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Have you ever thought that when you are old , how can you face your aging process? And when the aging process coupled with the suffering of pain, it is difficult to imagine the past. In the Netherlands , a small village called Weesp the Care Center for Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia patients, so the cold isolation, so built their own village Hogeweyk, starting from the needs of patients, let them suffer from disease, You can still choose the life you want to live. Come and see what they do! (same field Gayon: Why are children in Holland so happy?) )

Everyone will be old, and how to grow old with dignity, has always been a question worthy of reflection. If the old way, added to the pain of torture, it is more difficult to choose.

According to statistics from the Alzheimer's Association, one out of every three people in today's society is dying of Alzheimer's disease. It is not easy to care for Alzheimer's disease or Alzheimer's disease, and the patient often blames himself for the burden of his family, and is unable to face the fact of his illness, under the pressure of the average person can not imagine.

One day, they suddenly old, one day without warning they were sick, their lives can no longer return to their original like.

When parents are old, when parents got Alzheimer or Alzheimer's disease, what would you do? Most people will choose to quit their jobs to take care of their parents, or send their parents to a more professional care center, and usually we can only move in these two options. But in the Netherlands, a small village called Weesp presents an unexpected third option: the exclusive village Hogeweyk for people with Alzheimer's disease. (also look at them in Germany: to do a lifetime of urchin, who said that the old can not be romantic?) )

Hogeweyk, a village that looks like a real world, with every little detail built for Alzheimer's and Alzheimer's, Hogeweyk, a fully self-sufficient world with restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, pedestrian walkways, and homes, so that these old people can grow old with dignity, Escape from the cold care center, live in the comfort of their own world, and live safe.

The idea of Hogeweyk village was presented in 1990 by Yvonne Van Amerongen, who served in the care center for a long time, and in real life, he had seen too many examples to understand that patients often faced life-threatening conditions as a result of the disease, facing the face of a helpless and innocent old face on the bed, Yvonne Van Amerongen is really uncomfortable, so plan to create a living environment that is quite similar to real life, so that they can live comfortably and live safely.

together with a group of care volunteers, they started data collection and research. 2009, as long as 20 years in the past, the plan has been completed by the Dutch architect Molenaar&bol&vandillen Design, the patient's new home is also officially born! let 's take a look at how Hogeweyk to create the most heartwarming new home for this group of patients.

They prefer to be treated as ordinary people rather than lying in bed every day.

Patients with Alzheimer's disease or Alzheimer's disease have a common symptom: they like to roam freely and walk without a destination. Therefore, in most care centres, strict segregation policies will be erected to protect the safety of these patients and to avoid any eventuality when they are left unattended. In this way, safety is the guarantee, the patient has lost the freedom ...

Design Plan of Hogeweyk Park

In contrast, in Hogeweyk, the entire community is very safe, every detail has been rigorous research and planning, the community itself is a perfect planning of the culture center, so this group of old people can safely enjoy a stroll in the park fun.

Each apartment has an average of six to eight people, including those in civilian clothes, and the interactions between caregivers and patients are natural, not traditional care relationships, but more like family members living together. from the house cleaning to cooking are all responsible, the old people can go to the street to buy the ingredients they want, do not want to cook when you can go to the restaurant, want to dress up when you can also hair salon to do.

Hogeweyk the right to choose life back to patients, by them for their own decision today's day trip, for their own choice today how to live, compared to be treated as a helpless patient, in De Hogeweyk they can do in ordinary normal people.

Hogeweyk's manager said: "In a secular perspective, Alzheimer's disease patients may be difficult to toeing" normal "social norms of the same living, but does not mean that they do not deserve their own life. 」

For Alzheimer's disease patients often for unfamiliar environment, color, design and caused by the heart panic, Hogeweyk also intimate with the patient familiar style as the benchmark to build buildings. Each building has a different look, built for the patient's specific style of life and age. (Recommended reading: falling in love with one's life )

Different styles of dwelling environment

Hogeweyk's cozy approach to building a safe new home for Alzheimer's patients quickly spread around the world, and according to the New York Times, the rest of Europe and the United States also plan to follow together in a humane way to look at aging and disease in the future.

When the average care center hastily classifies and isolates Alzheimer's or Alzheimer's patients, fearing they are injured, Hogeweyk embraced the group of patients and told them: "You are not different." "Tell us more:" Please take a sympathetic glance, with ordinary people's mood to look at this group of patients, they and we but each other's needs are different, they need a let them live at ease, live magnanimous, feel like a person's place, they do not want to just lie on the bed of life. 」

We think, maybe until then, we are also gracefully old, and hope there will be such a place, let us with the most dignified gesture slowly to meet another stage of life, then even the last moment, can no longer regret to close their eyes. (same field Gayon: What people regret most before they die )

Finally, share this wanfang of Alzheimer's, and may the day come when we still have the right to choose our own life.

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