Hong Kong and Taiwan, from a certain point of view, is a kind of emotional, lifestyle, eating habit, popular culture, and political situation that makes us feel sorry for all of us who don't come to the same level.What are Hong Kong and Taiwan's Taiwan? Perhaps the people of Hong Kong who have invited us to the ground will be more sensitive to the sharing of the experience! (with a playground: About Taiwan, we would like to say ... )

womany as a task!In Hong Kong, we have specially invited the local people to be an angel of fashion, not only to share fashion, but also to keep a close eye on the big things in life, and to share their views in Hong Kong's [Sun] and [road networks]. There is a vote of loyalty to Hong Kong and Taiwan readers!She describes herself as such: " The paradox of nature, the multifunction young women of young age!"

This time she specially invited her to chat with us, to share the history of the tribal people's journey, and to talk about her views of the Taiwan, and also to talk about trends in the Chinese New Year. Listen to her unselfish sharing and look forward to the next Asian interview plan for womany (I hope we can help you to interview anyone in Asia, you can leave a message below, let us know, let's do your best to help you.)

01. Tell us about the origin of the name of Angels

In fact, every time someone asks about this question, I am a little disappointed after I finished the answer.(Laughter) When I started to write a blog in 2005, because I was a member of the group, I had a funny combination of Hong Kong called I Love You Boyz, and they had a song called "The Angel of Love".

On the other hand, I think it's a woman's self-confidence.The greater the age, the more I can understand it. As I am now older, I really don't dare to go to the street with the poo-poo.But I don't think it is impolite. One person is impolite, and there is nothing to do with the wearing of his clothes.(Recommended reading: Are you ashamed of me?The model tells you the truth.)

02. What do you think the Taiwan region is like?

Recently, it is common to say that the people of Hong Kong think that the Taiwan environment is good and the pressure is relatively light. I hope to save money to live in Taiwan. What do the angels in Hong Kong think of?

I, very, very much like Taiwan!At least once a year, it is particularly good to eat at the same time (this is the most important part of my visit). The Taiwanese people are also very friendly, and girls are particularly beautiful.Many people in Hong Kong have recently started to think of Taiwan's life as the whole environment of Hong Kong is regressive. Whether it is quality of life or political climate, it is easy to integrate with the pace of Hong Kong. However, if we really want to live in Hong Kong, many people should not be affected by the fact that their pay is generally lower than that of Hong Kong.

If you want to live in retirement, I think the central and southern parts of Taiwan are really good, but I haven't been planning for so long. I don't even have plans to do anything for a long time, ha ha ha.

03. When did you start to be a tribal visitor?What's it like?

Starting in 2005, it was so boring at work, so it started.In fact, I do not have any special feeling that I have never treated a tribal visitor as a profession.Strictly speaking, tribal visitors are not my main job. In Hong Kong, when a full-time tribal visitor can support their own people, I have to rely on the words of the relevant side. For example, I have columns in many different newspapers, magazines, and online media, and I am a man who lives on the text.

Before this was the work of the advertising agency, mainly the design of the web page, the content of the study was also multimedia, which sounds different. But what I did in the past was actually a very good basis for all of my work.

I don't dare say anything in life, but I have never doubted my own work in my work.(sibling: want to be a free worker, five things to the prophet )

04. How would you describe yourself?Do you like yourself?

Ummmmm ..... this is a bit of a difficult question. I'm a very slow, very slow person, and I'm very self-protecting. I can talk to a person for a long time, but I'm not going to touch the core of my heart.

In addition, I don't seem to like myself especially when I don't like self-loving, I don't like it more often than when I like it.

05. You have a lot of content, you have food, Korean dramas, travel, fashion ... etc., all the aspects of your life. How do you think about your content ideas?

The favorite thing is to write what you like. In recent years, because of the many cooperative units that have caused so many things to be written down, it is a pity that they don't want to write about it after they haven't forgotten it. The topic is just as long as I like what I like. Introducing an interesting little store and so on, it's going to be a bit more exciting when things are written that don't even know the traditional media!

06. Spring warm flowers, March to, share with us your predicted first spring trends!

Songly Wind!(Laughter)

The world is watching this Korean show. Personally, I personally bought clothes recently too. I bought some Korean wind, and bought a lot of hair bands and hair bands, and completely poisoned.

07. According to your observation, what are the differences between the people of Hong Kong and the people of Taiwan in the same way?

When we think of the people of Hong Kong, we immediately have the instincts to think of the word 'trends', and how do the angels of tribal people from Hong Kong look at the style of the Taiwanese and Hong Kong people?

angel: Actually, I don't think that there are so many differences between Hong Kong and Taiwan people. It doesn't seem to be easy to distinguish between Hong Kong and Taiwan. But if it is compared with the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan, it can be seen even if it is a relatively fashionable one.

08. What kind of style is your favorite style?What kind of changes do you have?

The Angel of Yen: Because of this time, the relationship between the stars and the stars of the stars is more than the trend of South Korea.The style is not bad, for example, I like to wear a Biker leather coat, and I wear it for five years. The style is the point of "thin and thin".

way I can't control the style is that I must be the kind of sweet princess wind and the day card, and the Japanese plate is small, because I have a relatively tall (170 cm) of pink lace skirt, like King Kong Barbie.(Laughter) (Han Feng Zheng/Geng: Out of Fashion, playing with five new styles with sneakers )

09. How do you find the most suitable model for yourself?Do you have anything to do with the girls in Taiwan?

I myself have been buying the wrong many different things over many years!Ha ha ha ha, is it a mistake to grow up in the wrong?

In fact, the style of girls in Hong Kong seems to be very similar, but I also find that girls in Taiwan dress in their clothes according to their preferences, while women in Hong Kong will have their own opinions.For example, Hong Kong rarely sees girls being able to wear hot, but the words of Taiwan will often be seen. I think that Taiwanese girls can wear clothes and grope their way through their own preferences, and may find a way to be more suited to their own style!

Finally, the Angels decided to send a few words to the Taiwanese and Hong Kong readers.

, Taiwan's friends, don't want to spend all day watching the TV dramas in front of the computer. It's only beautiful if you do more exercise and keep your body healthy!(Laughter) Actually, I envy the fact that I envy the physio of Taiwanese girls. They're all very good in size ...

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