in order to Service Trade , not only the students on the street, there are such a group of maternal power behind. Sheishujing Director, Philharmonic's special choreographer, is taking the street for the child! Holding on to the birth of the belly, not afraid of the collision, she insisted that the future children live in the better Taiwan, they must stand up to fight. She used her body to prove that the pregnant woman is not vulnerable , the child gives her strength, she also gives the child strength. To see Womany's exclusive interview, to see her fearless eyes, you hesitate to fear what? (same field Gayon: female Director: Gentle commotion, capture life with film Chen Yingyong )

In the warmer afternoon of March, Womany came to shoot " for the children, we walk together on the street" series of photos of the Sheishujing director's home, pushed open the door of the moment that, we saw a woman with a warm smile, hearty and energetic greeting sound, And the neat pace almost forgets that she is a mother who is about to give birth.

Besides being a special director of the Philharmonic, Sheishujing, who was particularly concerned with female-dominated issues, directed the "Rose Life" of women as the core of the garden choir, as well as the "revolving stage" for the Great Lakes Philharmonic Choir, and the struggle for women to play different identities; and about the service trade , she is the mother's identity wrote a lot of moving words, to their unborn children explain why to take the streets, so gentle power through the network, moved many families, but also moved the public.

Why is it that such a great energy stands out for the children, like a mother who has no fear? Now let's listen to the Sheishujing director to talk to us, her thoughts on the recent struggle!

1. As a soon-to-be-pregnant mother, what is the power to drive you to take the streets to participate in anti-trade activities?

I think there's a slogan on the street that fits my mood and condition. "Don't come out today, you can't get out tomorrow!" 」

In the face of labor, really my heart is a sense of fear, after all, the production of this thing for women is a battle, in the process, women play a warrior role. But today even the production of this for me is a huge fear can be overcome, go to the streets for me what is terrible? ( pregnancy is the beginning of the next stage )

In this counter-trade incident, I have always felt that I was a pregnant woman Ah, the state is very fragile, should not go to the streets, but I really face to the child is born this moment, my idea is actually slowly changing.

You see, when a child wants to come to the world with such a narrow birth canal, he's passable, what's the difficulty he can't cross? Outside the womb of the world he dared to face, there is no unknown he dare not face? Conception came to this world, for children is the greatest adventure in this life, if he has such a selfless courage, I have no reason to move forward for him?

Such courage and strength, I also saw in the group of children in the Legislative Yuan.

If at some point you feel hesitant or frustrated, never forget, child, how brave and fearless you have been in the womb. No difficulty can beat you easily.

2. The director has said in the article, with a labor of the body involved in the struggle process, in fact, the elders are repeatedly concerned about how to adjust or solve this situation?

Our whole family is called the complete "blue bloody", but my previous contacts exclusively are green, in fact, it has caused a certain degree of impact on my cognition, because then I understand: Originally in this piece of land, a group of people's time and we are completely different.

Since childhood, we have been taught to obey the authority , to seriously strive to become better, on the social identity "very promising" road. So in the eyes of my family, in fact, I have been walking on a different road with them, although we are family, but when we face each other, I found that the original distance is so distant.

But really, at the moment for such a gap, I do not have to do any communication or efforts, because it is too big to be too difficult to cross. I can not use the "delete friend" This move to isolate the family, to prevent the spread of war between us.

But I know that if I don't communicate, this kind of fighting will only continue to burn, even spread to my children, which is why I want to write 50 letters to him before the birth of the child, a series of pictures for the children to take the street, I have been talking to the children.

Especially this time also see the parent-child sharing of this group, so many parents take their children to the streets, their communication with children is really from the action above to build communication consciousness, this is what I hope I can do for their children.

3. What role do you think women play in this trade issue? What kind of influence can it have?

I think it's time to put the focus back on a fundamental question: why does the sun-flower movement cause so much attention and echo?

In fact, it is because people think that they are more vulnerable than the authoritarian side. The students in the public impression is naïve, fragile and green, but young as they dare to take the streets to make a protest behavior, others will follow up.

And the general public all think "pregnant woman is fragile", so I use this action art to tell you: pregnant women do so, students do, and the elderly do so, then you have nothing to stand out? What are you hesitating to be afraid of?

So I'm using the "look weak" thing to make a sound, if I were a strong body today, I would take it for granted, but I am a pregnant woman who is about to be in labor, so everyone will start to ask why you are doing this. Then I can tell him why I am doing this and persuade him to join the action.

As a woman, we do not need to resist the impression of weakness, but to know how to use it to become our most powerful combat.

4. The initiation of this anti-trade campaign and the large majority of supporters are college students, many of whom are not supported by the family, what do you want to say to their parents? What do you think these students should do?

"Let the parents heart toward the child, let the child's heart toward the parents, let two back-to-back heart hug again." 』

I understand in this event that we have always been a vertical generation, whether in the political, patriarchal social context, or information received, is always a level down the state of transmission.

but this campaign has completely overturned such a framework, the students began to lead the event, and then the professor echoed; the reception of the information is no longer dependent on the traditional media, there are more autonomous organizations as we understand the situation of the scene of the window, and even we will personally walk to the scene, Use your own eyes to understand what is happening. (not good, in fact, nothing bad: don't let your daughter become "well-behaved" girl )

We have entered a parallel generation from a vertical generation, and all the frames seem to have been flattened, flipping the imagination of all. I think this kind of situation, in fact, represents the country is undergoing a transformation, generations are also undergoing a transformation of a very important turning point.

