"January essay" The first day, the first time, we accompany you activities The curtain is complete! We have received many letters from readers and writers, we have heard you the most happy, the most sad, the most intimate first time, Womany team also want to secretly tell you our first time ! Womany team of the only boys, but also a bit of senior engineer crab, want to share his first time in Womany to dream near, complete the joy of dream! (Wonderful review: The first time belongs to us )

in 2006, while I was still studying, there was a VCDs called "Tokyo Friend", which was the story of four heroine searching for a dream and learning to overcome the impact between dreams and reality. This VCDs has a slogan that I like very much: " the Dream originally depicted, do you remember now? " (Some originally I いた dream を, あなたは this も felt? )

When the time came to 2013, I saw an old book, "in the cleaning company, found the dream Manager," The key point repeatedly mentioned, is to ask: "What is your dream?" 」

What is your dream? I am Womany's website engineer, little crab. And my dream is to become a website architect.

In 2013, I was very happy to achieve the first step of this dream.

At the beginning of this dream, I was just a novice engineer. At that time because I wanted to find the reference element of the website, but the experience is too few to have no clue, then turn to senior engineer colleague. In his guidance and discussion, I learned that the role of the architect, this is the first time I have a clear goal of my efforts.

The site Architect is a very important role. Quoting Tangfeng in Socialcalc development experience , the idea of Fred Brooks: "Conceptual integrity is the most important feature of great design." Since a complete concept can only be conceived by a single person or a few people, wise managers will boldly entrust a talented chief designer to assume the entire design task. "In addition to the architectural design process is quite fascinating to me, on the other side, look at other sites and understand the architecture, but also I want to be able to have the ability."

In the establishment of the dream at the same time, unavoidably will remember, in the previous such a long period of life, I actually to now only to find the dream for the first time. In fact, it took me years to find my own interest. Under the Taiwan education system, although I am a college student, I can't find the dream and the job I want to do until I graduate. Had to drift to go to the Institute of Communications Research Network Group, but graduate school I still do not seek to do what I want to do? So I stumbled on the road to the site engineer, in fact, because the writing site "seems to be" very interesting, "feel"ruby on Rails is very strong, asked me where to write the site interesting, Rails where very powerful, I simply can not answer, just try to see the job of writing a website. " Luckily, a few months later I found myself really interested in writing websites. So I see the architect as my first dream. (Recommended reading: Five things you should know before you learn to write a program )

Because this dream is very ambitious, obviously not a few years can be completed. My foundation is not solid, so I have to start from scratch and learn from the basics, and try to learn by some means. This road more or less some harvest, I summed up three points of experience to share with you. These experiences are the methods that I have practiced myself until now.

1. Diligent reading, keep track of the field of knowledge

First of all, whether it is an article or a book, is the author of digestion and after the painstaking efforts, diligent reading can make oneself less go many detours. Secondly, because of the rapid progress of science and technology, so the pursuit of the dream, but also to keep up with the trend. Especially in areas related to your dreams, it is best to track the dynamics of the pioneers in the field and to master the latest changes. At the beginning of contact with the latest dynamic, can absorb the knowledge will be related to their own foundation, but even if the absorption of the less also must persevere, continuous contact with the latest developments, slowly can understand and in-depth. (Enjoy reading, give yourself time and space to quiet down )

I use Twitter as a source of tracking knowledge. Because most of the famous people, especially the technical masters, can be found on Twitter almost. And Twitter can track celebrities randomly, without the need for consent. So I first subscribed to a number of well-known technology gurus on Twitter, especially Rails ' inventors and core developers. Then force yourself to read the tweets on Twitter every day, and in other words, let yourself follow the technical gurus to see the articles they've screened, focus on their technical discussions, and understand their reasons for solving the problem. At the beginning of a little hard, but every day hard to read, so at that time in the rookie engineer period, I can feel the progress of their own slowly.

You can also subscribe to some weekly or news class accounts, in addition to regular updates, they also send out the basic knowledge of the article.

