Someone once said, "God made man, and gave him a mouth to eat, but that tender lips were destined to be used for kissing." 」

Kissing, two lips are lighter, overlap, tongue hook, not close your eyes, how have you felt dizzy? Kissed the right person, always feel a little complacent, even a little drunk.

Remember the people you kissed, those may be green, perhaps wild, perhaps gentle kiss? Since kissing is so beautiful, can our kisses also become a form of art? Artist Tatia Llieva want to challenge to see!

Invited 20 strangers, two in a group, who said, "Hey! Come on, Kiss! "(same field Gayon: an English adventure!) Talk to a stranger at the Tate Gallery

It's really awkward at first, always have to cultivate a tacit understanding and quickly establish a feeling. Otherwise it is really strange ah ...

A lot of people are going to start with a quick self-introduction.

Don't forget to compliment each other's charming eyes (teach you to discharge with eyes, spy eyeliner Eye Spy)

Then slowly come near ...

And the next thing that happens, it's amazing ....

"Affectionate kiss Black and white photo album"

Dickens said: "For those of you who have opened their hearts, do not skimp on your lips." 」
"Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart"

American poet Sylvia: "Kiss Me, then you will know how important I am to you." "
"Kiss me, and you'll have a important I am"

Writer Jarod Kintz: "Although the mouth as a communication tool, but nothing more than an affectionate kiss to say more." 」
"The mouth is made for Co Mmunication, and what's more articulate than a kiss. "

Edmond Rostand, a French writer, said: "A kiss is a secret and must be heard with both lips." 」
"A Kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear."

Womany said: "Today, come to kiss!" Kissing Day, we're the boss.
"Let ' s Kiss today, Name it kissing day by ourselves."

A gentle kiss, a deep feeling
〉〉 , come and kiss! British Kissing Festival
〉〉 Times Magazine selected the world's Top ten classic Kiss
〉〉 don't want to stop kissing nine strokes
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