Long distance love bitterness and intolerable, always in lonely when pour out, eight long-distance love lovers just understand, in the strong desire to rely on.

long-distance love, say a good point is parting win new, but in fact really talked about long-distance couples file know, long distance behind will be the day and night of the reverse jet lag, network instability will be disconnected Skype phone, can not expect the next meeting time, There are a lot of very many personal time. More than you occasionally doubt, I am still in love? (same field Gayon: is it possible to be far away?) Together to say )

Long distance love, not because of wayward to say good to see you, he presses your doorbell the next second; long distance love, when you are most sad and need his shoulder, perhaps he can only give you a phone call; Long distance love, your love in the not overlapping time and space to try to rendezvous with each other, Will the distance of the body also produce the psychological distance?

Here are eight couples who have experienced a long distance or a long distance of ing that they will understand: long-distance love, heart not strong enough, do not love this person, really do not try.

1. Stay out of the distance and feel like nothing's going to beat you.

Long distance love, very beautiful also very fragile.

If you can not separate, who would like to stand apart from their loved ones? But lovers, after all, or two people, two people's life planning may not be because of love and tightly glued together. You still have your way, I have my perseverance, so the distance began.

Long distance began, the quarrel began, suspicion began, two of people rubbed their eyes yawned, one night to sleep an early day began. Each pair of long-distance couples have gone through different bitterness, there are very sweet, but also very hard, anyway, are yours.

is long distance or once a long distance after the couple big should have this feeling, after a long distance, as if there is nothing to torture this relationship. (same field Gayon: is not the distance between us?) )

2. Nobody cares about you, you have to take care of yourself.

Long-distance love, more people return to the nature of love.

Fall in love is not he forbid me how, I say he want how, two people contain to hold to contain to go to; Love is you loved this person, do not ask for anything for his change and pay, simple, because it is you, so do not want to let you worry about it.

So to be honest, long distance love, if you do not say, he could not grasp your whereabouts. If no one cares for you, will you not manage yourself because you love this person?

Are you willing to keep a reasonable distance from other people because you love this person, or will you take better care of yourself just because you are worried about the person on the other side of the distant end? Long distance love, clearly separated from the distance, but more clearly see their love. (same field Gayon: a letter from a girl to her future boyfriend: Will Your love make Me grow?) )

But dear, how can you not be around me, how much time we have to waste, the telephone again sweet, fax again comfort, nor enough to deal with the distant can not hug you.

3. Learn effective communication, long distance continuous line

Long-distance couples have a favorite communication software, may be line, may be Skype, may also be Google +, but no matter what kind, long-distance communication is not directly than face-to-face, inefficient, and even the problem of network signal instability.

Believe that long-distance couples if the use of communication software to quarrel with the experience, will feel super unbearable! So find the most suitable for each other, but also the most effective way to communicate long-distance, but also long-distance couples emotional maintenance of a major topic.

And there are a lot of long-distance couples are long distance, the frequency of the quarrel has become less, because each contact is rare, it should be good to talk about the truth, rather than emotional throw heart garbage. (Recommended to you: The man is true: we did not say, but you should secretly know seven secrets )

4. Both sides must have the determination to pay the full heart

Love is only one person can not go on, this reaction in long-distance love is more obvious. If only one party believes that distance can be successful, such a relationship usually won't take long.

At a distance, both parties sacrifice a little bit to find a comfortable way to get along with each other. You sleep a little bit late, I get up a little early, this time you fly to me, next time I sneak over to surprise you. Long distance love, because I love you, so pay also very happy.

If you don't want to go down with this person from your heart, those Skype and long-haul flights will be a waste of time for both of you. (Recommended reading: Perpetual Dating unspoken rules: what to do in a long distance?) )

I want to stay to accompany your life, eat some bitter, and enjoy a good, I want to stay with you live, happiness not much, as long as my heart feel enough

5. Learn a person's life, remember two people fall in love

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The hardest thing about long-distance relationships is to strike a balance between "freedom" and "no".

One of the things that many people think is good for a long distance is that you hold a lot of personal time. You want to avoid meeting today, you don't need to give him an excuse. You want to go out with your friends today, and you are happy, because most of the time you are in love, you are yourself, most of the distance is to fall in love with yourself.

You are a person very free, but occasionally will think clearly love is two people, how I only one person, how dear you are not around me. You walk a long way, in the past lovers around the time, holding the head to endure not to let tears fall down.

Long distance love, let you learn to handle a person's life and two people love distance between. Distance, it also makes you more aware of the importance of this person to you.

6. Need for more mutual trust

You trust him and trust him to reassure you. Believe that even if you are in two not too close to the country, your heart is still close. Long-distance relationships, mutual trust will be a big challenge.

Often the reason for a long distance relationship is insecurity. "You didn't call me yesterday, who did you go out with?" Is the new colleague of your company going to ask you again? "Paranoid for a long time, trust collapse, it is inevitable that one side of the fire, can not help jumping mouth" you do not believe me? "None of them have become." (Recommended reading: Long distance!) Is it him or his heart that is not around? )

Provide a long-distance couple can feel the other side, increase intimacy and trust of the game: every day to take a street view of their own or interesting and moving things to share with each other, so that he can walk in the scenery you walk every day, like to walk beside you walking side. Two people do not live together, can also share life, is an extra sweet, but also another kind of pressure-free newspaper!

And I'm guessing, what will you do, when you're down, your willpower is weak, unless it's me, in your ear, to make up for a man's void.

7. Learn to express love without physical contact

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Psychologist Sternberg put forward three elements of love: Passion (Passion), intimacy (intimacy), commitment (commitment)

Passion Passion refers to the passion and desire for sex (the level of motivation). Intimacy is openness and understanding (emotional level). Commitment is loyalty and sacrifice and long-term relationship (cognitive level). Although physical contact is the most straightforward way to express love, distant couples have to find ways to express love in a different way. And the lack of passion, is often long-distance lovers love fire by strong light fire extinguisher.

Most distant couples deepen the feeling of love by "remembering the past" sweetness and passion or "Planning for the Future", and because of the weakening of the passion, the need for intimacy and commitment two elements to balance it. (Recommended reading: 10 steps simple electric Love )

8. Believe that long distance can be successful

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If you hold the idea that distance will fail from beginning to end, then it is simply a wish with the universe, this love is really difficult to succeed, the most is also the death of the drag-and-drop.

All success starts from believing, and long-distance relationships are.

Believe that the present short-term patience is to touch the future together, I believe that now a little hug, the future can be one time back, you can hold a little longer, I believe that every road, is not in vain, I believe because there are now, only the future.

This article is dedicated to you who are far away or ever, you are brave, we will refuel together in the future: