March, a new season of spring, but also belong to women bloom self delicate moment. Each year March 8 is the annual International Women's Day, also known as the Samba, which has launched a variety of activities for women and the next generation of International (see : A woman's holiday!). Impressions of women's festivals around the world ). For all this purpose, not only to allow the public to treat the women and children around them with a more egalitarian and compassionate heart, but also to let those who are not concerned enough to care about women's autonomy and quality of life, because each woman carries a different status and status, and needs to be embraced and respected. Although the festival is only one day, more actions to defend women's rights are just about to begin.

And every year, the Google Doodle, which brings you a lot of surprises, this time in 2014 38 women's Day is full of colorful female symbols, to symbolize the existence of a rich and diverse women in the world, and then in all areas of hard work in the women's short film to cheer. and foreign well-known website BuzzFeed also specially visited 12 women who have different life appearance, and recorded their life experience from the female voice extracted. (To all the beautiful women: the Annual Women's smart quotes, we are your strength )

Do you think you're going to introduce some radiant women here? But this time the protagonist, in fact, is not which for the feminist voice of the political figures, media tycoon, female parliamentarians, but not in the mainstream of the workplace Shine of the strong women, because this group of people even without these external halo foil, also can not conceal their unique and live out of the wisdom of self-worth.

Next to introduce you to this group of women, is in the ordinary with a little extraordinary, and all the time to create a good family, but also the new generation of women's hands indispensable characters-they are home mom (stay-at-home mom)!

Womany this time, I'll bring you to meet a group of the true appearance of the mother of the world's greatest creator--mothers of all ages, backgrounds and races, and some of them even run blogs at the same time, and continue to plough in their fields of specialization. , the degree of their one-person division is really not a few words can be easily imagined it! and their humorous and candid confession will not only subvert your opinion of the home mother, but also appreciate every woman who can focus on doing his part. After reading, you and I will be next to the home mother has a deeper recognition of the gratitude and admiration! (same field: 10 Gayon (Women's Day) method )

1. Janssen Bradshaw Johnson Bradshaw

Jenson for the home mother, said:

"I am now temporarily responsible for supporting my family, in addition to taking care of my two little daughters and my husband who is studying for an MBA." 」

Jenson is the mother of two little girls and is also a part-time librarian at primary school. In her own blog, "Every Day reading" (everyday Reading), she shares life, DIY work, healthy recipes, and reading reviews, which is one of the sources of Jeangensen's power. Because of the lack of a husband's income, Jenson must begin to pay attention to the cost of living, not only to take care of two children, but also let the husband can not worry about the concentration of reading; Good women like her, Jenson always do not forget to find a balance in the work, so that life even if busy can write articles, do crafts release pressure, Not because of the bustle of the sacrifice of the inner happy mood. (Woman, you can be very different: not the same mother )

2. Regina Donahue Regina Donna Repair

Regina for the home mother, said:

"Yes, my hands are full!" said the boy. 」

Regina is three little lovely mother. Three children were born in 2009, 2011 and 2012, leaving her too busy to juggle work. The blog "God and His goodness"(good on God) , which began in 2013, is a place where she can share her beliefs, anecdotes, fashions, and delicacies, and she often shares the sweetness of parent-child interaction with her friends, Let more novice mothers not alone to face the child's upbringing problem. To maintain their own independent life, is absolutely Regina for when the family mother always enjoys reason. (Make yourself happy is the most basic thing:10 good habits make you happy person )

3. Stephanie K. Stephanie K

Stephanie for the home mother in the corner said:

"It should be said that I helped the family save a sum of money, but also do the work I love most!" 」

How many moms can look at this full-time job as optimistic and cherished as she is? I hope that Stephanie can continue to be brave and happy to go on!

4. Britt Fisk Britt Fin

Britt for the home mother, said:

"Remember, my first job in society was to work for the then American president." 」

She is the mother of the pink three brothers, and also with her husband run the blog "The Fisk Flies", and they most like to share on the blog about cooking, photography, family time photos and articles. Every delicate and vivid picture of life shows how carefully the Finsk couples manage their family life. Even if often a lot of unprepared to deal with, both the husband and wife are holding a positive attitude towards learning, and they also said that the present life if the whole day is not a new challenge, but will not feel enough fun! (Unknown, there will be more Wonderful Life: enjoy the life of unlimited moments )

Life is not without the anguish and frustration of daily necessities, but when you want to start complaining before, try to let your mind turn a corner, may be able to the original feeling unwilling to turn into joy and willing, family quality can therefore be promoted. Britt also said that every time the success of the second, is that she felt the proudest moment for herself!

