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As a women's website, many people are surprised that we are concerned about the issue of trade (mostly from men), but because it is womany, we believe that every woman is different, every woman's concerns are diverse and complex, who says women can only care about beauty makeup and fashion? Who says women only care about love and home? Politics is a matter of the world, and women of course need attention! We bring representatives to the Legislative Yuan counter-trade views
Five questions, anti-Chinese citizens say what is democracy! and bring firsthand social observation to the scene, today we want to bring another point of view, why do some people support trade? We believe that anti-trade people are not Taiwanese sinners, and we believe that those who serve the trade are not selling Taiwan, we call for a rational and pluralistic debate, and listen to why some people support the trade!

Following, from the University of Pennsylvania Students Vincent Observation:

US-East time Tuesday morning, open Facebook to see "The earthquake, the Cross-strait service trade agreement also passed in three minutes ..." and then watched more and more friends stand up to share the lazy bag, dry Qiao government. People abroad, I never understand why we fight, smashing glass, from the traditional media biased report, to see more and more truth now. Most people sit rationally in the Legislative Yuan and have a clear appeal for transparency, justice and justice in the process. I see hope that the main issue is no longer blue-green, and I do not believe that my friends in the Legislative Yuan are mob, this is the opportunity for us to change Taiwan together and give us the opportunity to participate in shaping the country in which we live in the future.

For the Justice of the procedure, the most do not want to see the situation is a good thousands of of people's struggle, parade and efforts, only to exchange for an article-by-article review, and then to trade or will, the system has not changed-the ruling party is still brutal, the opposition is still rotten, the next agreement This is the opportunity for the ruling party, the opposition party, and we can make Taiwan progress together.

The ruling party should use such protests to fight for more bargaining chips with the opposite bank. In a way, Taiwan is still a sensitive political relationship with China, and there may be plenty of room for concessions under the political interests of China. the opposition should devote resources to helping us establish future procedural justice and trade-related measures (rather than dominance and incitement based on self-interest)

What we need is not only trade, but every future agreement with China, trade agreements with foreign countries, from negotiation, signing to implementation, how to ensure that the next generation has the right to know, how to protect our national interests and how to set a strategy for the country after a large-scale opening.

As for us, in addition to protesting, everyone should try to understand trade, reading, thinking, debating the pros and cons of trade, and avoid looking at the lazy people with established political tendencies. Only through such a speculative process can we progress together and truly become our own masters, rather than manipulated or exploited. Finally, if the ruling party will only be rotten, the opposition will only fanned the wind, then we should have the ability of independent criticism, put forward our views and "practical solutions." After all, this is our future.

Quick understanding of trade, both sides should look at the views

On the advantages and disadvantages of the trade itself, if there is really no time for people, or want to use the Lazy man bag, please refer to the two version of the Lazy Man bag. Professor Zhengxiuling's impact analysis of cross-strait trade agreements to China and lazy bag: Those who trade opponents (intentionally) forget to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the trade.

Impact Analysis of cross-strait Trade Agreement on China @ Zhengxiuling from Steven Tu

Lazy Bag: Those who trade opponents (intentionally) forget to tell you ⋯ from weiyuchen01

Although most of the news points to the opening of 64 Taiwan and the opening of 80 industries in China, only by reference to the trade text and its annexes, Taiwan's open projects can be found to be 86, and China is 58 (see table I, the WTO CPC classification, the lack of CPC participants in the trial). Of these, Taiwan's unilateral opening of commercial services and 7 items of transport services are the main sources of difference.

However, with reference to the concept of trade agreement equivalence in the view of Professor Zheng's Nobel laureate, Joseph Stiglitz, we must examine whether the openness of high output industries is reciprocal, for example, when Taiwan opens up its wholesale and retail trade, does China have equal access to industries with the same importance, rather than open projects. You can't just look at the number of items, but look at the importance of a corresponding open industry.