Why are so many parents, senior government officials and business people jumping out against student behavior? Because they are the so-called authoritarian people, today's student union out of the fight, tomorrow will be able to skip their authoritarian identity, no longer obey their instructions. I think in fact they are full of fear, so he has to use anger, accusations and even repression to maintain their authoritarian status.

In their parents ' position, they actually regard their children as the most important responsibility in their lives, so they want to protect their children in the way they feel best. However, it is really possible to communicate with the child, rather than in a threatening or intimidating way to ask the child to obey. And for the children, I want to say: believe what you see, do not give up the power of speculation, do not lose the courage to believe, do not compromise the framework of authority. You must have a strong belief in the truth of justice, perhaps he is as small as the grass, but precious.

Although we have no way to convince parents for a while, after all, it was a cumulative concept and system for decades, but perhaps we can try to understand each other.

We're in the same family and we've grown different, there are different ideas, because feeding our sources of information is different, trying to exchange what we see, listen to each other's thoughts, and find ways to make each other's hearts turn to each other, perhaps it will take longer than a student But it's a good attempt to get our hearts back together. (about the student movement, first listen to what they say: five questions, anti-trade citizens say what is democracy )

5. What would you say to the government if you had to say a word to it?

Please go back and reread Sanmin!

These days the news has been "I legally drive away", "I legally through the service trade", "I have done the law ...", all the things claimed to be dealt with according to law.

But we actually have four rights, choice, recall, creation, and decision, but we may only use the right to vote in this lifetime, what about the other three rights? Because the threshold is too high, we may not be able to reach the standard of use at all. This situation is like if I marry a violent husband, and he beats and insults me anyway, I can only endure and cannot get divorced, because the threshold for getting divorced because of family violence is too high, high enough to make people feel very paradoxical things.

And we give the government so much power to do a lot of things for us, and slowly it forgets that these powers are actually given by the people and want to be held in their hands, which is actually a very frightening thing.

Therefore, we also ask the Government not to be a democracy in the rule of law, when the people can no longer carry out their rights, the Government also monopoly power, this is no longer a country with democratic rule of law. (New York also shouted, democracy is the only way home!) )

6. What do you think he would say if a child in your belly could say a word about the current state?

I think my child is not the same as the average child, because usually in the fast-labor stage, the baby's head should normally be turned down, but he still maintains a posture at the foot of the head, so I think he should be born to the bone.

Moreover, in the last few days we still have a sunny, plain as usual stable days, but in his upcoming days, the situation of such a change of color. We also as Yang Tri held Wei Yang took to the streets in general, with him on the streets, so even if he said some resistance to authority, resist the system persecution, I will not be surprised! (To the dear you: Brave pursuit, you want life!) )

7. What do you want to say to your future child?

The child, the mother has already proved that the pregnant woman is not everybody imagines so weak, then you can also prove that the child is not everybody thinks of that, what all does not understand. (We can, let the children know the real world early!) )

Although it is a long process to grow into an adult from such a young life, no one will regard the mind and energy of a child as vital. But do not despise your tiny power. Does not the Bible mention that David, in his tender posture, defeated the Brave Goliath and won? Seemingly weak, may be the key to the hope of a comeback.

Baby, we hope that after you are born, we can be a parent who will communicate with you in parallel. Even if we tell you what is not good, can not do it, will also tell you the reason and ask your thoughts, let yourself to understand and express the bad place.

8. As a female director, how do you think you have the power to inspire women to care about social issues in such a large number of men's workplaces? Will the future want to record this democratic awakening in documentary form?

I was very young when I first came out to do this job. At that time, I did not realize that age and gender will make me be put on a tender, no courage, can not assume the responsibility of the label, but in fact, I will gradually feel that in this environment, women will indeed be considered a more vulnerable group. (As a woman, you can do more than you think!) )

I think the biggest difference between us and men in this environment is that we live like water. We flow forward peacefully and slowly, no impact of the instant explosive, because we have to take care of the family, wife, daughter-in-law, daughter and so on all kinds of roles, we are always in a "life" status, and did not fully dedicate to the creation of life, like a bath fire Phoenix to burn out and get new.

But at the same time, I do not care about the opportunity to fight such a luminous fever, because it is not my goal to win the critics, I would like to serve the object of the people with women. I worked with the choir, worked with a lot of moms, and wrote their voices for women. I set out from my character to do things that match my own identity, and use the feminine point of view to initiate a voice that resonates with the masses.

For example, on this issue of trade, I have chosen to take a pregnant woman, a family perspective, to arouse more interest in the tide. But because I've missed too many images, documentaries won't be the way I'm going to be in the future, but I'll continue to use photos and words as a conduit for communication.

At the end of the visit, the director's husband also joined us in the chat time, in their dialogue, we saw full of each other's admiration and gentleness, but also to their agitation between the ideas of the spark greatly amazed. They nourish each other with love, and they turn it into action to nourish the society.

Hope that such a hopeful seed, really can blossom, give Taiwan a bright future!

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