5. Elisse Weinert Ilice Wei

In the corner of her home mother, she said:

"I am the financial analyst of this family!" 」

After becoming a stay-at-home mother, Estelle knows how to master family expenses and has a more accurate and accurate vision of money. It was a good thing she never thought would happen before she got married. (For saving you should also see: Welcome to a better new life, first learn these 5 kinds of financial thinking , and 3 ways to break your "spend too much" curse )

6. Christina Valenzuela Na Varezou

Christine said to her mother in the corner:

"I'm a stay-at-home mom!" But now I'm also a ... Leaders of two female groups, editors, professional wedding musicians, public speakers, bloggers, and just handed the first edition of my new book to the publishing house! 」

Wow, it's a really busy mom! But Christine was so dedicated to embracing life, challenge themselves, such a life so busy is no longer just pure blind busy, but can step by step to realize their own small dream, while giving back to society and more women around; Such a home mother, is definitely called the modern new woman's pointer it! (If there is a dream, do not let go: women 30 years old before the dream and hope )

Dear, even if already for the human mother, the woman also should not affirm that the life will henceforth degenerate into the monotonous boredom, as long as has the thought completes oneself unfinished journey, believes oneself, no one dares to say has not done the matter! (You say, even the big challenge of having a child has survived, what is there to be afraid of?) )

7. Kathryn Wales Catherine Wells

Catherine for the family mother in the corner said:

"Everything I've learned in my children has really changed my life," he said. 」

Such a sentence, which is covered by this all the way to the high and low swing and dribs and drabs, when the mother will have some bitter joys and sorrows, are given by life, the most sacred and priceless gift.

8. Sheena Tobin Hina Tobin

Xina for the home mother, said:

"I started my mother on duty from July 9, 2012 and 1:47." 」

Xina, a pair of twin daughters, runs her own blog like many home moms, and takes a playful name, "Beans" for love, which shares a wealth of parenting,family life, and funny things that happen to children. Last December they met the third male member of the family, so Xina now life is not only crazy but also with the time of the race, after all, the day after the husband went out, he had to take care of three children of the heavy responsibility, but also operating the blog and other chores, light imagination has been a shame! But Xina not only with the heart of thanksgiving to face every day, but also with the children of the picture on the blog, she knew that these will become a lifetime treasure of time. (A good life is not the only collection: Six a moment, let you listen to yourself again )

9. Jenny uebbing Jenny Ujebin

Jenny for the family mother in the corner said:

"It was a very good exercise in my life that I had to work all night." 」

Jenny, a freelance worker, herself is also an editor of an independent news website in addition to running her own blog, "Mom Needs Coffee"(Mama needs coffee) , but more importantly, she is the mother of three children. She felt more challenging and fulfilling than any other job in the position of a home mom, and she understood that "staying up late" was the only way for a mother to escape. I believe that the mother of this point is the heart of what it is! We all want to love Mother a little: when one day, mother is old ...

Alexandra Wright Alexandra Lette

Alexandra for the home mother, said:

"This arrangement is the best for our family, what about you?" 」

Looking at her three children so full and happy smile expression, it is not difficult to guess how Alexandra is trying to do their best, only to give the child the most complete and no regrets love. (Love for the child: The perfect mother does not exist )

Sarah Deeney Sarah Dini.

Sara said to her mother in the corner:

"Successfully took my master's degree, the next challenge is: Mother Master Class!" 」

A gentle kiss from a child can drive away all unhappiness. See Sarah and children so intimate and warm, mother and child even the heart of the picture; even if the mother is well aware of this credit is not easy to repair, the mother is bound to do their best! (Maybe I don't want to graduate too soon!) )

Hayley McCullough Haili Maccallo

Haley says to the family mother:

"Although I have dreamed of becoming a doctor, a teacher, or a legal circle, I have always wanted to be a good mother who can bring up a child." To realize this dream is definitely a thing beyond luck! 」

Every girl in her youth may have hoped to pursue the dream of taking her away. But no matter what the dream goes to the end, it will be a lifetime to become a mother, experience the transformation of the identity of women at different stages, and grow from it. For most women, this is what they expect, the real ideal of life.

This time the participating moms, who are now 25-40 years old, are quite close to me, they may be the way we will be, or the mirrors that have been halfway through. If you aspire to be a home mom, no one can criticize the decision because we know it's never been a simple job. If you are a live-in mother, or a professional woman who needs to go out to work, let us once again offer you a noble tribute. (to the most tactful love: Child, Mother loves you )

Home moms may become the future Taiwanese women and their common identity, because it not only takes care of the family, but also allows women to have greater freedom over work. But even if just a stay-at-home housewife, the mission and contribution of nurturing the next generation is enough to be respected and loved by all. Womany here, but also for the ordinary people do not have a chance to stand in front of the Taiwanese women Voice, hope that more women can resonate with the value of their own, and as a stay-at-home mother or housewife this professional feel proud and confident. Dear woman, you are the best! Women's Day is also happy the next day:)

They're all women's lights of this generation.

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Text Author: womany Editorial office/Michelle Chang