Maybe it's time for a little more in-depth analysis:

Let me first examine the more concerned wholesale and retail (distribution services), medical (health and social services), transport, and financial services. My understanding and interpretation may not be comprehensive or entirely correct, but I hope to arouse the discussion on the substance. People who have more important information about industry are also welcome to provide data reference. The results of the analysis, hope to let you think:

  1. Trade in itself should not be adopted (regardless of procedural justice)
  2. How to amend if not passed
  3. If how to establish the supporting measures

In terms of wholesale and retail sales, Taiwan has not sought reciprocal conditions in the negotiations. Taiwan, in addition to specific industries (wholesale: Arms police tools and military supplies, the market for agricultural products, known as the wholesale market for agricultural products, retail: Weapons police tools, military supplies, pharmacy and pharmacies), fully open China for cross-border delivery, overseas consumption and the establishment of commercial positions.

China, in addition to foreign consumption is completely open, in the Cross-border delivery of only open mail order retail, commercial positions are also present more than 30 of the proportion of the contribution to be less than 65% of the limit. As for the distribution, China has been open to WTO and has not been included in the service trade.

Medical industry

In the case of hospitals which are concerned about the medical industry, in addition to the possibility of brain drain, Taiwan has actually sought more favourable conditions.

Taiwan will only open a joint venture to establish a hospital with China, and not have a Taiwanese identity (including mainlanders and foreigners) to hold no more than 1/3 of the seats, and more than 1/3 of the directors are eligible for Taiwanese medical personnel. China is fully open to Taiwan in the provincial capital cities and municipalities to establish a wholly-owned hospital, and the whole country can set up other medical institutions. As for the problem of brain drain, we should improve Taiwan's domestic system to avoid the direct export of trained medical personnel from Taiwan. (But the government must, of course, propose concrete measures)

Transport industry

In the negotiation of the transport industry, Taiwan has been striving for a roughly equivalent condition, not to be divided between the two sides, thereby making Taiwan a one-way open.

In terms of maritime transport, Taiwan opens up ancillary services such as port and container distribution, but restricts the establishment of commercial positions, the total shareholding of Chinese companies should be less than 50%, while China opens Taiwan's sole proprietorship in Fujian. In the case of air transport, the sales and marketing of air cargo services are jointly opened by the two sides, while Taiwan's open Chinese operators are not allowed to invest in air cargo distribution at 10%. Land transportation, the two countries are open to transport goods, Taiwan opened another passenger car leasing, road transport maintenance, transfer station, highway and Bridge tunnel management and parking, of which the highway and Bridge Tunnel Management has 50% of the upper limit and no control of the restrictions; China opened the freight station wholly-owned, passenger terminal joint venture (equity and transportation of goods agent services.

Financial Services

In terms of financial services, Taiwan has sought more favourable conditions.

China opens Taiwan for village banks, to establish the opportunities for branch and equity investment, and open up a majority-owned fund management company and a wholly-licensed securities Company (Shanghai, Fujian, Shenzhen), and Taiwan to open the Bank of China to invest in Taiwan banks and gold control, according to the type of Taiwan's financial institutions 10%-20% Unequal equity investment restrictions, and agreed to Taiwan UnionPay to set up branch offices.

In general, trade is not a poison in itself, but it will not save Taiwan's economy immediately.

Although the Taiwan economy has not been given to China, it cannot really take advantage of China. While assisting Taiwan in signing different economic agreements and entering the regional economy, the government and the opposition parties can strengthen the following points

1 provide a more transparent pipeline and convenient way to understand the overall advantages and disadvantages of trade, I believe that a good agreement will be recognized by the people

2 put forward complete supporting measures, so that the affected enterprises, employees can fully understand how to improve the enterprise, enhance the overall competitiveness of Taiwan industry (this is the most influential opposition parties)

3 Establish an institutionalized consultative mechanism to ensure that each agreement takes into account industry needs.

If someone has related ideas, please leave a message for us to discuss! We believe that the more discussions and research agreements at this stage, the more balanced reporting will have the opportunity to open more beautiful future for Taiwan tomorrow!

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