Hey, every year a lot of people look forward to the female obsession internship recruitment program, started! But this year a bit different, we use the same way, while recruiting interns and the principal, increase the competitive challenge and excitement, but Ningquewulan! This recruitment program, through the women's fans of the partner to review the identified! So everyone on the team is likely to join our partners or interns, full of expectations and responsibilities!

From the Sugar and Spice (Sugar & Spice) Internship Program of 2012, the 2013 shining Star (Shining star) Internship Program , we have trained a lot of excellent interns in the past, Carol become our partners, now In the primary-sex makeover of a female fan (you should have noticed that women fans have grown a little different lately.) Audrey, who graduated from the Sugar and Spice program, is now editor-in-chief of a woman's obsession after returning from a French exchange student. By 2014, we will be named the "Talent Recruitment program" (Iron & Blood Recruiting plan), we look forward to meeting you this year, let this world surprise you!

It sounds a little scary, doesn't it?
Iron and blood, is because, entrepreneurship, absolutely need warm-blooded also absolutely to hard.
We believe in the strength of meekness, but the reality is definitely a very brutal war,
This will be a war against their own, but also in the face of this brutal real World war!

It is a war! Are you ready to that?

In women are obsessed with entrepreneurship, but also grow.

It sounds a little brutal, doesn't it? Because I don't want to say every time, we will love you more.

Love, should not be self-evident I do not want to say every time, join a woman fan may be caused by the impact of your life (although it seems to have really caused a lot of people's impact, originally thought that there is a way to rethink the future positioning, entrepreneurial entrepreneurship, go abroad, into the legislature of the legislature ... Because maybe today even if you don't join a woman fan, you still have the possibility to meet someone on the corner and then have a shock. But, here, it's really a different place.

Here is a place where you can cry loudly, laugh loudly, quarrel loudly, talk loudly, read aloud, sing loudly, and be honest with yourself. If you really want to use what adjectives, perhaps here, is a bit like a home place.

2011, women fans from scratch, to the present 2.5, we go wrong a lot of ways, but we will continue to go. Because we are a home, but also the starting point. Since 2.5, we have not forgotten our original intention to voice in Asia, determined to empower more people

2014, the talent Recruitment and blood program officially started!

If you're looking for a job or an internship that is less money and more close to home, it's definitely not for you, but if you want to challenge yourself and become the eyes of someone who is shiny because of your dream, you must come here.

"The following principal/Internship open recruitment"

Enthusiastic Business passionate sales Connector

Need you to understand deeply and love the woman fan! Like to talk, also know how to listen, eager to say one another moving story! Not afraid to talk to strangers, do not worry about the confession was rejected, like connecting dots! Like to be friends with different people, full of enthusiasm and energy. I hope you are a pioneer who can go out with the courage of a woman.

Apply for a job: Please make a presentation about a woman fan or blush red. The number of pages, to be able to exciting people for the best! (Recommended reading:"Watch YouTube learning Workplace English" master the Five Principles, to make eye-seeing briefings )

Crazy community Planning Crazy Community Planner

I hope you are a network, mobile phone, information addicts! Need to live in the real life of the unrestrained creativity, but also sensitive to the world, women have a profound understanding, can observe the digital changes, understand the meaning of the user response, and like to try various methods of testing and application repeatedly! I hope you have the ability to mix, such as films, text, illustrations, photography and so on, the more mixed, the more let our hearts itch intolerable.

Apply for a job: Please make a project that can be implemented to communicate with women fans or blushing red community! The number of pages, in order to make people's eyes a bright person is better! (Recommended reading: 10 qualities that a community manager must have )

Human Nature designer Ux&ui Designer

I hope you are a perceptive person with all the senses open. Love observation, whether it is real life or virtual network, you need to accumulate all the moment of observation energy application in the design. Carol Specifies to say: Please be sure to "fall in love with womany! "The design works as their own baby, from observation, quadrochromatic, production, modification, is an eternal dynamic cycle." Psychological quality to be strong, not afraid of continuous modification, rejection, and again! (Woman fan of the new version of the first page, changed fast 20 times ...) If you know how to illustration, direct big bonus points!

Application: Work set + a female fan related to the creation! (Recommended reading: Simple 10 steps, graphic designers teach you to do clear understood chart

Fascinating content Editor charming contents inventor

I hope you have the ability to think independently, and have a lot to say about people! It's a sacred, hard, and enjoyable thing for a woman to be an editor, because your words have the chance to change the world, and thousands of people will read what you write! We want you to have gender awareness, sensitivity to the world, curiosity and passion for all kinds of topics. Eager to Wen Yicaida, fluent in Chinese, with a second foreign language communication and reading ability! The key is to be kind, upright, and careful, not afraid of being rejected!

Apply for a job: A woman fan and blush red manuscript each one (topic not limited to, the content of custom, attention to gender awareness and style) (Recommended reading: Why in fact you are very smart, but you dare not admit

Reliable Frontend/backend/mobile Engineer Accountable Engineer

I hope you are a person who likes discovering problems, digging problems, and solving problems. Will think about the overall structure and context, but also can proactively propose how to better way! Like to embrace the new technology, not afraid of change, like oneself is everyone turned to ask the object, and then the heroic said I come on the good! Like deep thinking, with logical thinking ability, like to make things easier.

Apply for a job: past works! (Recommended reading: wait!) Five things you should know before you learn to write a program

"Supplementary Notes"

1. Each duty Ningquewulan, has the intern to accept the limit, the intern has the small salary, the principal salary separately discusses.
2. Although political figures say that students who counter trade, no business dares to admit. But whether you counter trade or counter counter trade, as long as you can clearly say Yanzhiyouwu's own point of view, we are welcome!
3. We will spend a lot of time to carefully look at your application!
4. The office is a little far away, near Taipei's Lake RT and Apple Daily, but there are free health lunches, fresh snacks, gourmet coffees, rock beers, and good times together.

"Application Process" immediately starting ~5/4 (5/5 unified send second round of interview letter)

I am grateful for the application of more than 500 people last year. We know that a business to succeed, the key is people! What we value most is the person, that is you. Because the applicant is really a lot of people, so I hope you can follow the following process together to do so!

Step 1: Please fill in the basic data Form

STep 2: Please follow the women fans of LinkedIn and the Instagram of women fans! (No LinkedIn and Instagam apply quickly, and then send a woman fan!) )

Step 3: Please prepare your application assignment in time, send to shuan@womany.net letter The main idea is: "HR" I am (full name), I want to apply (job or Internship) (title)

Step 4: Letter contents:

  1. A piece of text to introduce myself
  2. Why do you want to join a woman fan?
  3. Why do women fans need you?
  4. Additional points: Self-introduction of the film uploaded to YouTube, self-introduction content is not limited to the hope that we can more directly understand the different faces of you!
    Finally remember to attach an informal resume and your homework!

I like the words in the blue Gate of the movie: "What are we to be adults if we leave anything behind?" "Women fans, is a group of desperately want to leave a little something, desperately want to make the world a little better, so may be a little grown up." What about you? What kind of adult do you want to be?

Which way to go, become what kind of person
〉〉 Life is like traveling, opening the heart to see the scenery
〉〉"Womany Internship Notes" The world is its own, and it has nothing to do with others
〉〉 in love with his life