Womany Knitting Press:
small red Box , is a woman we want to give the whole world woman gift. Because we have experienced menstruation to that several times of discomfort, because we have been groping how good in menstruation to take care of themselves, so more want to let women all over the world can put such a bitter day, into a good day! This is the small red box, we expect ourselves to be better, each month to give you a different surprise. February small red box, limited love version , want to tell you let us be their best lover. (Recommended to you and you: the physiological period of small knowledge recharge station )

"It ' s fine to be sexy, because you are beautiful."-- Angela Chen

February, is the month of love, whether there is no lover, oneself is their best lover, should first be able to love themselves.

Love their own way a lot, read a good book, brew a pot of good tea, enjoy the heart to relax and precipitate a moment, or through the small red box, caring for the most vulnerable physiological period of their own, and then understand their beauty, love and show your beauty in a variety of ways.

This month, we invite Nike, Moët & Chandon, Tengzigou ‧f‧, Kenji Wu disadvantaged ... and other well-known brands and artists named cooperation artist Angela Chen to design a box and surprise small gift. Angela Chen is good at magical surreal painting style, design and the past few months small red box healing feeling of childlike loveliness is very different, and hope to let you know, you have exclusively belong to women's sexy, you can confidently show your unique beauty and charm. (To listen to Angela talk about the February small red box creative idea!) )

Love Little red Box big Roll Call

February Small red box content, to Valentine's Day as the main axis, I hope you have a sweet love atmosphere! Next, let's take a look at what's in the Little red box of February! February small red Box surprise ceremony:

  1. Angela Chen's exclusive design mirrors: See the most beautiful yourself.
  2. Aerobic efficacy Health cotton Oxygen Two packs: the most intimate companion, also must be able to breathe freely
  3. Kang Tian Health black Candy , Valkhof rose Black cherry, Valkhof purple rose fruit each: always have a love-like color
  4. Night Wine House Sake Wine voucher: Give you love is a little better
  5. Pink Cherry blossom Maintenance mask: give you love-like glow of glory
  6. Chocolate, warm drinks, warm bag: sweet mouth, more warm heart
  7. Physiological period intimate small card, let us love you

Mirror, want you to see the most beautiful yourself

"A confidant is like a mirror, reflecting the most graceful part of our nature." "--Zhang ailing

February Surprise, we invite Angela Chen to design a unique mirror, hoping to be your confidant, with you see both inside and outside the beautiful, from the bottom of my heart deeply in love with themselves.

Honey, I'm getting the box smaller.

Received the first idea of the Little red box, why, the box seems to be smaller? Small red box box design, the beginning is to hope that you can use the box as a storage box re-use, so not only in the appearance with the illustrator, so that each box has a collection of value, size is also produced a larger number, as a storage box can be used to have more adequate space.

This month we readjust the size of the small red box , in addition to the inclusion of more options, you can place different items, but also want to reduce the delivery process in the box in the contents of the jump in the opportunity to fly, let you open the small red box that moment, Still can realize that we carefully placed every box of intentions.

Healthy love, to be able to breathe in a big mouth

February Small red box, we still provide a great reputation for OXYGEN live oxygen tampon. The girl's privacy is most afraid of hot and stuffy air, easy to breed bacteria, causing inflammation infection. OXYGEN's two patented technologies: Oxygen Core TM Chip, live oxygen health warning chip, can release high concentration of reactive oxygen, inhibit the breeding and survival of bacteria, and can detect the health of secretions, give you the most intimate care. It is like love, not oppressive to let the other party through the gas, still want to be able to maintain their own private space, free mouth breathing. (same field Gayon: Love oneself second step to pursue belongs to own love )

Because there is love, the heart is warm

The sweetness of love, like the warmth of the moment, is full of the heart.

This and Kang-day Valkhof The cooperation of the body, in particular to provide Representative Valentine's Rose series, Valkhof rose Black cherry, Valkhof purple rose fruit. Bubble Valkhof, a rose floating on the surface of the water, with the look of the heart also can not help but blossom, warm and sweet thick Valkhof soothing the body and mind, more people face also bloom a flower-like smile.

Occasional sweet words, in the right time to appear, is love in the seasoning agent. In the morning, the tightness of the stomach spoil the appetite, and the cereal or the grain powder, and the hot belly also took care of the body. And one or two chocolate, in the physiological period when the mood is bored, more is just the secret ingredient. (with Take: menstruation to do more than six kinds of good sports, to the United States will move )

Love, let a person be intoxicated

Love is like wine, the more Chen Yue Xiang, sometimes also let people dizzy. February, whether it is a person, and the most intimate of the other half, or the most intimate good sisters, to the night of the Wine House, let sake wine to lead you to experience the warmth of love in a fine. Before you leave, remember to call and make an appointment, don't let waiting spoil your good mood. (Intimate small reminder: cocktail to speed up blood circulation, so if you have more menstrual flow, physiological period does not suggest drinking oh, can be in the physiological period before and after to relax and enjoy)

February Small red Box opened the box, aroused the love sweet and beautiful, also opened the heart full of happiness and warmth. Through the mirror, at any time to see the most beautiful of their own, let us accompany you, and their own to talk about a perfect love. For small red box, if you have something to say, or want to share with us Little red cassette to your love feeling, please come to small red box experience to tell us, let us share your sweet joy yo!

February Love small red Box limited Rob 〉〉 immediately have!

The super practical menstrual knowledge replenishment, lets you love oneself well
〉〉 two strokes of acupoint massage, so that you easily get rid of menstrual headache
〉〉 Professional Pharmacist to help you solve 12 months after the big ask
〉〉 Super strong menstrual cycle Weight reduction method: Mastering the follicular period
〉〉 five months by small reminder to let you say goodbye to the former discomfort
〉〉 too much too little is not good, the Doctor tells you menstrual volume should be like to raise Le more