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At the same time, do you know what happened to the world at this moment in the event of Taiwan ? Tonight, we are sorry to report the disturbing news from South Korea. The South Korean graduation trip was distorted as if the modern Titanic had been staged. The South Korean years Sewol up to more than 200 students who are looking to take part in a graduation trip, can only wait for death in tears ... This night is not very quiet, more news we watch together, also pray for South Korea pray for korea! (same site recommended: South Korean boat Survivors of the truth of the confession: I want to live )

Although every year we hope for New Year and New Hope, this year's Asia seems to be a particularly turbulent and sad year. Malaysian Airlines MH370 March 8 crash No one survived, leaving six mysteries, to Taiwan's 318 solar flower movement, more than 300,000 people took to the streets to protest ( five questions, anti-service citizens say what is democracy ), by the morning of April 16, the South Korean ferry (years Sewol) on the reef shipwreck, More than 200 Seoul high school students are expected to be trapped in the cabin, unable to escape, can only watch the hull tilt all sank, silently waiting for death. Women are fascinated to see the tears of many Korean mothers, weeping in front of the camera, because their children are no longer able to return home, and this is the most deadly ship in South Korea for nearly 20 years.

More than 70% of the passengers from South Han Shoul High School, originally a happy Cheju Island graduation trip, but now the Titanic version.

Before the departure, already know that the weather is not too good, but the itinerary has not changed, but also let many parents puzzled, why clearly the situation is not good still to go

According to the survivors, at first the captain had a broadcast asking passengers not to move for fear of danger, but when the water started pouring in, everyone started moving to the upper deck.

But most of the passengers (almost all of them students) cannot escape because they are trapped in the water that keeps pouring in. There are still more than 280 students still in the state of disappearance.

Now on the coastline, many parents still stand on the shore hoping to wait until the miracle, the shore mother wants to rains

One mother said she received a message from her son saying, "Mom, I don't know if I have a chance to tell you, but I love you." "I love you too," she said, oddly, with a sudden but sweet reply. "As far as we know, the son finally rescued, the opportunity to give his mother a good hug and say I love you."

More heartache of the South Korean years, the sunken ship map:

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