I've tried to list some of the Twitter accounts that I've subscribed to over the years and helped me a lot:

  • Foreign ruby/rails: @dhh, @wycats, @tenderlove, @drnic, @josevalim, @avdi, @charliesome, @peterc
  • Domestic ruby/rails: @godfat, @xdite, @ihower, @eddiekao, @tkalu
  • Other technical celebrities: @jserv, @gslin, @clkao, @audreyt, @deduce, @dlackty
  • News class: @rubyfive, @rubyrogues, @ruby_news, @RubyInside

In addition to these accounts, there is a small secret: remember to subscribe to some friends, as well as some interesting accounts. Otherwise, opening Twitter is a lot like working, and it's easy to be lazy for a long time. If after a while, find yourself more and more people to subscribe, forced to read the pressure of the day is really too large, you can also try to unsubscribe some not their current main focus on the target, do not let their twiiter on the subscription too many distracted account.

2. Avoid being complacent and participate more in the field-related activities

A person's study is always very slow, once encountered problems can only be buried in the question of Google. For the novice engineer I, at that time even how the key words do not know, often encounter problems on the dumbfounded, and then spent a lot of time to find out where the error, and how to solve the problem. If you have friends who learn the same field, you can discuss and grow together. At the beginning of the professional field, the acquaintance of friends will be very few, at this time can find relevant activities online or conference to attend. Participate in activities in addition to the speech to listen carefully, is also a good opportunity to exchange business cards, to meet new friends, if there is a chance to meet senior technical predecessors, can even take the opportunity to benefit how to further. (Recommended reading: women, can not be the same she walks during the day, writing programs at night )

At the beginning of my web site development, I began to participate in the open community, often to listen to the technology of lectures and experience sharing, to participate in conference is from my study in the habit of starting. Participate in activities or conference in addition to know a number of technical staff, directly to talk about the exchange will often let me fruitful. New friends I've come to know, I'm also going to join Twitter's subscriptions and slowly expand my sources of knowledge.

A more special experience is that after a few months of starting website development, the Rails senior engineer Xdite me to start a Taipei Rails Meetup event, with the main purpose of a party chat with a novice engineer. This activity is actually let me in the study website development the most influential thing. Proverb has a cloud: "Both of them." "In Meetup activities, I will help explain what Rails is, the basic Web site framework concept, how to solve problems, and even help identify the source of the error." This activity has been open for more than 2 years, in addition to let me know a lot of friends, but also let me on the site development of many basic knowledge in the constant answer to the more solid. (Do you know xdite?) not engineer engineer Xdite)

3. Take equal action and practice it yourself

"Read thousand volumes of books, walk thousands of miles." "Theory read more, no practice, it is difficult to thoroughly grasp the knowledge." My experience is that it is true that we must practise and translate ideas into action. Because there are too many real problems, there is no theory, and too many examples prove that doing is not the same as thinking.

At the beginning of 2013, I began to take part in another new community g0v, a community that promotes information transparency and is committed to the development of information platforms and tools for civic participation in society. I was first involved in the welfare of the project development, and then in succession to participate in a number of project discussions, so that they accumulate more experience in the writing site. In addition, g0v activities I also with the road friends learn a lot of knowledge, inside the project are completely open, can enjoy watching, if you do not understand the project design framework, you can directly ask the author's ideas, benefited a lot.

In a discussion of current social news issues, I worked with another community friend to create the infrastructure for the Web site on social issues. I was surprised at the end of the discussion because in that discussion I was able to watch other sites, study and disassemble the architecture, and design the Web site architecture that I needed. Although it's a long way from being independent, and talking about results with friends, I can be sure I'm on the right track and take the first step on the ground.

Self-verification dream to achieve the first step of the moment, I myself very happy that night. Although the dream has not yet been fully realized, but I have no time to wait to share this experience. Finally, thanks to the three-party invitation draft of the first essay campaign, let me force myself to complete this article. I am womany Team website engineer Little Crab, originally depicted dream, do you remember now? (Dream back: Dreamer Janet the world into your playground )

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