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To change the world , we need a perfect plan, enough money, but what we need more is to do the courage . How can a three-year-old girl change the world? If you look at the following clips, you may find that she knows better than us what empathy is, what is called a helping hand, and what is called the determination to do it bravely. (same field Gayon: In the face of a small life of only 10 days, the parents decided to do so )

Dear, remember your three years old, what is it like? Today I want to tell you the story of three-Year-old Emily James.

Emily James, like a little girl of her age, likes to wear a little skirt, like her long hair, like the movie Tangled and her long-haired doll (Rapunzel doll).

And one day, she heard the story of a cancer child from her father and mother. They were forced to subtract their hair for chemotherapy, and Emily felt very sorry to hear that she looked at her hair and looked at the photo of the bald-headed cancer child, determined to donate her long hair to the needy sick child. (How terrible is cancer?) breast cancer, our closest and most feared enemy.

Mom and Dad first warned her: "To make a wig, you have to cut the hair very short and short, to stay long enough to stay as long as now." 」

Emily nodded and said in a tender tone: "I want to do it very simply, I want to give them my hair." I have so much hair, why can't I give it to someone who needs it? 」

Walking into the barber shop with her favorite long-haired doll, Emily James cut his hair and laughed more than anyone else. If you look at the following clips, you may find that a three-year-old girl knows more about empathy than we do, and what is called a helping hand. (Move recommended: See the children in the cold winter, what would you do?) )

Cut the long hair, Emily will be a bundle of hair, stuffed into the envelope, gave the need for the people, she will be who can not take away, to help people's happiness. When a little girl, at such a young age, has so personally wanted to change the world, want to talk to the world, and grow up, what do we do?

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