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On the subject of trade , a father wrote to her daughter and said, "My child, I am sorry, my Lord's world has broken down!" apologizing for his political coldness, and from New York, she was also candid about her relative coldness in politics, but she decided to record and care about her own way about the trade event. Take a look at the New York's Special edition Jianhauzhi (Chel Chan), New York Taiwan, for Sale anti-black-box trade movement scene photos, see them in New York, dressed in black, with us. In front of the Taiwan legislature, you are not lonely, there is support from New York.
from New York to Taiwan, Taiwan isn't for sale. (Taiwan photo Documentary: A sleepless night in Taiwan indignation, anti-trade black box field direct hit )

3/21 in New York, a group of Taiwanese, despite the 12-hour jet lag, still took concrete action to focus on and support the protests in front of Taiwan's Legislative Yuan, and they took to the streets, saying Taiwan, We stand for you! Take a look at the scene and the same powerful image Chronicle.

We are a Taiwanese student, artist, educator, literary creation and academic worker in the east coast of the United States. We oppose the signing of the "Cross-Strait service trade Agreement" between the government and China without fully consulting the private sector, without conducting an industrial impact investigation and without prior congressional involvement in the black-box operation. Trade agreement ", we will be in New York to express our solidarity with the people who are fighting in Taiwan, and ask the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York to convey our appeal and pressure on the government of Malaysia to declare dissatisfaction with the Taiwanese people. (To learn more about the anti-black box trade action of Taiwanese in New York )

Our appeal is:

  1. Renegotiation of the GATS agreement
  2. Establishing the democratic supervision mechanism of cross-strait Agreement
  3. Opposing unequal treaties and safeguarding freedom of creation and expression in Taiwan

I'm Womany's special correspondent, I'm in New York. As a child of some experience and personality, I have been a political cold people. In addition to the relationship between Taiwan and the high school, many things in Taiwan seem to be getting further and farther away from me.

This situation is not what I would like to see for a long time in order to political bickering elders let me have no affection for politics, irritable and easily affected personality let me suppress myself anytime, and after leaving Taiwan, not only Taiwan's politics, a lot of things are also far away from me. When the news of this trade event began to spread over the internet, I could imagine that words like "do nothing but love Taiwan" will appear, and soon I will see a lot of it.

To be honest, I admit that I still don't know enough, or even avoid seeing the relevant information, because there is no political point of view as to what the world has to do with capitalism in the present. So I want to see and care about this as a political cold, as neutral as possible, and photography will be my way. The following 16 photos are my faithful record of expressing my concern.

The people hold the words of "keep Taiwan free" and the White Dove's pattern slogan with peaceful and free imagery.

Artist Huang Haichin (with fur caps) brings Ma Ying-jeou's bowing apology to oil painting creation

Many of the organizers and speakers of the protest were women, and there were plenty of women in the protests.

Liu, one of the organizers of the event (Wen Liu, who holds the letter), tried to hand over the letter of appeal to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York.

Liu, a graduate student at the City University of New York, is holding a letter of appeal at a protest stand before protesters

People hold all kinds of homemade slogans to express their demands in front of New York Economic and Cultural Office

People Zhang Zhang Zhuxuan with American girlfriend to protest, in front of the public shouted

Taiwanese singer Shong to share ideas on site

Protesters hold the sun flower symbol to support the sun flower movement

Protest team in Taiwan time March 22 4:30 A.M. (US-East time March 21 4:30 P.M.)
Leave the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York on East 42 Street, and March along the five avenue to the Union Square at 14.

Protesters march with Chinese and English slogans

Many of the parade's older Taiwanese elders, with their younger generation holding banners, walked 40 blocks.

March 21, 5:30 P.M., the crowd gathered at the south end of Union Square to break the black box against trade
(Photo provided: Li Yiquan)

Protesters are wearing black clothes, expressing dissatisfaction with the black-box trade

People with large flags and homemade slogans express their demands

Some people sat on the ground in Union Square and sang Formosa

The people who participated in the event had a wide range of students, commuters, elders and children.

About 350 people were present at the scene, with children, children, students, office workers, parents with children and parents, as well as other people from other countries who were joined by a Taiwanese partner. Today at the scene, I see a group of people who know what they are doing, everyone wants to do is to support the people who struggle in Taiwan. Maybe everyone's point of view and position is slightly different, but the direction of effort is the same.

Many of the people I talk to say that they have family, friends and classmates in the Legislative Yuan, and they cannot sit idly by. Today, there are not only young students, but also parents with young children, as well as elders who have lived in New York, who are participating in this Solidarity campaign in New York. An elder said to me, "we are not against anything, parents just want to support their own children." 」

I want to use video recording, a group of people in New York today with all the black clothes, heartfelt speeches, homemade slogans and slogans walked 30 streets, to express the full support of the people who fought in Taiwan. What do we want? justice! When do we want it? now! From the New York to Taiwan, Taiwan isn't for sale.

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Text, Photo: Womany Newsroom/Jianhao Chel Chan